Pharma killed thousands with ‘vaccines’ but paid off the cops

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  1. and says:

    Pharma killed thousands with ‘vaccines’

    You’re being much too kind on Gigantic Pharma which has a much, much longer history of killing than just the last few years. Do a goggle search of “pharma fraud”. You should be shocked by the long, long, long list of demonstratd fraud (courts of law) that usually include death/maiming of consumers.

    Gigantic Pharma is the central pillar of the medical industrial complex, second only in size to the military industrial complex. Detrimental consequences of medical conduct, including pharmaceuticals, until recently used to be referred to as “iatrogenic”. It’s a term specific to medical intervention. This term has essentially been “disappeared” from parlance, replaced by the generic, non-finger-pointing term “adverse events”.

    Gigantic Pharma is a well-protected and potentially nasty group.

  2. NFA says:

    Sounds like ‘some’ gang fell out of favor!

    Did they find the Trump nuclear football secret codes as well?

    The Taliban have a lot to answer for because they destroyed, and now control, the Afghani ‘poppy’ fields.

  3. NFA says:

    what and says 14 August, 2023 at 10:39 pm

  4. Shy Ted says:

    Wonder if the Abelite were consulted on the legislation making vapes illegal. If they were stored on sacred ground…

  5. Mantaray says:

    NFA (11.03pm). Much as I detest these WEF/WHO F’wits I do reckon too much is written into Event 201 and similar.

    I don’t believe they are such dopes that they’d hold 201 out in such plain view if they were actually planning to follow through with the real thing.

    Think The Bildebergers…or the Bohemian Grove d’heads. These are true “hot-beds” of elitist skullduggery where outsiders are strictly excluded. No press is allowed. no spotlight is shone on them, no one gets a heads-up about what’s coming done the pipeline.

    Why would Gates and his cronies let the cat out of the bag at Event 201?

  6. Fat Tony says:

    Why would Gates and his cronies let the cat out of the bag at Event 201?

    How many criminals have been caught over the years from boasting about their crimes?
    It’s in their nature…

  7. Ragu Namatjira says:

    From the article

    “Nicotine is a highly addictive and dangerous poison, and we know vapes also contain many other toxic substances and are designed to appeal to young people,” she said in the statement.

    Let’s do a little fact check

    How much nicotine kills a human? Tracing back the generally accepted lethal dose to dubious self-experiments in the nineteenth century

    The human toxicity of nicotine has become increasingly relevant in the past couple of years through marketing of new nicotine-containing products, such as smokeless tobacco and liquids for electronic nicotine delivery systems (electronic cigarettes) that are freely available in most countries. Standard textbooks, databases, and safety sheets consistently state that the lethal dose for adults is 60 mg or less (30–60 mg), leading to safety warnings that ingestion of five cigarettes or 10 ml of a dilute nicotine-containing solution could kill an adult. The 60-mg dose would correspond to an oral LD50 of around 0.8 mg/kg, a dose that is considerably smaller than the values determined for laboratory animals, which are ranging from 3.3 (mice) to more than 50 mg/kg (rats) (Hayes 1982).

    Although an LD50 of 0.8 mg/kg would implicate that the toxicity of nicotine is similar to or even higher than that of cyanide, fatal nicotine intoxications are relatively rare, and there are countless records of subjects who survived consumption of nicotine in amounts far higher than 60 mg (Larson et al. 1961). 

    Let’s compare to the unknown toxin of today that’s been injected into ~5 billion humans

    How long are the DNA fragments in BNT162b2?

    The critics of our work have quickly shifted their arguments from the “DNA does not exist in the vaccines” to an admission that DNA does exist but the length of the DNA that is found is nothing to worry about. Much of this goal post shifting has occurred since Dr. Sin Lee and Dr. Buckhaults have confirmed the presence of the DNA. Dr. Buckhaults performed this confirmation with his own vials that have proven chain of custody. His CT scores are 18-19 while the vials we have in our possession are 15.5-17CT. Now that the presence of the DNA has been confirmed, the arguments have shifted to question its exact quantity (which we expect to vary vial to vial based on the EMA disclosures) and to critique the length of those DNA fragments.

  8. Ragu Namatjira says:

    Let’s be fair. Here’s something on vape constituents

    Toxicology of E-Cigarette Constituents

    A quick read through and you’ll see a lot of the molecules are present in everyday topical creams.

    If the geniuses are genuinely worried about these things, they could demand better manufacturing process and less toxic product via their favourite method to change the world; legislation.

    But they won’t because they themselves are addicted to the current revenue regime.

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