The Effort

It wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for, but what I did observe was the very best of humanity and what humanity can offer. I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who responded… The effort was enormous.”

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11 Responses to The Effort

  1. NFA says:

    No government should be allowed to use the word Health in any name, correspondence and advertising.

  2. A reader says:

    We live in a world where the left are pushing euthanasia and yet they try to stop whales killing themselves.

  3. Lee says:

    Years ago, without warning, I had the misfortune to see an image on the internet of the most vile, disgusting and Mengele-level evil thing I have ever seen.

    It was a photo of a completely dismembered baby post-abortion.

    Images like that should be compulsory viewing for pro-abortionists; perhaps then they will be absolutely revolted by the practice. Or should be, if they had any shred of decency.

  4. Christine says:

    I think most people who are pro-abortion would strongly resist viewing an image of a dismembered baby post-abortion. No decency? well, they’ve been part of the chipping-away that’s led to these practices.

    As for the efforts of slightly deluded whale-rescuers, it seems a bizarre type of compassion; or maybe a belief that they’ll get to show they’re more powerful than nature.

  5. Tel says:

    We meant well … at the end of the day, it’s intentions that really matter.

  6. Franx says:

    Tel, not sure if what you were alluding-to was the warning that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  7. NFA says:

    I finally read that ABC whale of a story and I see the bloody whales were ‘humanely’ euthanized!

    How sick are these people?

    Any beached whale should be immediately turned into food!

    They have obviously offered themselves to gaia.

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