Proponents of global boiling and women’s penises look back…

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5 Responses to Proponents of global boiling and women’s penises look back…

  1. Christine says:

    Never mind today’s trendy mutilations. Better to talk about phrenology that supposedly flourished long ago – in Australia, of course. No end to the wickedness.

  2. Petros says:

    The lack of self awareness. Breathtaking.

  3. Old Lefty says:

    Dicky Dawkins tried to defend nineteenth- century men of science by claiming that the racism they evinced was due to the influence of the Zeitgeist. (Big German words have their uses when trying to pretend that you’re not just a provincial philistine.) Disingenuous, of course: they created the Zeitgeist.

    Poor old Dicky always was a bit socially inept, however. First he was as rude about Muslims as it is politically correct to be about Christians. That, as we all know, is a Class A Thoughtcrime. Second, his training as a biologist came through and he told a shocked British TV interviewer that ‘there are two sexes, male and female, and that’s all there is to it.’ Perfectly true, of course, but another Class A Thoughtcrime. He will have to be cancelled, of course. And that means no more taxpayer-funded junkets courtesy of Snowcone and Fergo to indulge in deicide on the ABC.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Spirits. Invisible spirits in rocks and trees just waiting to jump out and do heinous things to people. They have to be propitiated. Sacrifices made! You must buy this amulet to protect yourself from them. This patent elixir is good too.

    Oh wait, that’s what we’re going to have come back to haunt us when the Voice gets up. Bula and the Rainbow Serpent in the creeks and the culverts will have to be placated via suitable tithes. As you were.

  5. Wally Dali says:

    Without clicking through for how it “flourished”, let me have a wild guess- debbil debbil white doctors chopping the heads off the likes of (wife beater) Bennelong?

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