The Russell Brand situation

IT is impossible to be more impartial about a man than I am about Russell Brand. That’s because the hyperactive and garrulous comedian-cum-commentator with a Big Ben ego and a Janis Joplin wardrobe is as far from my cup of cocoa as it’s possible to be. Disinterestedly, I note the following as matters of fact. Brand, 48, is at least as intelligent as two-thirds or more of Britain’s MPs. He is extremely articulate – something genuinely impressive in an era whose people speak in tweets. He is an enterprising hustler who created a fresh niche for himself as a podcaster at just the right time. His questioning of nazi orthodoxies and fake statistics during the ‘pandemic’ has aged exceedingly well. The extent to which this alone infuriates the UK’s increasingly state-nudged media should not be underestimated. On the other hand, Brand is narcissistic, insufferably smug and philosophically erratic. By his own admission, he was sexually exploitative and drug-fuelled throughout his 20s. In his defence, that isn’t exactly unusual. Ted Kennedy was a drunk well into his senior years and the media forgave him for letting a woman drown in an Oldsmobile.

Brand’s social media accounts, podcasting rights, public appearances and ability to make any kind of living are now being cancelled one after the other. We’ve seen it all before – in too many secular excommunications to remember. No corporation, lobby or broadcaster wants to be the last loyalist standing. Same thing as being the first one to stop clapping Stalin, when you think about it, except in reverse. In the contemporary West – where the forgiveness of sins (remissionem peccatorum) is at least as obsolete as the other 11 mainstays of the Apostles’ Creed – if you’re the last one cheering (or even cheering up) an un-person, you’ll get what he got. The Times’ role in the campaign against Brand makes sense. His opposition to the US proxy war in Ukraine would enrage a spook-biddable newspaper that last year reported the brave exploits of the Ghost of Kiev (and the auctioning of his “goggles” following an imaginary demise) as facts.

Well, did Brand sexually groom a 16 year-old, rape someone else and ‘emotionally abuse’ another? Binning the third count, I’m supposed to say we should leave the first two (and others that may be in the offing) to the Old Bill. Except the Old Bill is a corrupt idiot. Remember Operation Midland? How about Operation Tethering? No, contrary to the gaslighting of feminists, the pressing reform needed in these cases isn’t institutionalised believing of all women but the militant recapitulation of the presumption of innocence. Only that will shield both police brass and prosecutors from the mob to ensure real victims are championed and only real villains tried. Chancers in the media and the sisterhood who pursue celebrity sex lynchings for clicks and vengeance are the most dangerous and defiant misogynists of all. The more often their vigilantism fails, the more they damage women and the more they pervert justice to even the score. These addicted sociopaths should be called out for they are. Alas, reform cannot help either Brand or his accusers at this stage. If he ends up being convicted of something, well and good. But that possibility doesn’t make the global punishment of a legally innocent man acceptable. Not even if he’s annoying.

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  1. Jannie says:

    The anonymous allegations are supposed to have occurred 10 and 15 years ago, and surfaced as a result of dredging by Prince Murdoch’s sniffer dogs. Its obviously a political weapon to silence a problematic critic of the feudal Lordships, pharma, MIA, Tech, DNC.

    No proof of innocence will suffice, his business and life are already badly damaged. The accusation is the punishment, the process is an unusual form of torture.

    He joins a long list of honourable men who have been badly hurt by the same method. Its Feudal injustice, if they don’t scare you into submission, they have other means of persuasion.

  2. Mantaray says:

    Jannie. Russell is very very rich, and has known what could happen when he chose to annoy the globalists. He also knows how few of these campaigns actually “get their man” when they are not true.

    As far as the “rape, sexual abuse etc” go, I doubt there is a musician, rock band, entertainer of note” anywhere who didn’t / doesn’t have hordes of groupies who could be “convinced” to say stuff about them years later when there’s no longer any extant physical evidence. What about when Brett Kavanagh had the harpies after him during his selection hearings for US SC Justice? Some radio station asked for similar stories, and got THOUSANDS of them within hours!

    I suppose what I’m getting at is that I doubt Russell would be genuinely upset by this. He’s seen it all before. It’s how the blob always operates, isn’t it?

  3. Fyodor says:

    Very fair summary.

    Brand has always been a vile opportunist. I’ll grant you he has a peculiar verbal agility, but without intellectual substance or consistency. I’ve never found him funny or insightful; his career seems to have been built entirely around odious exhibitionism and peddling controversy. That he’s accused of predatory behaviour is wildly unsurprising.

