Posh Corroboree

“Garma offers a glimpse at the voice in action,” is how The Australian summarises PM’s oration.

Indeed. Most Australians couldn’t afford it but my guess is they’ll pay for 90 per cent of the tickets.
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  1. NFA says:

    what Christine says @ 5 August, 2023 at 5:29 pm

    Executives (excitedly) talking:
    If people want to see Aboriginal people dancing in the dirt, kicking up dust ….. okay … tastes vary. But don’t pretend it’s something special.
    It’s primitive.

    I’m so fed up with it.
    If their traditions are so worthy, we would see it for ourselves. There’d be no need for this almighty push and relentless gush
    to try to convince the voters.

    Cometh Their Net Zero Hour and we’ll all be reduced to being primitives, “kicking up dust”.

  2. Wyndham Dix says:

    Cultural difference circa 1788:-



    Even more pronounced today between those left to their own devices.

    Like many others, I would move heaven and earth to help these backward people make something of themselves, as did our forebears and their successors with the likes of David Unaipon (of $50 note renown), Neville Bonner, Sir Douglas Nicholls, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, her mother, and Evonne Goolagong, et al.

    But not at the point of a Constitutional gun in the hands of the malevolent Mr Albanese and his woke political, corporate and academic colleagues.

    Those named and countless others past and present assimilated themselves into Australian culture and its manifold benefits, not least those of good food, clothing, shelter and education.

    Remote governments and bureaucracies are incapable of solving the problem. They cannot even distribute taxpayers’ money equitably to improve the lot of those most in need; else, the problem of outback camps would long ago have been resolved.

    We ought not to be lining the pockets of Aboriginal elite, in one case reputedly to enable multiple home ownership and transport between them by helicopter hired at $1,400 per hour. The contrast between this and those in outback camps is shameful, to say the least.

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