Migaloogine lashes out at Jacinta Price for hating black people

I don’t think I’ve come across anyone that hates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander — or seems to hate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – so much. What have we done wrong in this debate … to simply ask for a better chance at life for our most vulnerable?

Marcus Stewart – a ‘Nira illim bulluk man’ – can’t work out why the Voice is failing
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45 Responses to Migaloogine lashes out at Jacinta Price for hating black people

  1. Lee says:

    Apparently the lone aboriginal in Stewart’s family tree was one great-great-grandfather, the rest are Scots.

    He is whiter than me, and my background is entirely Anglo-Saxon, barring one Irish great-great-grandmother.

  2. and says:

    Migaloogine [Giggle]

  3. C.L. says:

    I would have thought Stewart’s comment is defamatory.

  4. and says:

    As usual, everything he’s accusing Jacinta of, it’s Marcus and his separatist buddies that are guilty of. The tosser even throws in “won’t someone think of The Children™.”

  5. Lee says:

    What have we done wrong in this debate … to simply ask for a better chance at life for our most vulnerable? That’s what we’re seeking here.”

    Disingenuous, to say the least.

  6. C.L. says:

    I’ve escalated this post to Tucker Face status.

  7. Lee says:

    I would have thought Stewart’s comment is defamatory.

    Anyone who is conservative is fair game these days, no matter their race or ethnicity.

  8. Cassie of Sydney says:

    I think Jacinta Price should call in the lawyers. I’m sorry, but the only way this vitriol will ever be reined in through the courts.

    Not that anyone here needs reminding, but Jacinta’s Aboriginality isn’t from a far off great-great-grandfather. Jacinta’s mother, Bess Price, is a full blood indigenous woman.

  9. Franx says:

    ‘What have we done wrong in this debate… ?’

    There is no debate. He simply calls her hateful. So there.

  10. Perfidious Albino says:

    I’m assuming Nira illim bulluk translates as ‘blue eyed white fella who like hats’?

  11. NFA says:

    Is he a ‘teal’ voter or a doctor’s wife?

  12. NFA says:

    C.L. says:
    14 August, 2023 at 9:54 pm

    I’ve escalated this post to Tucker Face status.

    You’ve gone to ‘the wire’, C.L.

    How Dare You!

  13. Christine says:

    Tucker Face is perfect.
    Mystified white man fancies the “punching down” accusation.

    Dull-witted bumblers seek power over us. Frightening.

  14. Christine says:

    Migaloogine is very, very funny

  15. Mantaray says:

    In all tribal groups around Alice/ Tennant Ck etc, way out to WA and down to about Coober Pedy all children’s skin names start with Tj (sometimes written J) for males and N for female. The mother’s skin name determines the kids’ since traditional society did not know about biological father’s 9believing children were ‘planted” by dream-time totemic ancestors)

    If Bess (Jacinta’s mum) was /is in the tribe/clan, she “should’ve” had children with a Tjangal skin-name man (Bess is Nungarraya) to stay within the tribe/clan moeity rules.
    She didn’t, but all her kids are are still Nampatjimpas (if female) or Tjampajimpas (if male). Bess as a Nampatjimpa “should’ve” paired off with a Tjapagati. All male children get their place in Aboriginal society from the mothers.

    In Aboriginal moeities, there are no recognized “father” skin-names. This is the same all across Australia though the males are not all “Tj” and the females are not all “N”…which brings us to Marcus Stewart who claim’s his aboriginality from a male.

    This is NOT POSSIBLE in Aboriginal society. Since the kids come from a human mother…and a totemic animal “father” (Honey Ant, Wedge-tailed Eagle Goanna etc) there are NO paternal ancestors….which is why Stewart is a BS artist in claiming Aboriginality right from the get-go. He uses “non-Aboriginal paternity-rules” and should be severely criticized for shaming Aboriginal culture. A yellow-fella with evgil intent!

    BTW: The mother of a child is “known”, whilst the human father is speculation (unless a DNA test is done). The mother’s brothers and sisters are known, and the mother’s and her brothers and sisters’ mother is certainly known, as are that woman’s brothers and sisters are known, but NOT their human father. Now CL readers know why there are loads of uncles and aunties in Aboriginal circles. No human fathers under Aboriginal rules!