    However, the law should protect trash like Brand – as it should everyone – with the presumption of innocence. The sooner these allegations are addressed in a criminal trial the better.

    The coordinated media hit job is deeply sinister. I wish it was more shocking, but this is how the game is played now.

  4. Buccaneer says:

    Isn’t it amazing that the media would do a 4 year in depth investigation on Russel Brand, essentially a loud mouth with no real power, yet studiously ignore the supposed leader of the free world’s troubles including persistent rape allegations, allegations of bribery and influence peddling, allegations of using the doj to tie an opponent up with legal charges. We have to take the newspapers word that their evidence is solid, a little like the Lehrmann allegations, yet for Biden, there is plenty of material in the public domain, enough for a Pulitzer, were that awarded for actual journalism.

  5. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Superb C.L. As always, you’ve said it best.

    Last year I had to sit for hours at a police station giving testimony because a woman I know made an allegation of rape against a man I know, a “rape” that supposedly happened in 2008 but as far as I’m aware a rape that never happened. It wasn’t until late 2021, in the aftermath of the Higgins and Porter allegations, that she ever mentioned the word “rape”. So, when I hear the words “rape” and “sexual assault”, I freeze, start to shiver a little, and I am very, very incredulous. But at least she went to the police first and not to the media. However I digress, we’re talking about Russell Brand here, actually, we’re talking about something bigger than Brand. But before I go on I should preface this, I’ve never liked Brand, his vulgarity and his lewdness have left me cold, I have always found him “yukky”. I don’t watch his Youtube Channel, not because he doesn’t have something worthwhile to say, it is just that don’t like his style. Perhaps I’m a snob! Anyway, I’m told Brand is a new man now, having found stability in a relationship with a woman (and to this I say……..fabulous), he has become a father, and he’s found Buddha or Zen or whatever the latest feel good California sushi roll filling is. Wonderful, well done to him.

    But Russell Brand has always been a sardine swimming around in a salty sea, moulded, fed and nurtured by that salty sea. That salty sea is the UK, the larger salty ocean is the West. Brand is a product of a culture that has not just crashed and burned over the last half a century, it’s now become a culture drenched in sexual debasement, sexual vulgarity, sexual promiscuity, and sexual debauchery, so it begs the question….what’s a lad from the flat salty marshes of Essex, growing up in a single parent home, with a debauched father who hired a whore for him when he was 16 years old, supposed to do in such an environment? He was handed entertainment gigs by the very organisations now crucifying him. Two of the UK’s worst and most hypocritical media outlets, Channel Four and the BBC, gave him platforms and for years they were happy, very happy, to use the Brand sardine to make lots of dosh. He was their ultimate “Brand” until that is, he became a sharp, prickly thorn in their side and therefore he must be silenced, cancelled, destroyed and eliminated. And that’s happening now, in real time. Forget about due process, forget about police, about justice, about presumption of innocence, all such absurd trivialities here, just ask Bruce Lehrmann about those trivialities. But in the aftermath of these sordid allegations against Brand, firstly nobody is surprised that for years he acted as a depraved, lewd and vulgar sexual lout, because that’s the culture of the UK, the whole country has revelled in depravity, lewdness and vulgarity. But being a depraved lout from the salty marshes of Essex doesn’t mean he’s guilty of rape or sexual assault. And remember, as Douglas Murray said on Piers Morgan two nights ago, this sardine from Essex was for years feted and fawned over by the UK left, all because he’d make nasty and unfunny pronouncements and remarks about those evil conservatives and Thatcher Thatcher and so on.

    The other night on Sky’s Blot, it was the beautiful Esther Krakue who said it best.
    I don’t know Esther’s background, however I suspect she is the daughter of Nigerian or Ghanian migrants to the UK, a successful group of people who are almost always Christians (usually Catholics) and also, interestingly, conservatives. Krakue, when asked about Brand, pursed her beautiful lips and said that Brand was long known for his lewdness, his vulgarity and his sexual antics, but that this is what happens what a society and a person from that society (who doesn’t know better) doesn’t practice ‘sexual discipline’. Thank you to Esther!

    Meanwhile, whilst all this Brand hoo-ha is happening, thousands of young sub-Saharan (many Muslim) African males are streaming into a little island called “Lampedusa”. How convenient. Europe is being invaded yet the UK is distracted by a sexual scandal. I can’t help feeling all of this is deliberate, such is my contempt for the modern MSM.

    But Lampedusa tells us a lot about the state the salty sea of the UK and it’s feeder, that salty ocean called the West. Forget about the sardine called Brand and his antics, the salty lads in Lampedusa will make anything Brand has been accused of look tame.

