On the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, more of the same

We are at war, not in an operation, not in rounds of fighting — at war. I instructed a wide-scale call for reserves to respond militarily at an intensity and scale that the enemy has not known before. The enemy will pay a price they have never paid before.”

– Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu announces the start of operation ‘Swords of Iron’
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  1. C.L. says:

    Ongoing news and developments at Avi’s:


  2. NFA says:

    Pray For Israel
    October 7, 2023 | Menagerie

  3. C.L. says:

    In Qatar, the leader of Hamas and his fellow animals watch and giggle on TV before taking to the floor to worship their moon god.



  4. Tel says:

    President Mahmoud Abbas made a deal with China in June this year … obtaining a promise from Xi, that China will pave the way for a new Palestinian state to be recognized by the UN … thus a major step towards the “Two State Solution” much talked about.

    Take note that this deal in no way included Hamas … who were not represented at the discussion and presumably will not get a seat at the UN.

    There’s been a long list of small push and shove incidents, while the world was more interested in Ukraine. Of course, there’s a similar long list every year … and no I don’t think that Wiki is an entirely neutral unbiased source, but at least it gives an overview of the type of stuff going on. The reader can put his/her own spin on each incident as appropriate.

    I doubt anyone expected it to quite blow up this much so quickly … I’m sure that Israel will retaliate very severely. Ultimately Hamas should know they can’t win. At the end of this, perhaps Abbas will generally offer to look after Gaza … you know … keep da peace n at.

  5. C.L. says:

    I remember when there was talk of Israel completely wiping out Iran’s fledgling nuclear program – or at least all of its constituent infrastructure. This should have been done. If Tehran gets a nuclear weapon, they won’t necessarily use it – knowing full well they would thereafter cease to exist – but it will purchase for them a regional suzerainty that will be impossible to effectively counter.

    The ‘West’ used to be quite ruthless about these sorts of calculations; that was based on the belief that its system of governance and justice was superior – period – and that no quarter was morally necessary. The disappearance of that self-belief and the impossibility of reviving it (owing to immigration and leftist brainwashing) means that it’s very likely that Hamas-style assaults on the natives of Europe and elsewhere are going to become a norm. If your society no longer believes in anything – while swamping itself with ‘immigrants’ who really really do believe in something (violently) – you will become a Middle Easternised tribe of nihilistic hostages. That’s not coming. We’re there.

  6. Rabz says:

    The enemy will pay a price they have never paid before

    Beware Israelis caught “off guard”.

  7. Rabz says:

    BTW, CL – magnificent drawing of the Netanyahu.

  8. Jannie says:

    I don’t know. I see too many pictures of corpses of women and children lying in the smoking rubble of blocks of flats. I see a picture of an Israeli girl being dragged away by some screaming thugs, and my warrior soul rages. I see a Palestinian apartment block going down like 911 and my eyes well up like a child. WTF.

  9. rosie says:

    I’m reasonably confident the Palestinian apartment buildings were correctly targeted as essential buildings to hamas operations and any civilians were well away as soon as the attacks were launched.
    Of course there will be genuine civilian deaths in Gaza, the blame must be laid correctly, at the feet of hamas terrorists.

  10. Franx says:

    Well, given the deceptions that abound, what remains is the plight of the ordinary Palestinian Muslims and the ordinary Palestinian Christian, and also the ordinary Jewish settlers in occupied territories.

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