Jacinta The Less

Unlike the Territory’s Boudica of No, her namesake is defined by genitals rather than principles:

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  1. Jannie says:

    Say what you like about Gillard, but she was better than Rudd.

  2. Roger W says:

    How is it Julia suddenly knows what a woman is?

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Kirner lite?

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “she was better than Rudd.”

    In terms of appearance, yes. Her government appeared more functional. But her government was far more left and far more sinister. It was the Gillard government that gifted this country the NDIS, the Gender Equality Act 2012, and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. All three have been catastrophic in numerous ways for this country, economically and socially.

    Julia Gillard was always a hard left Marxist. Ghastly woman.

  5. calli says:

    Define “better”.

    Madness and delusions of grandeur vs. steely determination to cling to power no matter what.

    Both hideous in their own unique and destructive way.

  6. and says:

    “Exclusive attendees” such as Dennis Elbow and Jacinta Melon farewell the Hunchback in style

    Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan among exclusive attendees at Dan Andrews’ farewell party.

  7. Cassie of Sydney says:

    It’s interesting isn’t, comparing the MSM treatment of Jacinta of the Yarra, who loudly and unapologetically proclaims her belief in “equality of outcome”, to the MSM treatment of Jacinta of the Northern Territory, it’s like chalk and cheese.

    I found Jacinta of Victoria’s first statements as premier frightening, I think she’s scarier, much scarier than Dan. And it is a sad indictment of this country that in 2023 a sinister political and very ideological hack like Jacinta Allan can stand up and state her belief in “equality of outcome” and suffer no ridicule and no censure. Nobody blinked, extraordinary. And for a Victorian Labor government, a media, and a progressive class so oddly obsessed with Nazis, I now know why, it dawned on me watching her media conference, because the Nazis also believed in “equality of outcome”, and so all them, from Jacinta Allan down, when they’ve been obsessing about Nazis, they’ve really been talking about themselves. It is now obvious who are the real Nazis. How long before Jacinta of the Yarra launches raids on independent schools and hospitals, a la ACT government?

    I expect to see more “Grampian Nazis” turn up at right-wing events. Melbourne is beginning to look like something out of a sepia coloured Fellini film. A decaying, rotting city. It’s sad. And a reminder, Victoria has three more years of Jacinta of the Yarra, courtesy of fixed, four year terms…..which are a disaster!

  8. Roger W says:

    The left are Nazis?
    Well, the original was the National Socialist Workers Party, after all.

  9. C.L. says:

    JN-P is the left’s worst nightmare, Cassie. She was ‘supposed’ to be on their ‘side.’

  10. Franx says:

    Who is Gillard to welcome anyone. Mere conceit to assume to do so. Allan might mistake the condescension, though.

  11. Franx says:

    Fancy that, a ‘private’ farewell for Mr D Andrews, at the expense and to the exclusion of workers, then, at ‘our’ Trades Hall.

  12. Christine says:

    Albanese looks like an angry monk in that black outfit.

    Ms Gillard wants certain women to have places at decision-making tables.
    But not Jacinta Price.
    She must be ignored, because Gillard and her cronies are wary of criticising her. Leftist women have painted themselves into a corner on that one.
    I like to picture them huddled and silenced for once.

  13. Buccaneer says:

    Gillard was way worse than Rudd, she passed many pieces of legislation that we will suffer for generations. She even scrapped the centrepiece of the Hawke Keating years, the Accord. It was pretty much the only part of their reforms that weren’t John Howard’s agenda.

  14. NFA says:

    NSW Police failure to prosecute Yes campaigners for assault encourages violence against NO poll workers.

  15. Tom Atkinson says:

    It was the Gillard government that gifted this country the NDIS, …

    And gifted us with the prominence of Rob Oakeshott – surely the most painful moment of that 2010 “hung parliament” election.

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