The ‘clean energy super highway’ is really a Reichsautobahn

When they came to us, one of the first things out of their mouth was that they have powers of acquisition.”
– Tasmanian farmer Scott Colvin has been told by AusNet that his property isn’t really his
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12 Responses to The ‘clean energy super highway’ is really a Reichsautobahn

  1. NFA says:

    Australia, the communist country.

  2. Lee says:

    “You will own nothing and be happy.”
    – Klaus Schwab

  3. Bazinga says:

    I hope he told them to GTFO.

  4. MatrixTransform says:

    just doing yr job, heh?

    do you have D & TPD insurance?

  5. Old Lefty says:

    ‘First they came for the Catholics….’

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    They’re trying to desperately avoid that because if they had to pay the going rate for farms, like miners do, then their project financials would be shot to ribbons.

    So all they can do is try to steal farms on the sly, or cheat the farmers with whatever the 21stC version of beads and tobacco is. Unfortunately the fascist government will likely enable that. They’re saving the world doncha know?

    Clean Energy Dirty Tricks? A $500 Gift Card for Signing Over Your Property Rights (17 Sep)

    It’s the same ABC story being commented on at WUWT, but the headline says it accurately.

  7. Riversutra says:

    360KM Humelink which has already blown out to $5 billion — five times the initial estimate.

    The energy market operator, AEMO, has mapped 10,000km of high-voltage transmission lines that will need to be built between now and 2030

    The Net Zero mob now turns to NDIS and says “hold my beer”.
    the Govt $20 billion for all of this will disappear faster than a Liberal asked to support a conservative belief!

  8. Ragu Namatjira Bennelong Schwab says:

    Colvin will be doubly pissed off when TasHydro blasts through all the potable water to keep the lights on in Melbourne

  9. NFA says:

    Luckily the UNLabor Party used the artifice of a UNtreaty to stop the Devil’s Island Dams to protect the brown’s.

    Whatever it takes!

  10. Shy Ted says:

    Let’s not forget Scummo and Lord Wafflesworth’ contribution.

  11. NFA says:

    Shy Ted says:
    19 September, 2023 at 7:27 pm

    Let’s not forget Scummo and Lord Wafflesworth’ contribution.

    The UNparty buffoons… I try really hard to forget though its not possible.

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