If the Liberal Party wants to come back and make a difference…

It should study this interview with the man who advises leader of the free world, Viktor Orbán.
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59 Responses to If the Liberal Party wants to come back and make a difference…

  1. Buccaneer says:

    Ed still has an ozemail account

  2. NFA says:

    More like Cobb & Co Mail.

  3. Lee says:

    Tail Gunner Joe was right all along.

    About the Democratic Party being completely infiltrated by Communists, dating back to the 1930s, yes.

    And the State Department, which even then was stuffed with communists, or communist sympathisers. As was later proven by the Venona Papers.

    However, it is a popular but complete myth that McCarthy (a senator) was part of HUAC (House of Representatives) and their investigations into Hollywood, private citizens and organisations, etc.

  4. Ed Case says:

    The Venona intercepts relating to Soviet communication with their ALP lackeys still hasn’t been released.

  5. Nix says:

    Au revoir.

  6. Rabz says:

    The Labor Party is exactly like the Labor Party

    And the greenfilth are exactly like the erstwhile residents of an insane asylum released into the wider community.

  7. NFA says:

    Nix says:
    28 July, 2023 at 4:47 pm

    Au revoir.

    Oh no!

  8. Boambee John says:


    Are you leaving?

    Don’t feel obliged to rush back.

  9. C.L. says:

    People who come to the site and see a comment count of 50-something might expect to find a lively and intelligent discussion of – in this case – the Liberals and the Hungarian model. Instead, there are 14 comments by Ed – many designed to bait – and dozens in reply (much to his delight).

    This is why I don’t have an open forum.

    Henceforth, all Ed-threads will be deleted.

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