Norwegian Would

As Muslim invasion of Europe continues… Zelensky arrives in Brussels for surprise visit.

We need today to mobilize more support to Ukraine. And as President Zelensky just said, this is about air defense. It’s about artillery. It’s about ammunition. And I expect more NATO allies to make further announcements today for more support to Ukraine, because we need to sustain and step up their support.”

– Jens Stoltenberg, who last month admitted that NATO started the war in Ukraine
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8 Responses to Norwegian Would

  1. NFA says:

    I love staged “surprise” visits to the epicentre of the EUropean Fascist Dictatorship.

  2. C.L. says:

    Ukraine on its sugar daddy:

    Oleksandr Merezhko, chairman of the Ukrainian parliament’s committee on foreign policy, acknowledged the “fears” among his compatriots over whether the West can stay focused on Russia’s invasion while also dealing with the ongoing Israeli-Hamas situation.

    “I can only speak for myself. Yes, there are such fears,” Merezhko told POLITICO. “But, at the same time, I think that in the end it will not be a problem, because the USA is such a powerful country in economic and military terms.”

    Sugar daddy:

    “You can’t start planning for long-term support if you’re at the end of your rope. And in financing Ukraine we are coming to the end of the rope. Today we announced $200 million and we will continue to help Ukraine as much as we can, but it will not be indefinitely,” White House spokesman John Kirby said.

  3. NFA says:

    Zelensky must be relieved to finally change his clothes!!!! … lol

  4. NFA says:

    And bloody Putin wrecked the pipeline between Estonia and Finland!

  5. Alfonso says:

    CL: seems that you Catholic Nazis have been hiding in cupboards all these years. Nice to see you in daylight.

  6. Jannie says:

    Alfonso, why do you say that? Are you seriously saying that CL is a Nazi? And everybody else you disagree with? You are either on the wrong thread or your compass is broken. Either way it is a gratuitous insult and you rely on CL’s tolerance to allow you to say it. Most people would boot you for such a vile accusation. Make rational commentary based on evidence, or go away.

  7. NFA says:

    Alf! does that Jannie, because that is the programming.

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