There are times when an undertaker really has to be on the ball

The potential for a mix-up here is huge: Pelosi to accompany Feinstein’s body home to California.
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6 Responses to There are times when an undertaker really has to be on the ball

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    What’s the problem? After all, both of them will still be voting for the Democrats in twenty years time.

  2. calli says:

    What? No “lying in state” under the Capitol dome like they did with Sicknik? No bowed heads, bent knees, tissues at the ready?

    Clearly no political advantage to be had from such mummery in this instance.

  3. Eyrie says:

    It has been suggested that Feinstein will run for the Senate again in 2024 and win.

  4. Franx says:

    Ah, the imagery, C.L, brilliant, Pelosi being accompanied.

  5. Fat Tony says:

    The Undertker’s instructions:
    Wooden stake through “heart”
    Add 100+kg lead ingots
    Glue & screw the coffin lid down
    Burial at sea in the Marianas Trench

  6. NFA says:

    Senator Feinstein Death Not Expected To Affect Re-election Campaign

    Pensalvaynia elected a dead person (not lurch in the hoodie), majority vote, so Feinstein with the Chinese vote locked in is a certainty.

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