A-G MIA: He hasn’t said a word about terror attacks or Lakemba

Community organisations like the Lebanese Muslim Association are delivering extremely worthwhile projects. These include leadership and educational activities, supported by the Building Community Resilience grants program, which empower young people to engage with and contribute positively to Australian society.

As the Building Community Resilience grants program is a highly successful initiative, I am delighted that we will be launching another grants round in the coming weeks.

Using money he gave it, the Lebanese Muslim Association is celebrating the weekend holocaust.
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  1. C.L. says:

    At the time of posting, the Jewish (?) Attorney-General hasn’t issued a statement on the weekend atrocities or condemned what occurred in NW Sydney.

    He meh re-tweeted Wong’s and Albo’s tweets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As for the PM’s Lakemba address, it’s something out of wacko-world…

    Thanks to Sheikh Wessam Charkawi for his introduction and to Uncle John for his smoking ceremony.

    I would also like to acknowledge Imam Shadi Alsuleiman, President of the Australian National Imams Council, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad, Grand Mufti of Australia, Hafez Alamadine, President of the Lebanese Muslim Association and Sheikh Yahya Safi, Imam of Lakemba Mosque.

    It’s such an honour to join you all here in this holy place.

    Next weekend’s referendum on the Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will be unifying moment for our country.

    I am deeply moved by just how strongly the Muslim community of Australia has got behind it.

    Earlier this year it was a high school teacher, Saja Alam, who put it so perfectly when she explained to SBS why being a Muslim means being an ally for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. She said, ‘To be a Muslim is to stand for justice.’

    As the angry LMA made plain today, its members only backed the Voice because they thought that it too had a terrorist objective:

    The Lebanese Muslim Association, based in Lakemba, issued a statement on Sunday afternoon stating it felt “blindsided” by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who on Friday visited the Lakemba Mosque on the Voice to Parliament campaign just a day before the fighting began in Israel and Gaza.

    “The LMA was blindsided by today’s comments by the Prime Minister,” the LMA statement read.

    “We wish to make it clear that we do not agree with the Prime Minister or indeed any politician or political party when they make a statement regarding Palestine, that “Israel has the right to defend itself…”

    “The LMA sees the trials and tribulations suffered by Australia’s First Nations people in the 235 years since British settlement commenced as being similar to the more than 75 years of persecution inflicted on the people of Palestine by Israel, its army and its police.”

    The LMA compared the situation in Gaza and Australia’s First Nations people.

    “Our First Nations people, the good citizens of Palestine and other oppressed peoples around the world should all be regarded as the same,” the statement read.

  2. jupes says:

    Probably just waiting for the invasion to launch so he can condemn the Israeli violence.

  3. Lee says:

    I hope that Dreyfus (who is an utter disgrace) and ASIO are keeping a close eye on Islamic radicals and what is going in places such as Lakemba, instead of gaslighting us about imaginary garage Nazis.

  4. NFA says:

    Surely your joking Mister Lee.

    ASIO will be monitoring Catholics just like their other cross eyed counterparts.

  5. Mantaray says:

    I already explained all this a dozen times, but never get any feedback (positive or negative). Am I shadow-banned?

    The aim of The Voice is to enshrine “was always OUR land, will always BE our land” so that the mass killing of all who do not claim to ATSI can commence. The same order of battle as in Gaza/Israel.

    Next week when 1000 BLAK youths armed with semi, or fully, automatic rifles enter Cairns at night…with their leader King Noel urging them on….instructed to each take 100 scalps from non-minisculey- part ATSI people they can find, Oz will see the same as Israel is seeing right now. Racist Abos will kill ANYONE: resident, visitor or tourist….so long as they aren’t regular viewers of the ABC or NITV!

    BTW: Queen Marcia must be WET at this moment, anticipating mass-slaughter of the “racist and stupid” NO voters. You don’t get as UGLY as that F’nugly sheila WITHOUT murder in your heart!

  6. NFA says:

    But by the graciousness of Lord John Howard you have guns, eh Mantaray.

  7. NFA says:


    Do you know Ray Epps?

  8. Lee says:

    Dreyfus warned that antisemitism is “on the rise in Australia and around the world”.

    Which begs the question of why the silence on this latest attack?

    Is Dreyfus pro-Palestine?

  9. C.L. says:

    If this country was even remotely serious, ASIO would be raiding Lakemba mosque right now and everyone on video cheering and supporting the weekend’s atrocities would be jailed on remand and then prosecuted for incitement to violence. Preferably, all of them would then be imprisoned and/or deported.

  10. Lee says:

    If there were protesters screaming “death to gays!” or “death to blacks!” the police couldn’t wade into them and make arrests soon enough.

  11. bollux says:

    Those Muslims are lucky that they were vaccinated otherwise the police would have been onto them. I cannot understand why Hamas, as a proscribed terrorist organisation is being supported by “Australians” Surely this is illegal and photos of those involved should lead to their arrest. Or is it only anti vaxxers that stir the loins of the “boys in blue”.

  12. Fat Tony says:

    ASIO & police raiding Lakemba mosques…???

    You gotta be joking – they only like soft targets – grannies, pregnant women…..

    You could be sure that some of them wouldn’t make it home – or, if they did, they would have a late night visit from some bearded gentlemen wanting to discuss the finer points of religion with them & their families.

  13. NFA says:

    some bearded gentlemen wanting to discuss the finer points of religion with them & their families.

    Those Amish!

  14. Tel says:

    Or is it only anti vaxxers that stir the loins of the “boys in blue”.

    They will happily call in the cavalry if anyone disobeys “voluntary health guidelines”.

    But yeah, they are astoundingly selective about enforcement when it comes to certain protests.

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