A Portrait of the Western World As An Old Man

And then you get an artist
Who says he doesn’t want to paint at all
So he takes an empty canvas
And he sticks it on the wall.”

– A favourite: Mark Knopfler’s In The Gallery, Dire Straits, 1978
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11 Responses to A Portrait of the Western World As An Old Man

  1. NFA says:

    They could always get a few Hunter Biden masterpieces!

  2. NFA says:

    Thanks for the Mark Knopfler C.L.

  3. Buccaneer says:

    He stole the title of Hunters accumulated works

  4. Morsie says:

    The artists original work was to stick bank notes on a frame,capitalism blahblahblah.
    His current work would seem to have equal gravitas.
    If idiots are going to pay you for nonsense why not exploit them.
    I am reminded of the furore regarding one of Tracey Erin’s works for which she was paid a fortune which seemed to consist of an unmade bed and a few cigarettes.Problems arose when a cleaner cleaned it up.
    This scam has been going for decades

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Daniel Greenfield picks up on the story:

    Art With Politics, But Without Aesthetics, is Nonsense (20 Sep)

    The museum nonetheless exhibited the blank canvases in its “Work It Out” show…

    “Haaning’s new work Take the Money and Run is also a recognition that works of art, despite intentions to the contrary, are part of a capitalist system that values a work based on some arbitrary conditions,” the museum says in its exhibition guide.

    Yep they actually exhibited the “paintings”. Maybe some Just Stop Oil people could come along and splash soup on them, that way there’d at least be something to look at.

  6. NFA says:

    There’s hope for my artistic abilities to gain the recognition they deserve.

    Where is a blank canvas supplier?

  7. Shy Ted says:

    It’s better than other “artworks” I’ve seen.

  8. Buccaneer says:

    The Just Stop Oil people should be overjoyed with this artwork, no oil-based paints were harmed in the production of this artwork, it’s just that no paint was used at all…

  9. NFA says:

    It’s better than other “artworks” I’ve seen.

    ROFL because that is too true.

  10. Faideeeeee! says:

    I’d drag a urinal into the gallery and piss all over their artistic “space”. R Mutt would 100% approve of my artistic/intellectual performance.

  11. Mark Knopfler certainly had their measure in 1978. I’ve never paid enough attention to the lyrics in that track before now, though, I confess. 🙃

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