EU pawn Donald Tusk struggling to rein in Law and Justice lead

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14 Responses to EU pawn Donald Tusk struggling to rein in Law and Justice lead

  1. C.L. says:

    Politico Poll of Polls, Poland 2023.

  2. NFA says:

    Will Poland be “volunteered” into the Ukraine meat grinder?

  3. C.L. says:

    The CIA will be doing everything it can to Biden enough votes for the opposition minor parties to cause an ‘upset.’

    Note that Tusk is campaigning on the promise that he can unlock the EU cash that’s being withheld as a punishment for Poland’s unwillingness to adopt the ‘values’ of Brussels. This constitutes election interference, of course.

  4. John of Mel says:

    Not to worry, soon Poland will feel the pressure to fully integrate into Europe, European “values” included, from the East as well.
    Clintons re-activated. And they are coming to Ukraine. Not that Clintons care about any values apart from the value of their bank account, but there will be a lot of remoras (if you will) coming with them that do.

  5. Buccaneer says:

    Must be some very bad polls coming for germany and france for this to occur.

    I want to be very clear. We have an obligation as part of the international community. We have fulfilled it in the past, and we will do so today and in the future.

    But we will decide who comes to the European Union and under what circumstances, and not the smugglers and traffickers. … Those who do not have the right cannot remain.

    It is very important for me to be in Lampedusa today.

    I’m here to offer a coordinated response by the Italian and European authorities.

    I would like to present to you a 10 point action plan ↓

    — Ursula von der Leyen (@vonderleyen) September 17, 2023

  6. Boambee John says:

    But we will decide who comes to the European Union and under what circumstances, and not the smugglers and traffickers. … Those who do not have the right cannot remain.

    Ursula von der Leyen channeling John Howard. Recognition by the “inner-national communidee” at last!

  7. Buccaneer says:

    Hard to think they are words she genuinely believes in. More likely to be words intended to buy some time. Howard did something about it. The EU will just keep taking the people.

    If they really cared about the problem, they would look to address properly the reasons the people are prepared to undertake an expensive and very risky people smuggling journey. That includes removing the incentives and removing the poor conditions in their indigenous environment. Indigenous people apparently only matter when there is a political gain to be made.

  8. Mantaray says:

    Buccaneer (10.10am) and Boambee jack…and others.. I already pointed you to the video of Ursula repeating John Howard’s words. It was yesterday in the Margaret Thatcher thread at 1.12pm,

    Howard was by far the most politically courageous politician we’ve seen in Oz for many decades in either direction. imagine sending the SAS to seize a rogue Norwegian people-smuggling freighter and send it on it’s way FFS. That problem solved immediately…

    OK, but enough of the past: of Howard also destroying ATSIC and the wannabe Voice Aristocracy; of Howard destroying the waterfront unions: of Howard sending the Indos packing in East Timor: of Howard wiping out Commonwealth debt and deficits; of Howard returning hard-earned taxes to those who over-paid them.

    The left calls that latter “middle-class welfare” and then starts wailing that their “guns wuz took”. Yeah, well at our town pistol club, shooting club and hunting club that last always raises a chuckle. I suppose inner-city lefsist scum are STILL saying it, eh what. Anyone else heard about it?

  9. Buccaneer says:

    I agree with that, Howard also did nothing to weed out the termite and he over saw the rise of Alex Hawke which prompted the current control of his party by Photios et al. He won lots of good arguments, sadly his legacy was tarnished by this.

  10. NFA says:

    Heil Howard!

    He made the trains run on time.

    PS What was that business about his brother?

  11. Mantaray says:

    NFA. I’s forgotten that one about Stan Howard. Thanks for reminding me….

    From 2014 the Daily Tele:

    “It was during John Howard’s term as prime minister that Stan came to be known outside the business and legal communities. He was chairman of National Textiles when it collapsed and the company’s workers were among the first to benefit from a new employee entitlements scheme implemented by the Howard government that delivered $6 million to the workers.

    Ok, so we generally think of Howard as “lron Johnny” the statesman Colossus, but not so much as the hero of the working class. Still…that you do, speaks volumes. What a great (to use the cricketing vernacular) all-rounder, eh what?

    BTW: It’s usual when saluting those leaders who reign Emperor-like, with Hail Howard (like Hail Caeser) rather than Heil, which sounds kinda , ummm, German. Please don’t tell us Little Johnny is your idea of a Modern Day Actual

  12. NFA says:

    A dictator is what he was and is.

    Taxpayers paid the Textile Workers that little johnnies brother ripped off.

  13. NFA says:

    And pardon me but Howard is a true blue UNiparty One World Neocon communist.

    Go and look at all his dictatorial ways.

    Why didn’t he ban the Australian communists whilst he was about helping Patricks Stevedoring?

    And Costello, The Treasurer that created The Australia Fund from the sale of Telecom to provide useless manipulative lawyer politicians and deep state communist bureaucrats… Don’t make me laugh.

    Did you shoot the pig or hit the target firing your pistol?

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