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Synod this: Francis is seen by the faithful as an angry old crank

Aldo Maria Valli notices reality: Empty square and exhausted rituals – The Death of a pontificate.

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The never-ending suffering of contemporary Australian women

I had a bad experience at the mechanic. After talking to other women, it seems I’m not alone.

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The Tony Burke Defence used to be called the Dresden Defence

Martin Kramer on the equivalency claimed, and vigorously dismissed, at the Einsatzgruppen Trial. A city is bombed for tactical purposes… In these operations it inevitably happens that nonmilitary persons are killed. This is an incident, a grave incident to be … Continue reading

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Vote 1: Chris Minns

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You’re Welcome

An oppressed Wiradjuri man returns home from Denmark to give an oration at the ANU: I drink from a bubbler and I give thanks for running water. That’s the measure of history, we have running water now. Thank you colonisation.” … Continue reading

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Army of Albos

The feminist Minister for Social Services wants to take over the character formation of boys: Lesson 1: When girls are abducted and raped, don’t say both sides are to blame – like the ALP.

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ABC is now laundering antisemitic blood libels through NGOs

As war rages between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian children are dying in staggering numbers. Is the killing of almost 1,000 children a week self-defence? That’s a question that leaders around the world are going to need to contemplate in coming … Continue reading

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As invaders sack France, fille aînée de l’Église ponders suicide

Doomed nation: Macron plans to make abortion an ‘irreversible’ constitutional right in France.

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Enoch Powell FTW

Technically ‘citizens’ or not, none of the tea-towel terrorists in Ngô’s London videos are British. Meanwhile, the BBC promotes ethnic cleansing: Muslim farmer wants more diverse rural visitors. People in the UK from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME) … Continue reading

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Labor, the media and you-know-who get the band back together

Brittany Higgins issues a powerful statement after Bruce Lehrmann is named as ‘high–profile Australian’ charged with rape. He fires back with legal threat after she made one crucial error. I’d just note if Ms Higgins is going to try and … Continue reading

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The home of Ferguson, Milligan and Willacy wants some proof

Keating declines to sign former PMs’ joint statement supporting Israel and condemning Hamas. Earlier ABC: New assessments point to rocket failure in Gaza hospital blast but questions remain.

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In 2278 words, the baffled Irish Examiner can’t identify a motive

In post-Christian Ireland: The story of Yousef Palani: A homophobic killer who sickened the nation.

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Tingle: Dutton is stoking division by not condemning the Jews

Disturbing lack of bipartisanship on Middle East points to ugly new direction for Australian politics.

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The Rip van Winkle tribe pretends referendum was just a dream

But it wasn’t. Queensland Police Union boss Ian Leavers is therefore free to speak his mind.

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Brendan Kilcoyne on the unmanliness of dressing like a slob

I very much enjoyed Father’s amusing and justified anathematisation of shorts and baseball caps. All my life I’ve enjoyed poring over old photographs of Mum and Dad back in their salad days. Like Fr Brendan, I’m too inexpert to editorialise … Continue reading

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Don’t Upset The Applegarth

Judge’s brutal message to Bruce Lehrmann – as accused rapist’s identity is finally revealed. A cynic might say: ‘I hope Channel Seven paid him, or his solicitors, a lot of money, for the consequences it had on his application, if … Continue reading

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Z-list stars gather for the most unglamorous gala in US history

Lavish scenes as President Biden hosts ritzy state dinner for Anthony Albanese and Jodie Haydon.

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Only rubble remains of BBC after barrister’s reality cannonade

The fake news network took a lemon to an IQ fight with international law whiz Natasha Hausdorff.

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