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37 Responses to YOLO RINO FAFO

  1. C.L. says:

    He had one job: to represent the interests of American taxpayers.

    Here he is at work.

  2. Buccaneer says:

    MSNBC McCarthy has a roadmap to survive.

    A few hours later.

    They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, narrative over reality every time.

  3. Fyodor says:

    Matt Gaetz’s Twitter response to that tweet from Kiev Kev was an epic smackdown.

    US politics may be a rolling clusterfuck but it is entertaining.

  4. Alfonso says:

    Matt Gaetz is Biden’s best ally. This idiot and his gang are making the oath for Democrats very easy.

  5. Buccaneer says:

    Saw Gaetz speak, he was peppered with questions but was right about pretty much everything. US voters largely know something has to change, the level of spending can’t go on, $2T deficits now and the alarming rate of increase cannot continue. Failure of the US economy will hurt us all.

  6. Entropy says:

    Huff post reckons it was because he spent all his time pandering to MAGA people and not enough cultivating Democrat support.

  7. C.L. says:

    This pretty much says it all about McCarthy.

  8. Morsie says:

    A RINO will be elected speaker with Dem support.The Dem support will be contingent upon the dropping of the Biden impeachment.
    Whilst McCarthy was less than optimal his replacement will be way worse.

  9. jupes says:

    Whilst McCarthy was less than optimal his replacement will be way worse.

    McCarthy was blocking the subpoena of Hunter’s bank records. Gaetz’s point as I understand it, is that if they are going to have a Dem stooge – McCarthy or whoever – at least have them voted in by the Dems, so the American people know which side they are working for. I understand exactly how he feels.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It’s been interesting watching McCarthy operate. After promising certain things to Gaetz and his colleagues in order to win the Speakership he at first tacked to the MAGA side. And was doing ok. But whenever a situation came up requiring anything substantive he’d immediately default to the elite GOP position. Which is what he did with the continuing resolution.

    Gaetz pressured him and McCarthy pulled Ukraine spending from the 45 day bill..but then did a side deal with the Dems to pass funding for them outside the budgetary process.

    Kapow! Piratical RINO colors hoisted. So Gaetz pulled McCarthy’s finger.

    I was thinking the Dems might support McCarthy, but they seem to’ve decided to take the sugar hit. It’s great fun.

    But the memo to GOP elite peoples is this: if you make a promise, keep it. Bye Kev!

  11. Buccaneer says:

    McCarthy was confident the Dems would scotch this attack from Gaetz, and he’s probably right, strategically, they’ve made a huge mistake here. They’ve made Gaetz a kingmaker and showed the RINOs they can’t rely on the dems to sideline the MAGA team. The dems must be confident Trump is going to jail, cause if it all goes the same way as every other lame stitch up they’ve tried. They will be in all sorts.

  12. Alfonso says:

    Buccaneer: kingmaker of which kingdom? Gaetz can’t bring the GOP vote to anything. McCarthy went down because a few of his gang decided to let the democrats be clown the GOP. There’s an election next year!

  13. Alfonso says:

    PS: if you’re wondering who wins in this check the vote that took McCarthy down: 8 GOP+208 Democrat versus 210 GOP supporting McCarthy

  14. jupes says:

    So, eight members with integrity. It’s a start and much more than in our parliament.

  15. NFA says:

    what jupes says: 4 October, 2023 at 5:52 pm

  16. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Gaetz can’t bring the GOP vote to anything.

    Gaetz is representing about 80% of Republican voters, who back Trump.

    There are two enemies here, and the nearer enemy is the RNC elites.

  17. Petros says:

    Can Trump be speaker at present?

  18. Buccaneer says:

    Alfonso, Gaetz is indeed the kingmaker now, as much as you might not like it. Dems could have been that and probably would have been able to exert more control over McCarthy, that ship just sailed. Dems made it clear they will take the short term chaos for their opponents rather than get outcomes. They only have 45 days extension on the debt ceiling and no republican in their right mind hands their future to the dems.

    Look at who the reps are that make up the dissenters.

  19. Alfonso says:

    Buccaneer: let’s see who becomes king. I think Americans made a choice on that some time back. As for Gaetz, I think his makeup is the only thing holding him together.

