Albanese: ‘I haven’t read it. There are 120 pages. Why would I?’

Allen key in hand and cubby house collapsing, a proud PM doesn’t need the instruction sheet.
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22 Responses to Albanese: ‘I haven’t read it. There are 120 pages. Why would I?’

  1. Buccaneer says:

    Ironic, from the party of elites who supposedly makes all the decisions so the plebs don’t have to, he can’t be arsed to read even beyond the one page summary. Too busy at sporting events and overseas jaunts to give a shit.

  2. Lee says:

    The words “shifty” and “devious” are inadequate to describe him.

  3. Bazinga says:

    Albo’s either lying or unfit. Both, probably both.

  4. NFA says:

    Lucky we have no way to call for and hold an immediate General Election.

  5. Old Lefty says:

    If you want to be charitable, he has never been a details man. I’m told by people in the transport sector that he never showed much interest in policy or portfolio administration while he was infrastructure and transport minister in the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era. It was only ever about the next press release and the next set of polling numbers.

  6. Lee says:

    If you want to be charitable, he has never been a details man. I’m told by people in the transport sector that he never showed much interest in policy or portfolio administration while he was infrastructure and transport minister in the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era. It was only ever about the next press release and the next set of polling numbers.

    Not surprised at all, OL, considering the number of times he has done a runner from a press conference or refused to give a straight answer.

    The MSM would never let a Coalition PM get away with being so evasive, so often.

  7. Pat Mac says:

    Not too sure he COULD read it.

  8. Tel says:

    But we have to pass the bill … so that we can find out what is in it.

  9. Buccaneer says:

    But we have to pass the bill … so that we can find out what is in it.

    Even once it gets passed, Albo still won’t read it, why would he, it’s more than one page

  10. Christine says:

    Perhaps he meant “I put my trust in Marcia, Megan, Aunty Pat and Linda”.
    Does he ever do any work?
    Has he got the spitting under control?
    Will he now grant a half-holiday?

  11. NFA says:

    Has their PM read the proposed changes to housing?

  12. and says:

    Lil’ Dennis Elbow… our own Vasco da Garma… ain’t farin’ well.

  13. and says:

    Notable, too, are Hidia Snorpe’s offerings this week. She “addressed” the National Press Club. Some referred to her ranting and raving as a “speech”. It was more like a string of disjointed blathering along the lines of “Dem colonizers dunn me wrong, bong”.

    The “speech” contained gems like…

    “Do not expect us to be silently complicit in our colonisation”

    “This is why we should call off the referendum … there won’t be change until this society changes, until this society’s thinking, values, attitudes and systems have been revolutionised in order to ensure real self-determination.”

    “We’re not going to get consensus with the voice, ever … we have to go back to how we make decisions as clans and nations and then we can tell the colonisers what the terms are, not the other way around,” she said.

    “We have to reset the relationship in this country and stop seeing (Indigenous people) as an issue.”

    She also said compensation for Indigenous land and resources would “send the country broke” and that was why treaty negotiations were needed.

    “We don’t want to send the country broke, I’ll put that out there now, otherwise we could with what is owed,” she said.

    Yet, even with the standard set so high for self-indulgent, inflammatory crap, there was one thought that was a stand out. Surely it’s destined for greatness in the annals of Unicorn Fartology. Hidia refers to those in parliament that are resistant to her “the Indigenous own everything” view as like geezers living in the “stone age”… the “STONE AGE”!

    “There are too many old crusty politicians in there (parliament) that have no idea what it’s like to struggle.

    “They need to retire and let the younger generation through because it’s our young people’s future.”

    Senator Thorpe said there were politicians who were stuck in the “stone age” who wouldn’t “let go of the power and the privilege”.

    On a lighter note, it was Snorpe’s 50th birthday, probably bound for a celebratory trip to a strip club after the Press Club address.

  14. NFA says:

    Why don’t Aboriginals from Australia declare war on Britain now that they have found they have an Australian Aboriginal Nation?

  15. Albos Toss says:

    I don’t know what it says but I support what it says in full.
    Straight out of Bull Shittens greatest hits.

  16. Ragu Namatjira says:

    This is like Dave Farina arguing about origin of life having only read the abstracts.

    The Prime Administer of Polident, the Right Honourable Cliffs Notes.

  17. Ragu Namatjira says:

    Some have said, in life you get what you deserved. Well plook me, my ancestors must have owned a dog called nagger that bit the arse of a bastard Ukrainian

