Oh please. The NRL Integrity Unit is prissier than what passes for an on-field ‘fight’ these days.
  Besides, Peter V’landys (as Simon Cowell) insists Walsh is “the Justin Bieber of rugby league.”
  Entry to a Philadelphia baseball game has been denied to one fan’s emotional support alligator.
  But for a tectonic incident 25m years ago, New Zealand would have been a lot more annoying.

In the end it was the strident advocacy of novice CLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price that pushed the Nationals to oppose the voice first; she shot to prominence as a voice for marginalised Indigenous communities, so has provided a human shield for staunch opponents in a divisive debate.

Chris Kenny channels his inner New York Yacht Club

  Senator for California and former San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein has died. She was 90.
  A substitute who must be black and have a vagina will be chosen by Governor Gavin Newsom.
  China’s man in the Pentagon, Mark Milley, retires today after four catastrophic years in charge.
  The man who armed the Taliban has taken adequate safety precautions against Donald Trump.

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  1. Roger W says:

    Chris Kenny has become a joke.
    As for the disappeared Zealandia, I blame climate change.

  2. Roger W says:

    Or maybe Feinstein disappeared Zealandia. She apparently could move mountains and is certainly old enough.
    As for her replacement, assuming a woman has a vagina is sooo last century of CL and, going on the ginger haired, freckle faced people claiming aboriginal descent, I’m not sure a colour description would be much use.

  3. Entropy says:

    I do think it is true that the National Party would not have decided to oppose The Voice but for Price, and subsequently that meant the Liberal Party as well. I have a very low regard for the policy nous of Littleproud, and the infestation of policy free, principle free wets in both parties would never have supported the policy positions otherwise.

  4. calli says:

    Wallis Sparkles for Senator!

  5. NFA says:

    ‘Sad-Sack’ Milley will be retiring to his Chinese Dachau for his safety from Trump then?

  6. NFA says:

    Contra ‘kackles’ Kenny check this article at Brownstone Institute,

    Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Woman By Ramesh Thakur.
    Price is a threat to the city-based power structures because she rejects the moral foundations on which the existing Aboriginal industry has been created. She is prepared to articulate an alternative moral framework as the pathway to genuine reconciliation and eventual union. This is why veteran Australian journalist Paul Kelly’s takeaway from the NPC address was: “Australia’s elites are in the process of being administered a huge shock.”

  7. Wally Dalí says:

    Not Aotearoaia?
    Some paleogeology wonk gonna have to resign over that fumble.

  8. Christine says:

    Referendum pleas might not get any more desperate –
    the moment Kenny clutched the memory of the America’s Cup win.
    A wretched plea; an indication of nervous exhaustion.

  9. Buccaneer says:

    Someone point out to Chris Kenny that the Americas cup is a relic of colonialism and therefore he is an insensitive sod.

  10. C.L. says:

    “Like all firebrands, he has gone too far at times, and has had to recalibrate.”

    – Chris Kenny on Noel Pearson

    “Sometimes he goes too far, and he’s the first one to admit it.”

    – The Photographer to Capt. Willard on Colonel Kurtz

  11. Christine says:

    “an insensitive sod”
    ha ha ha

  12. Rabz says:

    Kenny is certainly in for rude shock in a couple of weeks time.

    His sanctimonious and increasingly hysterical advocacy of the screeech has been pitiful.

  13. and says:

    Not sure if this is made up. Is this made up? 🙂

    To the Senate Inquiry

    I am currently unavailable for your kind questions. I have been called to a pressing consultancy job. The Luftwaffe is creating a new wing for gays only – the Puftwaffe. On completing this assignment, I tink I will be swinging by Acapulco for some hols. I envisage that at some point – as yet undetermined – I will return to Australia, at which time – as yet undetermined – I would be more than happy to fit you into my understandably very busy schedule. In the meantime, happy inquiring.

    The Lepercorn

  14. JC says:

    ■ China’s man in the Pentagon, Mark Milley, retires today after four catastrophic years in charge.
    ■ The man who armed the Taliban has taken adequate safety precautions against Donald Trump.

    He’s one person you can say the visual agrees with what comes out his mouth.

    Milley looks stupid. My first impression when I saw him in a pic or vid was that he looks like a stupid person.

  15. and says:

    P.S. To whom it may concern. If Dan Andrews is required for any questioning… about anytink, he’ll be unavailable because he’s with me. We’re both very busy… and unavailable.

  16. NFA says:

    Greetings Lepercorn,

    Mate… don’t concern yourself with any Senate Inquiry. You and Dan haf a gut time… say g’day to Klaus for me.

    Yours in Solidarity
    The Emperor

  17. Tony Taylor says:

    Who got to Zealandia first?

  18. Buccaneer says:

    Re the Dianne Feinstein thing, how exactly do the undead die? Did they bring in the exorcist or something?

  19. Riversutra says:

    The NRL Integrity Unit…..must be sooo happy they have found something/anything to justify their salaries.
    Formed in 2013
    The NRL has today committed to:
    – The establishment of a fully resourced NRL Integrity Unit;
    – Conduct an audit and establish a register of personnel supplying performance services to players and or NRL Clubs;
    – Sanctioning any Club or player found to have concealed information in relation to a breach of the NRL Anti-Doping Policy;

    – Requiring team doctors to review any instance where supplements, substances or other procedures may have been administered without the prior approval of the team doctor;
    – Introducing centralised testing for illicit substances to complement existing club programs.
    10 years later….he said a bad word!!!!!
    Bureaucratic empires can only expand.

  20. C.L. says:

    These sports ‘integrity units’ – which I detest – were set up as pseudo-judicial bodies to mete out punishment to players who hadn’t broken the law but had become PR and sponsor ‘problems’ owing to harassment from the media.

  21. Lee says:

    ■ A substitute who must be black and have a vagina will be chosen by Governor Gavin Newsom.

    There are not enough incompetent or radical black women in the Democrat Party, or as White House spokeswomen?

    ■ China’s man in the Pentagon, Mark Milley, retires today after four catastrophic years in charge.

    The treasonous POS should be in a federal prison.
    And probably would be had he done what he did under a Democrat admin.

  22. NFA says:

    Bloody Collingwood!!!… Brisbane was Robbed!!!… Bloody Umpires!!!

    What time does the NRL start?

  23. C.L. says:

    Actionable comments re Mr Joyce deleted.

    Please, people, no.

  24. Entropy says:

    Did no one point out to Kenny that the yacht Australia 11 that won the America’s cup had a secret keel that was not unveiled until after the race was won?

  25. Fat Tony says:

    Apologies C.L.

  26. Tony Taylor says:

    A sport’s integrity unit exists to make sure the sport doesn’t commit any integrity.

  27. Albos Toss says:

    Go the Broncos

  28. NFA says:

    There is a conspiracy against Brisbane Football teams!

  29. NFA says:

    It was Palaszczuk’s fault that both Brisbane teams, AFL and NRL, lost… by 4 points.

    Coincidence?… I don’t think so!

  30. Franx says:

    Meanwhile, the poor bastard who is the universal soldier is left to fight another day or to die today in a ditch. Such is the nature of the game.

  31. C.L. says:

    😠 What a game.

  32. Franx says:

    There are games and then there are games.

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