  20. Buccaneer says:

    I think you’re a bit confused mate, you’ve switched between kingmaker and king and then transitioned to a lightweight sledge about the guy’s appearance.

    In substitute for you offering an actual argument, I’ll help you out

    Gaetz has clearly upset the establishment Republicans. In the short term he’s stopped their momentum in several areas and essentially given the dems a win, they perhaps didn’t need to give them.

    Gaetz appears to be playing a longer game, one of reducing the influence of the establishment republicans. He’s made the Dems choose, short term sugar hit victory or support the status quo. The dems are going so poorly, they chose the empty sugar hit, but made Gaetz more powerful.

    It’s a play that has plenty of risk for Gaetz, but in the end, there is more risk for both the establishment republicans and the dems. They are the stakeholders beholden to the status quo, upsetting it is more likely to work for Gaetz, and in his mind he has little to lose.

  21. C.L. says:

    There isn’t any risk. Just gain.

    The main game is the presidential election. Nobody is going to remember or care about a parliamentary brawl in 2024.

    But a message has been sent to RINOs who take advantage of their constituents to get elected and then betray them: you will be toppled.

  22. Alfonso says:

    Well, that’s great help Buccaneer. Yet there remains the question: what exactly is Gaetz going to achieve here aside from grandstanding for angry people? If he has support of GOP voters why do 210 of 218 elected reps vote against him while he votes with Dems? This is pathetic. He’s a scammer.

  23. Alfonso says:

    CL: correct. Toppled by Dems. Genius move.

  24. Buccaneer says:

    I think the move would have backfired on Gaetz more if the dems had thrown McCarthy the numbers to survive. Gaetz has showed every prospective Repub speaker that they need to keep their word to survive.

    He’s also popped a mighty big chip in the establishment dam of align with us or else.

  25. NFA says:

    Supreme Emperor Biden cancels $9Billion Student Debt

  26. jupes says:

    McCarthy won’t be running for the Speaker again. Be interesting to see who puts their hat in the ring. Gaetz wants Scalise, so hopefully he runs.

  27. Buccaneer says:

    Scalise is running, so is Jim Jordan

  28. John of Mel says:

    Jim Jordan is compromised.
    He supported McCarthy and “preserved the institutions” as part of another DC show called House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government – à la Benghazi committee (and so many more other conservatives placating shows like it).

    This, from the FBI whistleblower Steve Friend should make anyone still supporting GOP (even the so-called “firebrands”) think twice:

    “While the number of investigations in 2021 almost doubled from 2020 to around 9,000, the number of “full investigations” that led to arrests was only 1,446, not much more than the number of 1,146 January 6 protesters who have been charged with a crime”

    — Steve Friend (@RealStevefriend) October 4, 2023

    Where is @Weaponization? Where is @JudiciaryGOP? This was my life. And all I got was a rotten deposition and 8 hours of sitting through Congressional Democrats call me a conspiracy theorist, traitor, grifter, and partisan hack.

    — Steve Friend (@RealStevefriend) October 4, 2023

    IMHO GOP has eight people only who care about serving American people. The rest of them are either political hacks or severely lack courage to be useful.

  29. Alfonso says:

    GOP will be running a circus event right up to the election. Putting either the sex offender or the David Duke candidate in the role will be a bonus for Dems.

  30. Buccaneer says:

    Biden is building the wall, after saying categorically his admin would never do so. Nothing the Republicans do will ever be a patch on the clown show that is the Biden admin.

  31. Buccaneer says:

    Democrats bypassing environmental reviews to build Trump’s wall is the Bat Signal lighting up because the Joker just escaped Arkham Asylum.

    We all know why this is happening. Biden’s poll numbers are lower than the gutter Hunter Biden woke up in every morning during the 2010s. There isn’t anything Biden can do to make people feel better about the economy. Sending out more stimulus checks won’t do anything except reignite inflation, and, besides, Washington is functionally bankrupt already.

    Oh look, the immigration scam is going bust. ironically, the Biden admin is also now telling us all that environmental controls are largely bollocks at the same time. When black folks in Chicago start threatening to vote for orange man bad, nothing is too difficult for the Biden clown show to actually pretend to act.

    I suppose corrupt lefties like Biden and Albo can always count on the mentally slower members of the vote herd to keep voting for them, hey Alfonso…

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