Lady columnist once saw an Aboriginal ‘township’ on television

Tony Abbott only “claims” to care, says Laura Tingle, who also slams the media’s “false balance.”
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  1. NFA says:

    Shorter Tingle Voice – “‘No’ supporters and voters need deprogramming”.

  2. and says:

    Indigenous voice to parliament division was predicted by former High Court chief justice Harry Gibbs.

    A three-decade old warning sounded by former high court chief justice Harry Gibbs on the dangers of enshrining special rights for ­Aboriginal people in the Constitution has been seized upon by the Coalition as evidence a successful referendum next Saturday would permanently divide the nation.

    Gibbs, chief justice from 1981 to 1987, was deeply concerned about the potential for the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians to split the nation along racial lines.

    He predicted in the early 1990s that “the constitutional debate in Australia is only beginning” and warned of the need to protect the nation’s founding document from any future changes based on “self-interest, political expediency, mere fashion or sentimentality”.

    As founding president of the Samuel Griffith Society, established in 1992, Gibbs wrote Australia Day messages to members and, in 1993, one year after the Mabo case, he expressed alarm that even a simple statement ­recognising Indigenous Australians in the Constitution could have far-reaching consequences.

    “The most dangerous change that could be made would be to ­include in the constitution a provision giving special rights to the Aboriginal people,” he said.

    “One proposal seems to be to include in the constitution a provision recognising the Aboriginal people as the indigenous inhabitants of Australia, or providing for a treaty with them; but anyone who has seen how constitutional courts appear to be able to conjure great constitutional principles from thin air will know that even simple and innocuous words, intended to do no more than improve the relations between the Aboriginal people and other Australians, could be held to be the basis of substantial rights and liabilities – as perhaps some of the advocates of a change of this kind are well aware.”

    Gibbs warned that “nothing could do more to divide the Australian nation than a constitutional change that gave the Aboriginal people special rights and privileges based solely on race”.

    “The Aboriginal people, like all other peoples in Australia, are not a uniform group. Some have successfully integrated into 20th ­century society; others are successfully living a traditional mode of life, albeit a modified one; ­others unfortunately are greatly in need of help, which various governments have tried without much success to give them,” he said.  

    “Those in need should be succoured, but that does not mean that all those who are of Aboriginal race should be given special constitutional rights which would not be enjoyed by other Australians, even by those in equal need.”

    Gibbs, who died in 2005, said it was important to “ensure that any change that is made benefits Australia, and that arguments based on self-interest, political expediency, mere fashion or sentimentality are exposed and rejected”.

    The comments made when Paul Keating was prime minister have been seized upon by the ­Coalition as a prescient warning of the current polarisation caused by the voice.

    Despite the warning from Gibbs about constitutional recognition, the Coalition has pledged to take the nation to a second referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution if the voice fails and Peter Dutton wins the next federal election.

    Opposition legal affairs spokeswoman, Michaelia Cash, told The Weekend Australian that Gibbs’ insights were as ­“relevant today as they were 30 years ago”.

    “He explicitly warned how granting constitutional rights on the basis of race would permanently divide our country,” she said. “He recognised that we should aid our Indigenous brothers and sisters on the basis of need, but should reject division on the basis of race.

    “His comments could not be clearer: there is nothing simple or modest about the proposal for a voice. It is precisely the type of change that is ‘most dangerous’ to our system of government.”

    Senator Cash also said it was “sad that Harry Gibbs’ insights have been lost on those advocating for yes. But I have tremendous faith in the Australian people, and hope that they recognise the wisdom of his approach on referendum day.”

    The Yes campaign was contacted for comment.


    Joe Kelly in The Australian

  3. and says:

    If “Yes” doesn’t get up, Droll Pearson reckons it’s because Strines are untrustworthy; Strines have let us down.

    “If we are repudiated, then we are going to have to wear responsibility for that,” Pearson says of the thoughts now bearing down on him. “I’m going to have to. I will forever wear responsibility for having cajoled and encouraged my people to put faith in their fellow Australians. And I don’t know how I’m going to handle that”.

  4. emmachisit says:

    “If we are repudiated, then we are going to have to wear responsibility for that,” Pearson says of the thoughts now bearing down on him. “I’m going to have to. I will forever wear responsibility for having cajoled and encouraged my people to put faith in their fellow Australians. And I don’t know how I’m going to handle that”

    Just f**k off back to your tribal home (not Noosa) and listen to your people for a short while e.g. 20 years, which is nothing compared to 65k

  5. Christine says:

    Tingle seems angry, on her lofty perch.

    It must be some struggle for Pearson to contain his fury.
    These people are used to getting their way.

  6. C.L. says:

    Katharine Murphy is angrier.

    They’re angry because they’re supposed to win the culture wars.

  7. Buccaneer says:

    I can make pseudo witty insults too, Katharine Murphy is the exploding diahorrea of journalism, there!

  8. twostix says:

    I absolutely love it when commo’s start using the words “electoral oblivion” and “will become a rump”, etc when they’re hyperventilating about the non communist oppo party leader.

    It means we’re about to have a landslide to a reactionary culture warrior.

    And each time that happens we move further right than last time. Which is why they’re in a panic.

  9. C.L. says:

    Apropos of rumps, obviously she didn’t see Labor’s primary vote in the last Newspoll.

  10. Lee says:

    Never forget that Turnbull was secretly actively in cahoots (while a Liberal PM!) with Murphy and The Guardian to get the latter started up in Australia.

    Possibly the biggest act of bastardry by a PM against his own party in Australian history.

  11. Mantaray says:

    CL…and many many others….

    Every time I ask for a little more respect to be given to the masses, what I get from people on this blog are claims that Aussies are cowards, idiots, gutless etc etc….and that they are totally subjugated by their fear ..when in reality wokeness in all it’s forms is generally rejected and mocked. The left is, and always will be, losing the culture wars ‘coz they are stupid.

    BTW: Don’t the ever-plummeting ABC / SBS etc ratings tell you this already?

    So, here we are with the referendum: the left doing all it’s usual gaslighting, and failing yet again to convince any sane person that racism is best…. as they failed with their Covid BS (how many really got jabbed?) and with their trans nonsense (never yet seen a tranny in a shopping centre in the ‘burbs or rural town ever, nor on the street in Sydney), and with their climate change malarkey (on my morning strolls I see three fossil-fueled vehicles at every house, and my home town is PACKED with school-holiday visitors who flew in)…….

    Look Ladsters, just stop with the endless insulting of our fellow Aussies because they sometimes get bashed and threatened and coerced and cajoled into partial submission. Many (most?) Aussies are waaay smarter than a lot here give them credit for!

  12. Bwana Sahul says:

    when in reality wokeness in all it’s forms is generally rejected and mocked. The left is, and always will be, losing the culture wars ‘coz they are stupid.

    Take a look around at what is going on. The populace may, in the majority, be rejecting left ideology, but that doesn’t mean Jack because it is being legislated piece by piece.

  13. Mantaray says:

    Bwana. Maybe. So we should stick to going after the ringleaders of the plot to enslave us all…..not going after the ones whom they are trying to enslave.

    Incidentally: how’d the laws concerning an Aboriginal Voice go in WA just recently? Or.. Where is f’wit ScoMo, f’wit Greg Hunt etc etc vs Novak Djokovic, the hero THEY tried to destroy?

    The thing Bwana is to not mistake dumbarses’ feeble attempts at tyranny with successful attempts. Nothing to fear but fear itself, etc!

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