After signalling openness to ‘blessing’ homosexual couples…

…Pope Francis issues an 8000-word apostolic exhortation on the “unbridled” spoliation of nature.
Hence, “responsibility for God’s earth means that human beings, endowed with intelligence, must respect the laws of nature and the delicate equilibria existing between the creatures of this world.”

– If the Al Gore of Catholicism can bless sodomy, ExxonMobil is well worth a Mass
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23 Responses to After signalling openness to ‘blessing’ homosexual couples…

  1. Lee says:

    The pope comes across as an anti-human Green.

    As for Gore, he is a thoroughly despicable, hypocritical POS.

  2. C.L. says:

    In the “Demos” memorandum, Cardinal Pell lamented the appalling intellectual decline in papal documents under this pope.

    This document is simply an embarrassment. It is an angry rant masquerading as a half-‘scientific’, half- ‘theological’ treatise. (Yes, I have read it). Francis even declares that debate on the AGW theory is now closed. Of its 44 footnotes, 27 are Francis quoting himself.

  3. C.L. says:

    Am watching Arch Vigano’s video, thanks NFA.

    He has a first-rate mind and I admire him tremendously.

    The air quotes at 6:50. 🙂

  4. calli says:

    So many words for a principle simply described as good stewardship.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Still nothing much happening climatewise other than the el Nino weather pattern and the after effects of the Hunga Tonga volcano. Almost all of the warming in the last 50 years is due to the thermohaline cycle and the Sun.

    New study By 20 climate researchers from 12 countries finds UN IPCC IPCC ‘might have substantially underestimated the role of the Sun in global warming’ – Published in journal, Research in Astronomy & Astrophysics (5 Oct)

    Ya reckon? Roughly half of the temperature rise has been due to the Sun, based on several studies, including one by Prof Udipi Rao, who was an astrophysicist who happened also to be the head of the Indian space program. Any wonder the Indians don’t pay much attention to climate rubbish?

  6. Buccaneer says:

    Another author of the study, Dr. Willie Soon, also of the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences, explained:

    “If the IPCC had paid more attention to open-minded scientific inquiry than trying to force a premature ‘scientific consensus’, then the scientific community would be a lot closer to having genuinely resolved the causes of climate change. Hopefully, our new analysis and datasets can help other scientists to get back to doing real climate science.”

    Great article Bruce, this quote caught my eye. Real science indeed..

  7. Tel says:

    ExxonMobile show great respect for the laws of nature … for starters they understand thermodynamics and basic concepts of energy storage and transport … which is something the Pope appears to struggle with. I thought that educating yourself and understanding how the physical world operates was something that God wanted us to do. That’s what I used to be hearing from the Christians … although it is a bit difficult to go and check for yourself what God wants.

  8. and says:

    Frankie Goes To Follywood

  9. Entropy says:

    and says:
    5 October, 2023 at 10:10 pm
    Being frank by Frank

    Pope Francis rebukes ‘irresponsible’ US on climate change compared to China, says world’s at ‘breaking point’.

    gobsmacking useful idiocy on full display.

  10. C.L. says:

    So many words for a principle simply described as good stewardship.

    For the left, the trouble with the old stewardship idea of conservation – whose American pioneer was, in some respects, Theodore Roosevelt – was that it didn’t have sufficient revolutionary or Marxist content. For left-wing extremists, there must always be an overthrow – of capitalism, markets, rationality, competition, technology, patriarchy, wage disparity, whatever.

    My point here is that ‘nature’ cannot be upheld as a living existential principle in the environmental realm but only when it suits us in the sexual and moral realm. Homosexuals are simply people – they are not the worst of a bad bunch (the bunch being all of us) – and heterosexuals who think they are ought to be very careful. But their sexual praxis (as distinct from their orientation) cannot be held to be equivalent to heterosexual praxis for specious ‘pastoral’ reasons.

    The timing of these papal utterances (to say nothing of their intent) – one about ‘blessings’ and one about condemning the abuse of nature – reveals a man in wilful thrall to a secular hierarchy of ideologies, rather than to the overarching truth. This goes to the heart of Cardinal Pell’s critique of what he called the Bergoglio catastrophe.

  11. calli says:

    reveals a man in wilful thrall to a secular hierarchy of ideologies

    The need to be popular with the “right” people. Getting along in the world. And he has, hasn’t he?

    Old saints like the late Cardinal Pell would call it wanting the crown without the cross. He knew what that was all about and didn’t shy away from it.

  12. Christine says:

    It’s becoming impossible to accept Pope Francis as the Holy Father.
    I must go back and refresh on why he was chosen.

  13. NFA says:


    That Vigano video was by Struth.

    We like Vigano.

  14. Tel says:

    If the Pope loves nature in it’s pure and untouched format … then he should walk everywhere he goes … actually walk barefoot, and naked, and he should only eat wild berries, that he can pick with his own hands … then go back home to his tree and sleep curled up between two branches.

    Sounds extreme but my advice to the Pope is … dude … your immortal soul is at risk here, so don’t get hung up with material things at a time like this. Every day you put this off, Nature is getting more and more upset with you … do you really want to take that gamble?!?

  15. C.L. says:

    …he should walk everywhere he goes…

    He eschewed limousines from the start and insists on silly little cars – regardless of how dangerous these are to himself and his security detail. The important thing is to advertise one’s humility.

  16. Franx says:

    The important thing is to advertise one’s humility.

    Yes, while feting the likes of the Clintons in the splendour of the Vatican while the poor get to receive a visit on their reserve.

    About the exhortation – recalling that Bishop Schneider has referred to the ‘deep church’ as a ‘chaplaincy’ to the corrupt globalists, the following excerpt supports that view, and more:

    59. If there is sincere interest in making COP28 a historic event that honours and ennobles us as human beings, then one can only hope for binding [enforced] forms of energy transition that meet three conditions: that they be efficient, obligatory and readily monitored [as in variations of lockdowns]. This, in order to achieve the beginning of a new process marked by three requirements: that it be drastic, intense and count on the commitment of all [as in an altogether new world order, one that is policed for universal compliance].That is not what has happened so far, and only a process of this sort can enable international politics to recover its credibility, since only in this concrete manner will it be possible to reduce significantly carbon dioxide levels and to prevent even greater evils over time.

  17. NFA says:

    Here’s an idea the far left are sure to love; let’s set the tax rate to the same level as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The more it goes up, the more we pay. That’s fair enough, right? (Shhh – nobody tell them that the current CO2 level is 0.04 percent, so we’d be paying $24 tax on $60,000 incomes!) One Tooth Wally, Cairns North

  18. C.L. says:

    Nicely spotted and highlighted, Franx.

  19. Christine says:

    Franx’s “visit on their reserve”
    This is what it’s come to.

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