  18. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Last night the Matildas lost to England. Look, good on them for getting to the semi-finals but…but…but…I have to confess I wasn’t very upset at the loss, in fact I wasn’t upset at all. I’m informed this morning, even by The Australian, that I must be devastated, well shucks, sahhhrrry, but I am not “devastated”. Am I bad? Apart from the fact that I find “soccer”, be it played by males or females to be a rather boring game, the truth is that I’ve long felt distinctly neutral about the Matildas, particularly since the team has been deliberately ‘politicised”, and is being used as as woke cudgel by our assorted progressive sneerers to lecture us about “women’s sport”, something I find particularly funny because the same progressive sneerers like to pontificate to us that biological males who “identify” as women, yet still have all their fishing tackle, should be able to compete against biological females…….LOL…..well actually, come to think of it, if the Matildas last night had a few blokes who identify/pretend to be women in the team, they might just have thrashed England, because some testosterone always comes when playing against females, but I digress. The primary reason I felt and feel completely neutral about them is because our very sleazy PM, the member for Grayndler, the boy who group us in housing commission, has taken it upon himself to use the Matildas as a personal photo op, and to lecture us about why “the Matildas’ success is much more than sport”…well firstly folks, just imagine if this was Tony Abbott or Scotty Morrison, two men who actually have sired females saying this, the progressive howling would be audible on Mars. Secondly folks, this appropriation of the team’s sporting success has left me both bewildered and cross, because I thought, “my oh my, he’s using the team as a political cudgel”, to hammer us about lesbianism and da Voice. When I saw him bobbing up and down after the team’s win the other night, I was reminded of the 1936 Olympics, because both Goebbels and Hitler bobbed up and down with glee every time an Aryan German won a race. In Germany in 1936, Aryanism was the master ideology, in Australia and indeed across the West in 2023 LGBTQI+ism is the master ideology. Conform or else! But this lazy hypocrite called Sleazy from Social Housing is the same person who can’t be bothered reading beyond the first page of a document (if he’s even read the first page and that’s debatable), a document that seeks to radically alter our constitution and our democracy, but folks, that’s what he is, a fundamentally lazy man, a con artist, ad both of these make him a very dangerous man because we now live in a very vacuous age. But Sleazy from Social Housing has form being vacuous, flying to Alice back in January for an hour or two, then spending more time eating ice cream in the style of George Constanza with his squeeze “Jodie” at the tennis in Melbourne…..priorities, priorities….priorities.

    I’m all for women’s sport, I’m all for pay parity if a sport is competitive, and I do believe women’s soccer is competitive. I’d rather see females play soccer than rugby league or rugby, or AFL but spare me this tedious bulldust about da wimmin. Now that they’ve lost, can we please back to real issues, such as housing, immigration and most importantly of all……….DA VOICE.

    By the way, as a side issue, yesterday at the National Cabinet, Sleazy from Social Housing and his state comrades (and that includes the very mediocre and inept Liberal from Tasmania whose name reminds me of something from the Flintstones) prioritised housing and rent crackdowns, hmm, is it just me or do others also find this rather….socialist? All of this is no doubt to bribe the Greens. We really are being run by coalition of hard left Labor militants and Greens (thanks Morrison). But I’m curious as to how this “rental increase restrictions” will go down in Teal land because I can assure you that there are many people living in Teal land who have investment properties which they rent out. I’ll be interested to see and hear what Da Big Spender, the member for Wentworth, the fat blowhard member for Kooying, the militant ex-ABC member for Goldstein, and all the other Teal hypocrities have to say about this. Last week all were silent on Sleazy from Social Housing’s betrayal of Israel, which is curious because three of these Teals represent electorates with large Jewish populations, so I now await their pronouncements on “rents”, but, but Cassie of Sydney, they’re too busy spruiking DA VOICE, and I can guarantee you that Da Big Spender from Wentworth, the fat blowhard from Kooying, and the militant ex-ABC member from Goldstein also haven’t read the 120 pages.

    For some reason, I’ve lately been reminded of Allende in Chile in 1973. Why is that? But the Chileans were more fortunate than we are, they had a man by the name of Pinochet who rescued the country, we have no one.

    Morning rant over, comrades. Welcome to Soviet Australia.

  19. Rafiki says:

    There’s one point on the topic of this post I’d make. Many in the media opine that Albo’s admission will harm the Yes case. But will it? Opinion polls ( for what they’re worth here) indicate that Yes advocates need to swing voters in 2 of the 4 States currently leaning towards No. And in effect this involves pulling a sufficient number of the ‘undecided’ into their camp. If, as is often claimed, it’s this group who pay little attention to politics until very near polling day.
    Maybe then Albo’s admission will have little or no effect in several weeks time. The Yes case might pull a stunt close to polling day, analogous to Mediscare. Using the Matildas looks now unlikely.

  20. Christine says:

    Silver lining for the devastated: The soccer loss is a shame for Albanese.
    He does what politicians do – elbow in. But he’s much worse.
    The media just did not want to seriously factor-in the England footballers, preferring hysteria over the home side.
    It’s ended. I’m relieved.

  21. jupes says:

    I’d rather see females play soccer than rugby league or rugby, or AFL

    Yes, if anything good can come out of the Matildas hysteria, let’s hope it’s the demise of the AWFL and its NRL equivalent.

  22. bollux says:

    The only magnificent thing to come from the Matilda’s campaign was the marketing. How they took a team that would have been lucky to attract 100 spectators to a game, and would still be soundly thrashed by a top schoolboys team, to filling a stadium is a stunning tribute to propaganda and the power of the media. Well done!

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