A meeting with his compatriot, the Pope, would be something

Argentina’s Javier Milei is on the campaign trail – signalling his intention to “dismember” socialism:

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  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    I like Javier Milei, he’s a stirrer. I’d like to see him win but, as with Trump, as with Orban, as with Bolsonaro, and as with those few others who dare step outside the industrial scale progressive woke agendas, such as the LGBTQI+ narratives that are now strangling the West, these political outsiders are then immediately targeted for “execution”, and most are guillotined, by the leftist cabal, a stew made up of leftist parties, the MSM, the UN, the WEF and so on. Victor Orban is the exception, he hangs on but for how long? I think Milei needs to keep keep his chainsaw charged and close him at all times!

    As for Pope Francis, correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that the one country he has not visited, since becoming Pontiff, IS his home country, Argentina. It begs the question, why?

    As an aside, and it is related to the likes of Milei and Meloni, because we’ve seen how useless Meloni has been, how utterly useless the Conservative clowns in the UK have been for thirteen years, with Europe’s borders now completely collapsing, and now we’re witnessing, in real time, the dystopian deluge of sub-Saharan African and middle eastern males into southern Europe, next month there’ll be an election in NZ and the NZ Nationals are poised to win. But you might wonder why I’m so tepid about this. Well, because it’s becoming increasingly evident that voting for these right of centre and/or conservative parties is a waste of time, prior to elections they talk the good talk, but after winning elections they fail to walk the good talk (although I’ll make an exception about the Victorian Liberals, they don’t talk the talk). There is simply no point voting for them. I write this as it’s becoming increasingly clear that the NZ police, back in March in Auckland, didn’t just stand back and allow the violence at the Let Women Speak rally, they knew it was going to happen and they stood outside the park. It was deliberate. Will a new Nationals government try and clean out a politicised police force? Will a Nationals government clear out government departments infested with career leftists? Until right of centre governments decide to put on some boxing gloves and at least try to defang and dismantle departments of LGBTQI+ gunk, human rights nonsense and so on, absolutely nothing will change and the progressive winds keep blowing, I believe that there is simply no point voting for these parties. Or perhaps I’m just now too cynical. As C.L. wrote, either here or on Dover’s page, a country like Italy that won’t deport scum (and that’s an insult to scum) like Kanye (or whatever he’s called now) and the botoxed female he’s currently with for their ongoing pornographic antics on Italian soil, I believe that country no longer deserves to exist.

    You see, as I wrote yesterday on Dover’s blog….it’s not the economy anymore, stupid.

    This focus on the “economy”, at the expense of other pressing societal cultural issues, has been the downfall of the right. It goes without saying that the right are (usually) better economic managers than the left. But whilst the economy should be a concern, it should not be the sole concern of the Liberal/Conservative or National Parties, there are many other concerns. Too many on the right look misty-eyed at Reagan and Thatcher, and here in Oz too many misty-eyes look to John Howard (whose economic credentials (apart from the GST) are overrated). I think it’s time those eyes were wiped dry, and it’s time to keep them dry. We no longer live in even remotely similar times to the 1980s or even to 2007. When Reagan, Thatcher (and Howard) held power, the pillars of faith and family, whilst under attack, were not crumbling, sure they were unstable. But this is no longer the case, the West is collapsing before our eyes.

    I’ve been thinking about Texas Jack’s comments from last week. I appreciate his contributions. I understand his admiration of John Howard. Howard, compared to the likes of Scumbag Morrison and the member for Grayndler, towers above others however he did draw us into unnecessary conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, he should have handed over to Costello in 2006, he didn’t do anything, despite having a senate majority from 2004, to rein in the ABC, and then there were the disastrous “work choices”. There are many other criticisms. John Howard was not the messiah. Anyway, getting back to TJ’s comments, unlike myself and unlike some others here, I get the the impression (happy to be corrected) that TJ thinks having any right of centre government in government is better than having any left of centre government in government, even if that conservative right of centre government, once in power, like the UK Conservatives from 2010 to now, like the Oz Liberals from 2013 to 2022, do nothing to fight, to combat and to reverse far-left infiltration and so on, instead they just stick to “economics”. Well, that sole focus on economics no longer works, people now want more, they’re right to want more, and I won’t vote for such a party, because whilst I might regard a good May budget as important, I also regard perverts in women’s bathrooms as equally as important, I also regard LGBTQI+ propaganda in our schools as equally as important, and I particularly regard the forced takeover of a Canberra Catholic hospital by a far-left Green government as equally as important, in fact I regard that as more important than any good May budget.

    Apologies about the morning rant.

  2. Roger W says:

    Good post.
    ALL of those issues you identify at the end are more important.
    What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

  3. C.L. says:

    What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

    Precisely. The libertarian/utilitarian virus that infected conservatism has done a lot of damage. But the cowardly tendency to give up on ‘social’ and ‘cultural’ matters and insist that Lower Taxes and Small Government are what life is all about was a retail response to a Western populace that no longer believes in anything beyond the materialistic. The corporatist left compensates for the resultant void of nihilism with the pseudo-religiosity of identity politics and ‘ism’ agitprop.

    You can now be ‘good’ by believing in ‘climate change,’ the Voice, abortion, trans ‘rights’ and #MeToo. Those who see these things for what they are – as diabolical mockeries of goodness – have nobody representing them in party politics. They are simply ‘right-wing extremists’ who may licitly be harassed, imprisoned or shot.

    Benedict XVI prophesied all this with his warning about the “dictatorship of relativism.” Not a theory. A prophecy. And it is now what we’re living in.

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