  16. Mantaray says:

    One bad choice of words above. Should’ve written that Bess price should’ve paired-off with a Tjangal man . And “Jacinta as a Nampatjimpa”.

    Another good reason for having an edit button on posts!

  17. calli says:

    The white grift that infests the aboriginal industry has never been more neatly illustrated.

    Being 2023, we are expected not to believe our lying eyes, let alone our ability to reason.

  18. rosie says:

    Bess Price had her first child aged thirteen, English not her first language 9guessing there was a first traditional husband at one point.
    I wonder what a DNA test of the only real aboriginal in this article would reveal.

  19. rosie says:

    Aboriginality is a multimillion dollars grift for the Victorian professionals.

  20. Pat Mac says:

    This dickhead can’t even wear a proper hat or wear a hat properly.

    Tucker face; snork!

  21. jupes says:

    Apart from the Lidiot, nothing says vote ‘No’ more than some white dude claiming HE needs a ‘voice’ because he allegedly had an Aboriginal ancestor.

  22. cuckoo says:

    I hope Marcus keeps some 50+ sunscreen handy. Skin like that burns very easily in summer.

    Funny how the ‘one drop of blood’ rule of the old antebellum South was rightly held up to ridicule for so long, only for it now to be reinstated as a sacred principle.

  23. Buccaneer says:

    Never forget, that today’s charity will be used by professional grievance industry grifters like Stewart as the weapon of tomorrow.

  24. Mantaray says:

    Great that no-one commented on the skin-name issue, since it’s skin names which indicate whether you are aboriginal or not. Also it’s what tells you who is who within Aboriginal circles…

    Example: Jacinta Nampatjimpa meets an unfamiliar bloke named Pete Tjampatjimpa…and knows immediately he is either a brother or a cousin. She meets a bloke called Fred Tjangawarra and knows immediately that he is either her uncle or a cousin of her uncle. In either case there is to be no pairing-off.

    Similarly Jacinta Nampatjimpa knows she can ONLY pair off with a Tjampangati…or else a non-aboriginal. What do all these fake Aborigines with no skin-names know about who they (according to Aboriginal lore) can “marry”? SFA. They are NOT Aboriginal.

  25. Fat Tony says:

    Looks like the ABC have lightened up Jacinta’s skin tone a bit – the shadow on her neck seems lighter than it should be.

    These grifters will do anything for money except work for it.

  26. rosie says:

    No-one in Stewart’s family, not even his known gg grandfather lived in culture. His ancestor was orphaned at a young age, raised in a European household, embraced Christianity.
    Everything they have now is borrowed.

    Yet to query his LARPing is racist.

  27. rosie says:

    I’d say he’s also mansplaining and whitesplaining.

  28. Megan says:

    I found your explanation of skin names exceedingly interesting, Manatray. DNA, while touted as one answer to figuring out who and who is not aboriginal, is really a blunt tool in determining ancestry.

    For example, if I pretended for a minute that my actual 14% Welsh DNA were Australian Aboriginal, then I can claim my indigenous rights via great-grandfather Evans. Assuming the same transposition of Welsh DNA in my youngest sister’s case, she has zero % and cannot claim all those extra ATSI benefits.

    Same parents, granparents and great-grandparents. DNA is not evenly distributed. I suspect this is why there is a fair bit of indigenous resistence to using DNA as an identifier. My understanding is that an actual Australian Aboriginal genome does not exist, another inconvenient fact for our current Third Nations grievance mongers.

  29. Mantaray says:

    Thanks Megan (1.14pm) for at least encouraging me to explain what’s what. ..

    I ran the RASU (Remote Area Services Unit) in Alice Springs Social Security Regional Office (largest DSS area in Australia: Sth to Coober Pedy, North to Elliott (750ks) , West to Warburton: East all along the Qld border) which then became Centrelink. Also managed the Tennant Creek Sub Offices (both as DSS and as Centrelink) which meant endless disputes about real Aborigines and fake Aborigines. Skin-names settled almost EVERY issue.

    No skin name: no legitimate claim to anything!

  30. Mantaray says:

    rosie (11.07am and 11.27am). I already explained why Stewart is not Aboriginal. ..