    The new world is coming.

  6. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Fyodor says:
    21 September, 2023 at 7:50 am”

    I think you’ve said it best.

  7. Cassie of Sydney says:

    The lad from Essex is being brought down by the MSM.

    When the lads in Lampedusa start behaving badly, the MSM will cover for them.

    Just think of the poor white girls in Rochdale, in Luton, in Oxford and elsewhere. The MSM and the progressive class were and remain uninterested in them. In fact, many of those girls who turned up at police stations, begging for help, were handed back to their Muslim groomers by the UK plod.

    As much as I don’t particularly like Brand, he’s the fall guy.

  8. bollux says:

    What Brand says has a ring of truth about it, how he says it is questionable. What is more than questionable is that when someone like Brand puts his head above the parapet he is immediately judged to be guilty and his career cancelled, even though the accusations are years old. There would hardly be a red blooded male alive who would be proud of his modus operandi to persuade the fairer sex to “put out’ when he was a much younger version of himself. Flowers and chocolate didn’t always work.

  9. rosie says:

    I’ve never liked Brand, the very little I’ve seen of him pre covid, I’m bemused by his celebrity but yes innocent til proven guilty.

  10. Rabz says:

    I’ve been reluctant to buy into the whole Brand imbroglio mainly because I’ve always considered the guy incredibly repulsive and about as funny as a freshly laid dog turd. Consequently I’ve avidly avoided watching or listening to him.

    However, I did (just out of curiosity) listen to some of his youtube segments made during the height of the schlockdown idiocy and bat flu panic and he appeared quite reasonable and considered in his manner – which did surprise me.

    It’s beyond any doubt that he’s been deemed an enemy of the blob for his heresy and his ability to function in “polite society” will be increasingly restricted. It will be interesting to see if the WEF globalists administering Airstrip One can ensure a legal travesty that sees Brand convicted of inexcusable sex pestery or purveying views that are wholly unacceptable.

    Anyway, here’s a very funny letter (from 2014) that a disgruntled Oirishman sent to Brand after the latter had engaged in a ridiculous stunt that resulted in the former’s lunch going cold.

    Brand the obnoxious idiot at his most ridiculous, as I’ll always prefer to remember him.

  11. WolfmanOz says:

    Great post C.L. and some terrific comments in reply.

  12. jupes says:

    I suppose what I’m getting at is that I doubt Russell would be genuinely upset by this. He’s seen it all before. It’s how the blob always operates, isn’t it?

    He has lost his income and faces a potential police investigation that could take years. Then he could be jailed. I suspect he is genuinely upset. He should be. The people doing this to him are deadly serious.

  13. Buccaneer says:

    The story here is not really about how credible Brand is, I’ve watched his stuff a couple of times but I find him a bit boring. He revels in saying things that are fantastic for the sake of being fantastic, it’s all about him. It’s a little like watching Milo Yianopoulos, you’re never really sure the actual conviction is there for the topic or if they are just looking for attention.

  14. Baba says:

    I hope the Coast Guy, Neil Oliver, has led a perfect existence. From BBC darling to enemy of the state, he must also be a target.

  15. Christine says:

    I’m still shocked by the media hit-job.
    If reports are true, many willing women came Brand’s way; it might’ve been cool then but now it’s a different story. Casual sexual encounters with this ‘rock star’ wouldn’t be likely to end well. Probably won’t hear the women say they took a risk.

  16. jupes says:

    Younger Brand’s juvenile anti-capitalist / corporation schtick which is highlighted by Rabz link above, has become more focused in recent times. Probably due to the Covid tyranny, or age and marriage has brought maturity and wisdom. Whatever, he has been right over the target when it comes to the nexus of big corporations and big government.

    Which is exactly why they are taking him out.

  17. Buccaneer says:

    Julian Assange, who in lots of cases remains a darling of the left, even though they won’t forgive him for dishing on Clinton, had 2 rape cases against him too. I took those seriously at the time, I’m less convinced now. The weaponisation of these cases in certain circumstances and the cover up in others (I’m looking at you Bill Shorten) is way too predictable to be a coincidence. Go off the reservation and they are coming for you.

  18. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “I’m still shocked by the media hit-job.”

    Nothing, absolutely nothing shocks me anymore.

  19. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “The weaponisation of these cases in certain circumstances and the cover up in others (I’m looking at you Bill Shorten) is way too predictable to be a coincidence. “


  20. Rabz says:

    I hope the Coast Guy, Neil Oliver, has led a perfect existence

    Indeed. Oliver is next on their hit list. No doubt they’re still digging.

