Labor stole a hospital to kill children and guess what happened

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9 Responses to Labor stole a hospital to kill children and guess what happened

  1. Buccaneer says:

    Would be interesting to know how many midwives there are in total in that hospital. A government openly gaslighting its constituents.

  2. C.L. says:

    So the real figure is 20. Wow.

    Gaslighting indeed. The way Stephen-Smith tries to explain the mass walk-out as a coincidence is despicable. I see Dutton has said he will introduce a private member’s bill to overrule the ACT on its new bikie-friendly drug laws. Good move. He should take it a lot further if re-elected to the Treasury benches.

    Never forget that Uncle Albo, the smiling Trotskyist, fully backed the ACT’s theft of a Catholic hospital – just weeks after its ‘government’ held an inquiry that denounced Calvary for not aborting children.

  3. Buccaneer says:

    Pocock appears to have voted down the federal investigation into this decision then pretended he is standing up for the rights of ACT residents.

    The only people he is standing up for are the incompetent ALP politicians who have made this mess.

  4. Buccaneer says:

    Uncle Albo, conjures a mental picture of a Al Grassby style suit with Ron Jeremy style mustachio.

  5. NFA says:

    The so called ‘ACT Government’ is an out and out communist military junta.

    Catholic Schools, Churches and organizations will be in the firing line.

  6. Rabz says:

    The so called ‘ACT Government’

    Should not exist. It has always had zero legitimacy. Its recent actions are utterly despicable and the coalition should shut it down immediately if they are ever re-elected.

    The ACT is also now the highest taxing state or territory jurisdiction in the country and rivals the Victorian junta for sheer unrelenting malevolent incompetence.

  7. Rafiki says:

    The size of the ACT could be reduced so as to embrace only the key institutions of government. The population would then become residents of NSW. There would be lots of good outcomes. However, how then will the new residents be represented in the state and federal Parliament? Some more electoral divisions presumably, and these will be heavily Labor/Greens inclined.
    The LNP might consider that getting rid of 2 ACT Senators worth this cost.

  8. The lefties will just replace the midwives with psychopaths. They will, the help of so-called Liberal Party moderates, implement their barbaric policy in every state until their T-4 programme has been completed.

    Let’s not forget that Germany’s medical profession was second to none in it’s support for the Nazi Party.

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