Schmaltzing Matildas

The tropes have been put to rest. Women don’t play as well, we’ve been told. They don’t have as much physical power. They lose their competitive edge after pregnancy. The men are just better. These have not been fringe views — they have been said to women their entire lives.

For girls and women the rise of the Matildas is a feminist cultural reckoning. It is the evidence that what once seemed like a farfetched dream was achievable. It is evidence that we have the capacity to change habits steeped in sexism.

A sad dream: Indoctrinating girls to believe that badly imitating males is a triumph of the feminine.
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40 Responses to Schmaltzing Matildas

  1. Christine says:

    A background of toxic rhetoric, she claims.

    There’s no poison.
    The fact is
    “lame imitation of men”.

  2. Boxcar says:

    For girls and women the rise of the Matildas is a feminist cultural reckoning

    Sure is. Proof that everyone is entitled to be paid relative to their performance.
    I hope they were brave enough to negotiate their pay rates before the World Cup, in which case, Kudos to them.

  3. Roger W says:

    Well, encourage your daughters to play but remember, if the Matildas are anything to go by, they will have a roughly 75% chance of growing up to be a lesbian.
    A niece of mine had boyfriends until she took up soccer. Now she has a female partner.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that! (As Seinfeld would say.)

  4. cuckoo says:

    One has to scroll very far down the Age’s website today to learn that in fact the Matildas lost last night. The contrast with the saturation coverage of 24 hours ago is instructive. Now at last there will hopefully be a break from the Age searching high and low for boys who are supposedly fascinated by women’s soccer. And those breathless claims that Sam Kerr is the “greatest goal scorer in world soccer”. If she’s that good, put her in the Socceroos. The same media that is hyperventilating over sell-out crowds for a women’s soccer match will presumably be silent about the various AFLW games which will play to near-empty stadiums this weekend.

  5. Ragu Namatjira says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Well, there kinda is. 60% chance she will be physically abused. 30% chance it is sexual abuse.

  6. and says:

    According to Mamamia, the Matildos have changed evryfink… absolutely evryfink.

    Thank you, Matildas, for changing absolutely everything.

  7. Shy Ted says:

    By Patricia Karvelas
    Posted Yesterday at 5:00am,

    Before the match then. Having had longer matches and less recovery time than the Swedes they should come fourth.

  8. Ragu Namatjira says:

    I watched the other game vs ze grenouille and one thing stood out. Maybe 2.

    They can’t kick the ball more than 20 metres. They just can’t kick the shit out of the ball beyond 20 metres. The goalie can’t make the halfway line given a clear shot.

    Try as they might, wooomen will never achieve this because they are using the same ball as the men, which has been modified to suit the men. Bend it like Beckham will never happen because they do not have the power to make the ball do anything.

    Sorry, ladies.

  9. Ragu Namatjira says:

    I say this because there is a specific way to kick the leather off a modern soccer ball.

    Actually, depending on what you want there is possibly 3 ways. Each involves power that the chick’s don’t have.

    So they are being set-up, because even that Amazonian grenouille could not boot the ball like a male.

  10. Memoryvault says:

    “Girls shouldn’t run at all”.
    “Why not”?
    “Well, for one thing – it makes them harder to catch”.

    Peter S

  11. Rabz says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not unhappy the Schlockerettes lost.

    The braindead lamestream meeja’s hysterical squawking about the Schlockerettes’ alleged exploits has been nauseating.

    It also means albansleazey will have to try and harness yet another distraction squirrel to divert attention from his clownshow of a government’s utterly insane policies.

  12. Lee says:

    The ABC, as expected, denies biological reality, says that women are closing the gap and seems to imply men can compete in women’s sport.

  13. Petros says:

    The lighter weight male boxers receive lower pay than the heavyweight winners.

  14. Ragu Namatjira says:

    Because they can’t make the long shots, except in their mind, the game looks worse than a wAFL game.

    They’re all cramped around the line of scrimmage and the most entertaining thing to watch is how they fuck it up because no one has the ability to just hooff it off to no man’s land

  15. Riversutra says:

    If you think this ABC article was a bit much, spare a thought for me.
    I started watching SKY News 8.30pm or so, there were 3 females on, one B Bishop, no clue on the others.
    I had to go get a mop to clean up in front of the TV the gushing was so bad!

  16. Entropy says:

    It isn’t as though being a lesbian is a prerequisite. It is that hetero girls are constantly harassed (don’t worry, we will turn you!) and leave the sport. See also women’s cricket.