  21. struth says:

    Speaking about Russell in the past tense and as if he has already been destroyed empowers the communists.
    You may already be defeated, but he isn’t.
    Yes, it’s true… he may be, but at the moment he isn’t, and speaking as if he is, is the mentality that got us into this mess in the first place.
    Remember “fighting” for what is right?
    He isn’t just on Youtube and more people than ever are moving to Rumble and other social media.
    It’s an information /propaganda war and they won’t destroy everyone.
    The web’s a big place.

  22. Buccaneer says:

    One might argue spending time defending Brand at all empowers the communists. There are plenty that need support he is only one and a fickle one at that. This whole episode is not much more than distraction therapy. Not when stories with much bigger implications are being actively marginalised.

  23. jupes says:

    Rumble Rejects UK Government’s Pressure to Demonetize Russell Brand Amidst Allegations

    Wow. The UK government is brazenly acting as though an accusation is the same as a conviction. The rule of law has deteriorated so far in the UK that the government isn’t bothering to hide their totally inappropriate involvement in the persecution of Brand. Unlike Cassie, I can still be shocked and this is shocking.

    Good on Rumble. I’m downloading / signing up today.

  24. Buccaneer says:

    Caroline Dinenage calls herself a conservative politician. Using your position of privilege to remove someone’s freedom of expression and to restrain their trade should be an offense.

  25. NFA says:

    Good on Rumble. I’m downloading / signing up today.

    GAB is probably another place worth considering also jupes

  26. John of Mel says:

    One might argue spending time defending Brand at all empowers the communists. There are plenty that need support he is only one and a fickle one at that.

    I’m not sure about this. His value is in his lefty “credentials”. He reached an audience that no pundit on the right could have reached. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of lefties and normies red-pilled by watching his podcasts, judging by the comments on his channel.

  27. Lee says:

    If we are going to judge and condemn prominent people for their alleged sexual misbehaviour, then compared with Brand, someone like Bill Clinton would already be in jail.

    Of course, being on the side that Clinton is, that is never going to happen.

  28. Lee says:

    Caroline Dinenage calls herself a conservative politician. Using your position of privilege to remove someone’s freedom of expression and to restrain their trade should be an offense.


    I don’t care what she calls herself, she is no “conservative.”

    No so-called conservative or right-winger would do the left’s dirty work for them.

  29. Fat Tony says:

    What struth says:
    21 September, 2023 at 10:03 am

  30. and says:

    What Fat Tony says:
    21 September, 2023 at 1:07 pm

  31. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Unlike Cassie, I can still be shocked and this is shocking.”

    Darling Jupes (I can call Jupes that, I’m lucky enough to know both him and Mrs Jupes), how can you be shocked by anything the spineless, stupid effing UK Conservatives do? They’re no different to our very own spineless, cowering, craven stupid effing Liberals and Nationals here (bar Price, Canavan, Rennick, Antic, and Pitt and one or two others).

    Just remember, our very own Liberals and Nationals supported a senate motion in February 2020 to censor Bettina Arndt for her free speech. Oh and further to Arndt, the new NSW Liberal leader, Mark Sleazeman, back in January 2020, when Arndt was awarded her Australia Day gong which set off the subsequent lynching, sent a letter to the Australia Day council asking that ‘Arndt be stripped of her award‘. Yep, you read that right.

    Remember Morrison trashing the presumption of innocence by “apologising” to Higgins in parliament? Guilty, guilty, guilty, who needs a judicial system!

    Remember that mediocrity Karen Andrews banishing Katie Hopkins for her words?

    I could go on, the list of corpses is long…

    Craig Kelly
    George Christenson
    Gerard Rennick
    Pauline Hanson
    Moira Deeming – called a “Nazi” by a Liberal Leader

    Our Liberal Party, just like the UK Conservatives, don’t give a rat’s arse about free speech or the presumption of innocence. And this is why, as I’ve written here and on DB’s blog, nobody should vote for them. There’s an election next month in NZ, the supposedly right of centre Nationals are projected to win but do you reckon they’ll do anything to change/wind back any of the damage that the last six years of NZ Labor have done? Nup, and this is why I wouldn’t bother voting for them, just like here I won’t be voting Liberals, and why, as Nigel Farage says, the UK Conservatives need to be eliminated, annihilated and extinguished….for eternity!

    Nothing shocks me anymore.

  32. Franx says:

    So why is Brand in the gun now.
    It’s not his anti covid past. Too late.
    A variant?
    Anti Starmer?

