‘Western values’: Two weeks after welcoming the use of cluster bombs, News Corp celebrates mobilisation of Ukrainian women

Pretty soon, they’ll be hailing the ‘bravery’ of child soldiers: In pictures: New faces of Ukraine war.
“They sport perfect manicures and muster brave smiles, but these young Ukrainian women are now ready to join the frontline in a bitter war.”
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13 Responses to ‘Western values’: Two weeks after welcoming the use of cluster bombs, News Corp celebrates mobilisation of Ukrainian women

  1. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    Looks a bit different from the early pictures of Ukrainian supermodels all decked out in tailored uniforms with new weapons.

    Goes to show what lengths Biden and co will go to to protect the evidence.

    What’s a few Uke women and children anyway?

  2. Ed Case says:

    They are media officers, health specialists and psychologists, …

    3 make believe jobs that could be dispensed with to the benefit of everybody else.

  3. Tel says:

    Most pointless counter-offensive in human history … worse than the Australians at Gallipoli.

  4. Wally Dali says:

    But just like “the Australians” at Gallipoli were French, the G.I. Mary Sues of Ukraine are actually the hundred thousand Ukrainians who have already been press-ganged into the meat grinder.

  5. Jannie says:

    Well that’s a relief. There’s me thinking they were being kept for the international sex market.

  6. Lee says:

    Why does News Corp keep pushing this war?

    Have there been any editorials or commentary calling for peace negotiations?

    Probably not from the likes of Sheridan, Bolt, and The Australian’s unnamed editorialist anyway.

  7. Old School Conservative says:

    Well there goes the saying “America will fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian man.”

  8. Foxbody says:

    Pretty confronting – my fear is it might happen here if the Chinese reach Broome and Cairns, given the treasonous state of our defence planning and procurement in the last couple of decades.

  9. Franx says:

    Lots of lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadows, and false eyelashes.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Russia is running out of men too. And having last week raised the call up age for reservists (which is all the guys who’ve done national service) from 45 to 55 there’s going to be another race for tickets out of Russia to somewhere, anywhere.

  11. John of Mel says:

    Russia is running out of men too

    I guess there is some truth to the theory that global “elites” hate Slavic people and want them destroyed.
    As a bonus there will be a lot of Slavic women there for the taking (trafficking).

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