  17. Jannie says:

    My wife is totally sucked in. She was disappointed by my opining that the Matildas are worse than the Wallabies. She knows that’s seriously bad.

  18. C.L. says:

    You go too far, Jannie. 😂

  19. and says:

    National Labor Conference

    Vasco Da Garma speaks to the like-deranged.

    ‘Shape the future’: Anthony Albanese focused on changing Australia for the better.

  20. Wally Dalí says:

    I’d love a Matilda- just one- or anyone in the commentariat for that matter- to drop in how devastating the China Virus Reset has been for sport, health and community.

  21. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Women don’t play as well, we’ve been told. They don’t have as much physical power. “

    Because they don’t have as much physical power. I wonder how the Matildas would go if they played a boy’s under 18 side?

    I watched some of the game, and it was clear from the beginning that the English were a better side. I don’t want to sound cruel but I think the Matildas, over the last few weeks, had momentum because of media hype and home crowds, both of which can help, until that is you meet a much better team and last night the Matildas came up against such a team.

  22. Buccaneer says:

    I watched all the Matildas games and I think the reason the country largely got behind them was because they did focus on the football and not so much on the lefty agenda stuff, as opposed to the US team who were dumped out and showed themselves as bad sports.

    The Matildas played an excellent game against Canada, the rest were patchy. Aussies like success and this tournament has been successful. In the end, it’s simply entertainment, so comparisons with the men are unimportant and women have been playing soccer for decades just like hockey.

    I’d also note that this success highlights that all these players grew up in an environment where no one put their thumb on the scale for women’s football. The agenda that says anyone that is not a white male, needs society to provide a step ladder to success got a bit of a black eye, if you look at it objectively.

  23. C.L. says:

    I wonder how the Matildas would go if they played a boy’s under 18 side?

    Australian women’s soccer team the Matildas lose 7-0 to an under-15 boys’ side.

  24. C.L. says:

    The superiority of men in sports is irrelevant, however. Of course men are superior at sports. What’s poisonous is the ideologically-driven corralling of girls into careers, pastimes, endeavours and mindsets in pursuance of an ‘equality’ that always diminishes the feminine and glorifies the masculine.

  25. WolfmanOz says:

    Well I’ve got some knowledge of football (none of this soccer stuff) as I’ve been playing, following and refereeing the game for close on 55 years . . .

    In the last few years I’ve been refereeing quite a number of high school girls games and it has always struck me that the girls just don’t have the physical attributes ie kicking the ball and enduring the physical bumps that goes with the game. For me the girls should be playing with a smaller sized ball and the game length should be less than the boys/males. Reducing the size of the pitch/goals isn’t really practical – bearing in mind the pitch dimensions (apart from the centre circle and the penalty box) are not standard.

    In terms of the Matildas performances apart from the game against Canada where they were excellent their other games against Ireland, Denmark and France were pretty close affairs, and, of course they did lose (deservedly to Nigeria).

    The MSM hype over the Matildas was nauseating to the point where in the end I was barracking for the other team . . . and in the semi final the English girls were by far the better team on the night.

    Women’s football is not as good as the men’s game, but, for me, it’s far more skilful and appealing than AFLW, where the standard is pretty abysmal IMO.

  26. Buccaneer says:

    In hockey, the juniors all compete together, boys and girls up to and including u17. It splits out for reps, but there is still a gap, there always will be.

    Ironically, I thought the biggest handicap for the Matildas was their coach, a man. His tactics were shit, against Nigeria they persisted with long balls against a side with more size and speed who just lapped up the wasted possession. Against England they adjusted their tactics a bit, but not quite enough, they needed to drag the English side to side more and pull them out of position before the attacking ball. His use of substitutes was rubbish too, waiting too long in the last game to sub his midfielder. In the end, they didn’t track well enough in defense.

  27. NFA says:

    A rugby tragic speaks… ROFL

    C.L. says:
    17 August, 2023 at 12:44 pm

    You go too far, Jannie. 😂

  28. jupes says:

    I think it is healthy for everyone to play sport. What I think is unhealthy, is for females to play men’s sports. By men’s sports, I mean sports that involve tackling. I don’t put soccer into that category. Therefore, I am quite happy for girls to be inspired by the Matildas and choose soccer as their sport. Anything that helps the demise of the AWFL and the NRL and rugby equivalents are fine by me.

