Reptile congratulates terrorists, pre-books disproportion trope

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  1. NFA says:

    Chinese Steel Cut Oats is the best!

  2. Pommy Al says:

    You reap what you sow.

  3. calli says:

    indifferent to children

    This snake lipped sack of insipidity never fails to disgust.

    The fact that this mendacious oxygen thief still draws breath is an example of disproportionate grace. Something that was never shown to some Israelis this week. Including children.

    Such are the mysteries we have to navigate and accept, often unwillingly.

  4. Sahul Rex says:

    They are all crawling out of their centures old clogged-up sewer pipe to gloat over the dead.

  5. Megan says:

    So slam the Israelis for being indifferent to children while remaining totally indifferent the slaughter and terrorising of children by the Palestinians you revere.

    Got it, you despicable excuse for a human being.

  6. Tel says:

    Sadly modern war always includes civillians … often as human shields, or simply a place for soldiers to hide, or extract resoures. They did it in Vietnam, and in Ukraine and all over the Middle East. It’s just normal now … the days of two armies neatly lining up facing each other in a paddock are long gone. Everyone fights dirty one way or another … I’m including Israel there in as much as they used copied Australian passports to help in an assassination. There’s no shortage of terrorist bombings committed by Muslims for that matter.

    As for what counts as proportional … if you kill even one innocent person you are still a murderer … people get around that by assigning collective guilt … but the last few years have seen plenty of innocent people already killed and I would consider the probably guilty parties have gotten away with it so far. On the “Two State Solution” there’s been about a hundred different peace plans … none of them ever work. Hamas have shown no interest in negotiation, the nearby Arab countries have insisted they won’t allow integration of refugees into their societies … regardless of whether they call them “My Brother” or whatever. At the same time Israel can’t even figure out how to run their own country and they have their hand out for more US aid money from a Washington regime that has run their own country broke and are determined to run up even bigger debts.

    Meanwhile multicultural Australia has come to the conclusion that the more of the worlds problems we can re-create over here, the better! Impossible to serve two masters … either loyalty to Australia is number one priority, or else it isn’t … no way around that. I don’t have too many clever solutions, but there’s just a chance that tribalism might lead to perpetual war … perhaps that’s inevitable … learn to put up with it I suppose.

  7. Lee says:

    I see that at least one unhinged American leftist journalist lays the blame for Hamas’s attack on Israel squarely on Donald Trump!

  8. Rabz says:

    one unhinged American leftist journalist lays the blame for Hamas’s attack on Israel squarely on Donald Trump!

    As did that Pence clown.

  9. Roger W says:

    Tel, war has always included civilians – usually captured as slaves, whether by Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Barbary pirates, ISIS…
    Mongols slaughtered whole towns, mediaeval sieges relied on starving the civilians before the soldiers, etc
    Native Americans tortured anyone to death just for fun and enslaved any women and children left over.
    Add your own examples.

  10. Entropy says:

    Yes, the mongol hordes would attack a town, loot everything possible and kill the all the inhabitants down the last child.

  11. Buccaneer says:

    The decline of the mongols slightly preceded the turning back and ultimately the decline of the ottoman caliph, both these occurred at the hands of European knights and accelerated the rise of gallantry, common decency, value of honesty and hard work. It’s no surprise that with the decline of these values the barbarians rise again.

  12. Mantaray says:

    After the YES scam goes down in flames, how long before the angered wanna-be Kings and Queens of the dreamed-of New ATSI Aristocracy decide to try Hamas tactics on the settlers here? If “was always our land and always will be” is good enough for Palestinian Morons to set off mass-slaughtering, why won’t it be good enough for Yes morons?

    Seriously, the hatred being stoked by the ALP, and especially The Greens at the Opera House “gas the Jews” rally, has set the tone for what is to come. Anyone care to dispute this?

    BTW: We already know what’s in the hoped-for future of Yes voters. Makaratta…mass-spearings and permanent maiming…. as a refreshing new form of Truth-Telling, FFS! Anyone care to dispute this too?

  13. Franx says:

    Mantaray, not sure about your analogy, for, in my understanding, the settlers in the West Bank are those who have been setting up Israeli communities on what is UN designated Palestinian territory.

  14. Franx says:

    And Mantaray, I have tried but could not find visuals to go with the sound of the antisemitic abuse to which you refer that occurred at the Sydney rally. Although I am not media-operations savvy, I nonetheless find it odd that the sound recordist was able to capture the immediacy of the sound, loud and clear, yet not so the camera person such that in the video footage the sound and the image are unrelated – other than by way of insinuation. I suppose I have become very wary of ways in which messaging is created, not always reflective of actualities, as happened with the Posie Parker rally infiltrated by people trying very hard in their nazi way to emulate nazis. With regard to the antisemism in Sydney, the police in all probability have the information needed to follow up. We’ll see.

  15. Lee says:

    “Rosross’s” absolutely shameful, unhinged, unapologetic defence of Hamas and its attack on Israel, in 19 comments (out of a total of 49!) on Quadrant has to be read to be believed:

    He/she either doesn’t know that Hamas has sworn to wipe out Israel and kill all the Jews (it’s on the record), or chooses to ignore it.

  16. NFA says:

    Lee says: 11 October, 2023 at 5:38 pm

    And a paid up member!!??

  17. Lee says:

    And a paid up member!!??


    And another member is a hardcore climate change loony.

  18. Buccaneer says:

    Is it really all Hamas or is it convenient timing for Iran? With so much western and particularly US hardware tied up going to Ukraine and no end to that conflict in sight, Israel is basically on its own, or as close as that might ever be.

  19. C.L. says:

    ⬆️ This.

    The timing is no coincidence. Recollect the headlines I’ve highlighted over the past few weeks. UK out of ammunition, US troops short of hardware – because it was all sent to Ukraine etc.

    Europe is holding a military exercise geared towards a fantasy Russian invasion while the Continent is being invaded by young male Muslims in the tens of thousands.

    In the east, tens of thousands of Christian natives are killing each other at the behest of the White House and Whitehall – and there has been no talk whatsoever of foreign assistance to Israel. No troops, no special forces. No Bushmasters. Nothing.

  20. Lee says:

    I may be getting very cynical, but I don’t think U.S. interest in Ukraine has anything to do with “defending democracy” there.

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