    Aboriginal hierarchy and relationships come down from the maternal side, not the paternal side. This is because in the 10,000 …20,000….. 30,000…. 60,000..ONE MILLION years the Aborigines were in Oz, there was no way to know FOR SURE who the “human” dad (vs mum) was: the planter of the seed was an ancestral being/animal, NOT a man.

    Stewart in claiming a paternal link has to be a non-Aboriginal.

  31. Rosie says:

    They now have markers for aboriginal ancestry but aside from that, skin name or no skin name, Stewart mets the current guidelines for claiming to be aboriginal.

    His gg grandfather didnt know who his parents even were, pretty hard to demand a skin name in those circumstances.

  32. jupes says:

    Stewart in claiming a paternal link has to be a non-Aboriginal.

    Also looking at him gives a bit of a clue.

  33. Rafiki says:

    Mantaray’s test would exclude many who warrant being regarded as Aboriginal. A simple threshhold test would ask of a person: have ever been treated badly because you were perceived to be descended from an Aboriginal? This test means that many ‘pale’ people (in particular those who lived in or around country towns) would initially qualify. Such people suffered racial prejudice that probably hindered their right to a fair chance to participate equally in society.
    Of course, it would be impractical to administer, so any degree of Aboriginal blood initially qualifies.

  34. Rafiki says:

    It dies not follow that every Aboriginal is entitled to every form of beneficial treatment designed to alleviate the consequences of past prejudicial treatment. ‘Needs’ tests are relevant when it comes to the handouts.

  35. Buccaneer says:

    What Mantarays conversation reveals, is how divisive the voice really is. It creates an interest group, that requires a racial component as entry to participate, those racial claims are very contestible and will create a divide between groups that may not be convinced that some people claiming entry meet properly regardless of the actual test applied.

    Surely there is a disadvantage test that puts aside race and the intendent politics that accompanies it that can accomplish a better outcome with less division?

  36. Lee says:

    What Mantarays conversation reveals, is how divisive the voice really is. It creates an interest group, that requires a racial component as entry to participate, those racial claims are very contestible and will create a divide between groups that may not be convinced that some people claiming entry meet properly regardless of the actual test applied.

    If the leading Voice proponents had any sincerity (I believe many of them don’t) then they would immediately denounce and ditch the likes of Pascoe for the blatant fraud he is.

    The idea of Pascoe and others like him benefiting from the Voice is infuriating.

  37. Buccaneer says:

    The point that I am making is that it really doesn’t matter what anyone here thinks, the minute there is an advantage to be had in anything there will be an incentive for grifters to put their hand out and for others to defend the integrity of the in group. The division is inherent and innate, it can never be any other way, to base that criteria on race is, well going to end badly.

  38. Fat Tony says:

    …going to end badly.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but just about everything going on in the world is going to end badly, not just the InVoice.

    More pandemics with sovereignty handed to WHO (Gates & CCP) – “vaccinations” that are cheaper than special camps & ovens.
    CBDC with all the enforcement that comes with that.
    Ministeries of Truth – for government approved info only
    Nett Zero – “renewables” that aren’t
    Indoctrinating the tykes in LBGTQ-CP
    Inflation that is only in prices not wages
    Importing millions from the 3rd World
    Housing shortages
    No building of dams for yonks – why not drink recycled sewage water??
    Corrupt politicians
    And much more – this is getting too depressing – I’ll stop here.

  39. Buccaneer says:

    When even CNN realises there is something wrong, you know there is a problem https://edition.cnn.com/2023/02/14/politics/interest-payments-federal-debt/index.html

  40. Megan says:

    They now have markers for aboriginal ancestry,

    They have identified three haplo groups from mitochondrial (maternal) DNA that are cpmmonly found in PNG and East Indonesian populations. Surprise!
    The genome is a different identifier altogether and as yet, an Australian aboriginal one has not been found.

  41. Mantaray says:

    Thomas has always got it….Good article from American Thinker (as nearly always).
    Here is Thomas absolutely destroying Joe Biden about thirty years ago…3 minutes only…

  42. rosie says:

    Ancestry claimed in 2020 to have one for Aboriginal Australians.

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