    I actually watched the end of last night’s game to see what the fuss is about. I missed Sam Kerr’s goal but saw the final two Pommie goals. I am not an expert at soccer by any means, but I do try to watch a bit of the world cups and see a few Premier League highlights. My impression was that some of it was at an appalling standard. Witness the Matilda defensive effort for the Pommie goal that put England ahead. However, there was also the occasional piece of quite skillful play. The third Pommie goal was an example of that in my humble opinion. Unlikely that I will ever watch it again, but there you have it.

  29. Jannie says:

    NFA says:

    A rugby tragic speaks… ROFL

    Well its true I have always thought soccer was a girly game anyhow. But now the “girls” are even playing League, the only team game I know that’s tougher than Union.

  30. Pat Mac says:

    Bugger the msm and f..k their abc and the liebor wankers.
    Buccaneer at 4.40 is dead right.
    Jannie’s jest is too, the islander wannabes are dreadful.
    Jules, Ellie Carpenter played her heart out during the lead up games, only to make an awful blue as you pointed out. Your first sentence rings true to me.

    I couldn’t give a rats arse what the penis smoking abc dumbasses say or for that matter anyone else.
    Yes, it’s a shame that straight females are harassed out, but as an Aussie, I enjoyed the displays and patriotic fervour of the crowds.

  31. NFA says:


    I grew up in an area of SW NSW where there were ‘soldiers settlement schemes’ and hence a preponderance of WWII people who coincidentally taught their children the use of firearms.

    The military service ‘nurses’ that I used to know would have laughed at the ‘sheroism’ of their communist inspired soccer “Matildas”.

    Far outski!

  32. Faideeeeee! says:

    The players collective that booted out the previous Oz coach kept too many old and/or slow players in the Oz team. When the Matildas met a team prepared to run & attack (Nigeria) or put up a solid defence(Engerland) they seemed to have no plan B except hoofing the ball into the middle hoping an error might go their way. And if Sam Kerr is one of the best strikers in the womens game globally then the standard is very low and more work plus skills practice needed.

  33. NFA says:

    But we need ‘them’ to be exemplars for their ADF forces.

  34. Buccaneer says:

    Englands defence wasn’t that good, all they did was flood the area with the ball, the problem was that we didn’t change our tactics adequately. Kerr was excellent and a constant threat.

  35. Christine says:

    I agree that patriotic fervour is good to see.

    Still, soccer is somewhat boring.
    To my mind, the spectacle of passing in rugby puts the game well above others.
    That’s a beautiful sight.

  36. Christine says:

    Today, St Helena of Constantinople
    Evelyn Waugh wrote a novel about Helena.

  37. twostix says:

    In 2023 patriotic”‘fervour” is only ”encouraged” (aka mandated from the ruling class via their five media outlets) when it comes to mediocre girls playing soccer, wearing a mask or taking an injection when they order you too.

    Actual displays of patriotism are illegal.

  38. twostix says:

    Soccer is gay, girls playing soccer is literally gayer than gay.

    As long as there’s one australian who remembers we always felt like this until five minutes ago when Net Zero Style, our maoist ruling class ordered the media to order the consooooomer population that, no, they “we” actually love lesbian girls soccer, there will always be an australia, if only in that one heart.

  39. Mantaray says:

    Who cares what sex is playing? Soccer is for morons and humanity’s ape-like ancestors ONLY.

    Everything in human development has come from hands and hand-eye co-ordination, Humans use their hands for almost everything, so what is this desire of a certain demographic(average IQ <11?)to go back a few million years to when feet were king?

    OK, so imagine I've become a soccer tragic, and will now hold feet with the Mrs. I’ll be the footy-man about the house and do the repairs using my toes since I’m footier than most. Then when I do or say something clever they’ll say “You gotta foot it to Mantaray…he’s got a footle on all the details.” And on….What kinda imbecile wants that kinda life. (Ed: people with an IQ below 11?)

    Facts are that the very best moments of soccer are the goalie saves….the part where feet play practically no part. It tells you all you really need to know about the very low IQ of the average soccer fan that after an entire match and extra time (after an entire tournament even) of pretending that a feet-only sport is the go…they then decide it according to which team has the best handler of the ball…. the goalkeeper…that the final outcome will be decided.


  40. C.L. says:

    I see the fans have confirmed their reputation as the most violent in any sport by trashing Federation Square.

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