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■  Oh please. The NRL Integrity Unit is prissier than what passes for an on-field ‘fight’ these days. ■  Besides, Peter V’landys (as Simon Cowell) insists Walsh is “the Justin Bieber of rugby league.” ■  Entry to a Philadelphia baseball … Continue reading

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You’re gonna need a bigger Bushmaster

Today’s New York Times map of the war shows Ukraine has made zero progress and cannot win.

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She’s too valuable to be rushed by right’s habitual messianism

Bronwyn Bishop: Jacinta Price should move from Senate as she has ‘what it takes’ to be leader.

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New from feminine jurisprudence: the somewhat credible bitch

Cricketer Danushka Gunathilaka found not guilty of sexual intercourse without consent. She did not strike me as a witness motivated by a desire to give deliberately false evidence. However, there were occasions when I formed the impression that some of … Continue reading

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Vox Pops

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Disgraced ABC “fact check” unit investigates Professor Blainey

Turns out the great historian is correct. So of course the face-saving verdict is “there’s more to it.”

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Off The Radar

AROUND a thousand private texts of one of Australia’s most powerful national security mandarins are leaked to The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes. The encrypted WhatsApp and Signal messages are “legally obtained,” says Nine Entertainment. The unserious-sounding … Continue reading

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The new Labor Premier of Victoria sounds a lot like the old one

A leftist anti-life ‘Catholic’ who has never worked outside of politics and has no trade or profession.

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Goosy In The Sky With Diamonds

■  How Anthony Albanese put his own special touch on this year’s NRL grand final rings. ■  Perth councils defend crackdown on people sleeping in vans amid nationwide rental crisis.

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As torture of Daniel Duggan continues on Joe Biden’s orders…

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True Git: ‘President’ makes history protesting his own economy

■  ABC: Joe Biden urges striking car workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit. ■  CNN: President Biden spoke for only 87 seconds in total on the picket line.

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The new ‘dog ate my homework’

I think it’s going to be really important that all of us push back against Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation, and continue our steadfast and unequivocal support for Ukraine.” – Justin Trudeau claims Russia made Canada honour a Nazi

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Politico: Establishment GOP steamrollered in the Golden State

A treasury of RINO delegates no more: Trump is crushing it in California. His rivals are ‘in denial.’

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Let Your Hair Down, Mr Dutton

Ignore the aftermath whisperers. Magnanimity to Voice insurrectionists is neither owed nor wise LET’s assume the Voice really is going to be defeated on 14 October and that tantrums follow – by the usual people in the usual places. Though … Continue reading

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The worst and most life-damaging Premier in Australian history

No, dumbo, that verdict is already in: Jeff Kennett says Andrews legacy will be judged in 20 years.

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Francis Sullivan orders bishops to order Catholics how to vote

Larping as Primate of the Church in Australia, the Pell hater and professional ‘Catholic’ lashes out.

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Well sonofabitch, Jens Stoltenberg admits NATO started a war

Jeffrey D. Sachs on the Secretary-General’s awkward gaffe: “He accidentally blurted out the truth.”

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Tucker on state-run media, the Murdochs, Biden showering with his own daughter and how Barack Obama is still running things

ZeroHedge: “Our system is collapsing in real time”: Tucker Carlson gives bombshell interview. “America is not communist China. They do have a thing called the rule of law. China does not.” – Andrew Bolt rejects a Barnaby Joyce analogy about … Continue reading

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