  33. Rabz says:

    Using your position of privilege to remove someone’s freedom of expression and to restrain their trade should be an offense

    It is certainly offensive.

  34. struth says:

    What John of Mel says:

  35. Old School Conservative says:

    I note that the BBC has immediately fired all staff who facilitated Brand’s behaviour by hiring him, promoting him, and putting his product before the viewers.
    Not to mention the major actions to be taken against the BBC who enabled Brand’s lasciviousness by organising and funding a car to take a young woman to his place.

    Oh, wait……

  36. Old School Conservative says:

    It’s not his anti covid past

    Didn’t he recently do a Jon Stewart show in which he eviscerated the new Pfizer and Moderna billionaires?

  37. It’s not his anti covid past

    It may be given someone spun up a proper documentary to bring the issue to the fore.

  38. MatrixTransform says:

    Russell Brand’s signal is noisy and personally I used to find it hard to listen to.

    I don’t seek his videos out but the missus does from time to time so I get listen while do other things.

    When you have to find a way to filter out the noise, turns out the signal is very strong.

    I have much more time for Brand these days.

    Besides, if they’re bitching about him then it’s because he’s right on target

    He can also be wickedly funny … strength to his arm

  39. Old Lefty says:

    We have the same double standard here. Funny how no one apart from Gerard Henderson, Bill Thompson and Eric Abetz ever presses the ABC about its pederast casting couch exposed by the Jon Stephens conviction. And any old rocker will talk in private about the green room and after parties at the ABC studios in Elsternwick in the glory days of the 70s and 80s, but no one dares go on the record.

    And then we had the Gillard-McClellan sham royal commission: don’t mention government schools and agencies – mustn’t upset the public-sector unions – and above all, don’t mention The Wall: mustn’t upset the gays.

  40. C.L. says:

    O.L., I’d like to see Dutton announce a second RC into government schools.

    There is solid foundation for doing so – as recent inquiries in Tasmania and Victoria demonstrate.

  41. Jannie says:

    I have only ever watched one Russel Brand video, an interview with Vivek Ramaswamy. I understand he was a showbiz whore in the past, but he has had something of an epiphany, and condemns his “promiscuous past”. Whatever, its not about the man, its about application of Common Law.

    Dunno Mantaray, I think he is probably a bit upset about losing his income, and the baying of the dogs at his front door.

  42. Mantaray says:

    Sorry to say…I already nailed EVERYTHING in my first post way up the top…5.33am FFS.

    Brand went to Rumble ‘coz this was in the pipeline. Rumble has told the UK govt to f Off. Brand expected this……….this will take 5 seconds, and now The Blob is nonplussed. brand is already rich, and will surely ‘soldier on’.

  43. Tel says:

    … brand is already rich, and will surely ‘soldier on’.

    Let’s see how he rich he feels when his bank account accidentally-on-purpose stops operating. He can go down the Local and ask Farage to shout for beers.

  44. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “brand is already rich, and will surely ‘soldier on’.”

    soldier on” from rape and sexual assault allegations? Very glib words. I don’t think he’ll ever recover.

    As for being “already rich“….watch his bank accounts empty as he spends millions on legal fees. Just ask Kevin Spacey or Bruce Lehrmann.

    By the way, Bruce Lehrmann, within days of The Project interview on Ten was dismissed from his job, months and months before any charges were laid, so much for “presumption of innocence”. Lehrmann hasn’t worked since, apart from some helping a mate’s father cut down trees in northern Tasmania.

    So much for “already“.

  45. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Tel says:
    22 September, 2023 at 7:45 am”

    Indeed. And given the nefarious, spineless, toady UK conservative government, given one in slag in their ranks has already sent a letter to Rumble requesting they demonetise Brand’s Rumble platform, I suspect we’ll hear about Brand’s UK bank accounts being closed very shortly.

    * Oh and Rumble’s letter in response to the UK Tory slag who petitioned them to close Brand’s rumble advertising stream was a master class in how to fight the left.

  46. Ragu Namatjira Bennelong Schwab says:

    Brand, Guiliani and, Tim Ballard all accused on the same day (or near enough) of sex crimes.

    The ding bats making these claims are setting back relations between the sexes and diminishing any actual claims.

    What’s next, FitzSimons saying A. Jones looked lustfully at his cutlass?

  47. struth says:

    “soldier on” from rape and sexual assault allegations? Very glib words. I don’t think he’ll ever recover.

    It’s like the word “racist”
    Just a single letter change and it’s going the same way.
    Overused by the left to the point of….yawn…. being meaningless.

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