Firsts in America are not as Neil Armstrong as they used to be

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22 Responses to Firsts in America are not as Neil Armstrong as they used to be

  1. NFA says:

    But those Russians are ‘evil’!

  2. Lee says:

    Whoopee doo!

  3. Wally Dalí says:

    Anyone else notice the recent trend of installing so-and-so as the first Openly Gay representative?
    Because, you know, history is littered with lostsa queers who were stuck in the closet, but now it’s the current year and we’re so much more tolerant….

  4. and says:

    … first black lesbian…

    Cue Sir Les. Are you with me?

    “Laphonza”. Really?
    Happy Days.

  5. NFA says:

    The Californication Senator that lives in Maryland and promotes killing humans appointed by a Governor whose related to “catholic” Pelosi and promotes killing people via “the climate changes” crap that his family, and he, made their Getty money from.

    Only in Sodom!

  6. and says:

    It was either Laphonza or the Duchess of Netflix. Maybe Farkle could ditch the artist formerly known as “Prince” and go lesp.

    ‘It’s a shame’: Meghan Markle misses out on US Senate spot.

  7. NFA says:

    But the King of England’s supposed estranged son would be ready for election in 2024.

    Its like The Kennedy!

  8. Lee says:

    The age of meritocracy and judging people by their character is dead, killed by identity and race politics.

  9. Buccaneer says:

    I’m with you Ando, how long before Laphonza jumps the shark? Perhaps Newsome already did?

  10. NFA says:


  11. Riversutra says:

    Hopefully, her and her lesbian partner are raising the 8 yr old adopted child as a trans , well, because that’ll be just the perfect person to represent California.
    Plus she wasn’t born there , like 44% of her new state.
    A match made in Progressive heaven.
    And to think Ronald Regan once was Governor of that state, truly, how times change.

  12. Christine says:

    Black candidates matter, but throw in Lesbian and Laphonza couldn’t lose.

    Goodness, there’ll be no ‘first duchess in Senate’. A cruel blow.
    or maybe it’s a joke

  13. calli says:

    It’s all getting a bit silly, isn’t it?

  14. Tony Taylor says:

    Where ya been, CL? First has been superseded by unprecedented.

  15. Fat Tony says:

    First has been superseded by unprecedented.

    Stunning and brave!! Or is that yesterday’s wank…

  16. Jannie says:

    It’s a triumph for disabled people everywhere.

  17. Tel says:

    Stunning and brave!!

    I predict her first speech will be a bold declaration in opposition to slavery.

  18. C.L. says:

    Pipping Laphonza is Shalanda.

    Her ‘warning’ about the consequences of shutting down the government last week was hilarious.

  19. NFA says:

    Wakadanda Rules

  20. Petros says:

    She’d do well in Tim Blair’s leftist grievance poker.

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