The Good Tucker

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  1. NFA says:


  2. jupes says:

    Nevertheless, the anti-Murdoch brigade were very worried when Emmanuel Goldstein, sorry, Rupert Murdoch, announced his retirement. However, they didn’t have to fret for long. Tony Abbott is a ready-made replacement!

  3. NFA says:

    I wonder if Turball kills his cat on the news of Abbot’s appointment to the Fox Corpse.

    Rudd will be calling for 2 Royal Omissions!

  4. Lee says:

    Abbott has picked up the bad habit of several PMs by publicly embarrassing himself.

  5. Christine says:

    He’s a mixed bag

  6. C.L. says:

    His address to the Danube Institute (published in the Weekend Australian) is delusional – bordering on a disgrace. Basically, he calls for – and cheers – endless war in Ukraine, no matter how many more tens of thousands are killed, and proposes that “every inch” of territory be re-taken from Russia. This is not going to happen. At some level, somebody so intelligent must know it’s not going to happen.

  7. NFA says:

    Abbot the neo-con.

  8. NFA says:

    Like a lot of things Abbot ‘spoke’ I’m still waiting for him to ‘shirt-front’ Putin.

  9. NFA says:

    And ‘stop the boats’!

    They fly in now but we don’t know who is coming – privacy!

  10. twostix says:

    It’s a long life after politics and the only people paying non communists are hedge funds and the war machine.

    Man’s gotta eat, what, do we expect him to get an actual job?

  11. twostix says:

    He’s going to offer his Very Empowered Tough As Men daughters to fight in ww3 him and his mates are trying so hard to start, isn’t he.

  12. Eyrie says:

    Can’t these washed up useless politicians just disappear from public life, STFU and live on their generous parliamentary pensions?
    Abbott is just embarrassing himself and proving how gutless and useless he he is and was.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Fox and Newscorp are plummeting leftward at an increasing rate. Latest is WSJ:

    This conservative is canceling his subscription to the Wall Street Journal (22 Sep)

    But aside from good investigative work and the opinion page, the Journal has deteriorated. The writing is increasingly hackneyed and littered with millennial colloquialisms. You can almost see the bosses gathered in a conference room scheming to get more silly slang into the writing in order to attract, they think, the next generation of readers.

    My biggest beef with the Journal is that the steak of real news is now overwhelmed by the sizzle of leftism. While the opinion pages remain mostly conservative, the news pages have drifted the other way.

    For example, the Journal’s news reports often reach for an excuse to weave in global warming. Their reports will suggest that practically any weather event – hot or cold, drought or flood, hurricanes or the absence of them – is due to global warming.

    Heck, you can’t read the reviews by the wine critic without seeing an unsupported mention of the effects of global warming on grapes. I anticipate a headline along the lines of “Global Warming Ends World; Wine Snobs Suffer Most.”

    Then there’s what used to be called “diversity, equity and inclusion”

    Same goes for the Oz and the Tele. Sky News is still resisting, but how long can they do so is a sad question.

  14. Shy Ted says:

    And Friedeggburger is the new Chair of Goldman Sachs, which is where the real power lies.

  15. Rabz says:

    Can’t these washed up useless politicians just disappear from public life, STFU and live on their generous parliamentary pensions?

    It would be nice if they did. Although I’d rather live in a world where we didn’t have to put up with their vainglorious stupidity and incompetence in the first place.

    Abbott reduced to selling wars door to door. What a bald headed flog.

  16. Rabz says:

    Friedeggburger is the new Chair of Goldman Sachs

    Although he had to sacrifice his “political career” to do so.

    I await Kroges bemoaning this as a terrible loss to Australian public life.

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