The left really hates that Australia’s Constitution is diktat-proof

If only they had a voice: “Hundreds of Aboriginal organisations are urging the nation to vote Yes.”

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  1. Rossini says:

    How many mixed race “black” Australians who will benefit from the “voice” are millionaires?
    Just asking Anthony!

  2. C.L. says:

    It enrages the left that they can’t alter the Constitution by the stroke of a pen. Note that Yessers are the new election denialists. They deny the legitimacy of the referendum’s (hoped-for) negative result, deny the authority of the people and insist that the process was corrupt.

  3. Ed Case says:

    Anthony Mundine is against The Voice, Rossini.

    From what I’ve been told, Murries in Nth Qld are voting NO, which [if true] says a lot about their estimation of Noel Pearson.
    Basically, Aborigines have got everything they wanted, and a Bird in the hand is worth
    [at least] 2 in the bush.
    Lidia Thorpe is an interesting case – she initially opposed The Voice, saying a Treaty must come first, now that it’s clear that the referendum will be heavily defeated, she’s saying she’ll support Albanese Legislating a Voice To Parliament.
    My opinion?
    She’s a spoiler working to undermine the NO vote.

  4. NFA says:

    A Letter To The Editor
    RE: ‘Vibe’ of the voice not enough, but let’s now listen

    The Editor
    The Courier Mail

    When we were kids in Far North Queensland in the 1970s, my mate Lenny’s Dad had just quit as manager of a remote aboriginal community.

    When he’d started he worked for the Church. He said the tribes came in for brief periods for goods and healthcare, but spent most of their time living traditionally.

    The Queensland government took over from the Church but kept Lenny’s Dad on in his role. He said that’s when things started going downhill.

    The tribes were offered incentives to be on the community full-time and began to lose their traditional skills and views. Aggression and violence became far more common.

    Lenny’s dad quit because it was clear that the government was running communities as socialist enclaves as opposed to the Church’s model of aid bases. He knew things would only get worse.

    Since then we’ve seen the disadvantage that government socialism created has led to it being a recognised national issue worthy of a referendum costing a third of a billion dollars, (‘Vibe’ of the voice not enough, but let’s now listen, 13/10).

    One of the many details that Albo didn’t cover with the Voice was how it would reverse the socialist management model on remote communities. That’s the core issue that needs correction.

    I suspect the Voice would not have removed the socialism because that would remove the disadvantage which would obviate the need for the Voice in the first place.

    Remote aboriginal disadvantage is relatively easy to fix, but fixing it would end tens of thousands of well-paid taxpayer-funded jobs.

    The people in those jobs can be relied on to ensure that disadvantage continues.

    (271 words)
    (Lenny wasn’t my mate’s real name – it was Kenny.)
    Peter Campion

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Haha, the ABC has now changed the headline to “Indigenous people deserve so much more than the Voice debate we were subjected to”.

    Which is fun since the original headline seemed very accurate…

  6. Entropy says:

    Yes the remote community ownership structure, in fact the whole aboriginal corporation structure set up by nugget Coombs and Whitlam preventing individual ownership of property is of course a socialist model and works as well as you would expect.

    It is best to think of The Voice as a politburo n that context.

  7. C.L. says:

    Laura Tingle – Trumper election denialist.

    Lawful, democratic vote is “deeply disturbing” and illegitimate:

  8. calli says:

    Heh. Firing up those nasty Conservatives “To think this is the way you should run politics”…by voting.

    How would you run politics, witchey-pooh? Let me guess…a dictatorship?

  9. Christine says:

    Not many people heeding the ABC – is what deeply disturbs her.
    She must be furious.

  10. Ed Case says:

    ” I don’t think it will do any good for Petrer Dutton if the Bo caswe wins in the long term …”
    English isn’t Laura’s strong suit, perhaps she needs a Voice to make herself understood?

    Labor is so panicked by this unfolding disaster that they’ve got Greens handing out How To Vote cards for them at Pre Poll in Inala, the safest Labor area in Australia.

  11. C.L. says:

    We’re so mean we made Stan a wealthy man.

    He’s become an unhinged pseudo-mystic, poor fellow.

  12. Ed Case says:

    Michael Long has been quiet, he looked like being the Face of Yes a few weeks ago?

  13. Tel says:

    Yes the remote community ownership structure, in fact the whole aboriginal corporation structure set up by nugget Coombs and Whitlam preventing individual ownership of property is of course a socialist model and works as well as you would expect.

    Bob Katter has often pointed out the failings and offered suggestions that moving towards individual property ownership, or at very least family ownership, as a likely way to improve the situation.

  14. Ed Case says:

    The problem, as always, is wanting Aborigines to behave exactly like White people.

    If there’s individual ownership, then the individual must have the right to borrow against the property as collateral.
    Pretty soon the bailiffs are involved and the property is gone legally.
    That wouldn’t be such a biggie if we still had Jubilees, Jesus of Nazareth was the last person to bring up the issue of Jubilees, you can still read about how that turned out?

  15. Christine says:

    Pearson said he could feel the love; but Stan said the country is mean.
    One is flipping desperate
    and the other plain ridiculous.
    They’re both smarting. I guess they’ve given up.

  16. Ed Case says:

    Albanese has united the Country, and it took a Labor bloke to do it!
    Extraordinary achievement, which I’m sure won’t go unrewarded.

  17. Tel says:

    If there’s individual ownership, then the individual must have the right to borrow against the property as collateral.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “must” in that context … but without digging up the petty squabbles of past threads (since it offends our generous host) … I will just point out that purely in response to what you have posted up above, the only advice I can give is please, please do a little bit of research. Katter has made his policy very plain and simple and easy to find.

    7. The provision of title deeds providing ownership of homes, businesses and farms – a right enjoyed by every other Australian and most people on Earth. Such deeds to be inalienable – that is, cannot be sold to non-community residents – otherwise they are simple, ordinary freehold title. This privately owned title deed is essential for the foundation of an economy or even any economic activity. The building of all First Australian housing to be by exclusively local indigenous labour. Probably 2000 homes in Queensland in the mid-late1980s were built exclusively by local indigenous labour[1].

    If you don’t like the policy then at least argue against what he actually put forward, instead of deciding it “must” really be something else.

  18. Ed Case says:

    Okay, the Devil is always in the Detail with Katter.
    No Freehold Title and it can only be be sold to ‘community residents’, whatever that means.
    Bottom Line:
    The Banks aren’t lending money on that basis, so the idea of developement thru private ownership is already low in the water.
    As I said above, the real issue is that do gooders such as yourself and Bob Katter want Aborigines to behave like White people, and that just aint happening, and wishing won’t make it happen either.

  19. Boambee John says:

    Ed Case

    At least 80 percent of Aborigines do behave like white people, living among them in the community. Many of them are also physically similar if not identical.

  20. Ed Case says:

    We’re talking about remote area Aboriginal people living on Aboriginal Land in remote areas, pard.
    Not Noel Pearson’s luxury family compound on Noosa’s North Shore.

    Many of them are also physically similar if not identical.

    What are you trying to say here?

  21. Roger W says:

    Ed, are you really Cathy ((so what you really mean is) Newman?
    What BJ wrote seemed pretty clear and simple to me.

  22. Ed Case says:

    Roger W:
    Let’s cut to the chase here, bud.
    Your side [and your mate’s side] have been cut to ribbons by this Referendum.
    White Australian and non White Australians have come thru for our Indigenous brothers and sisters and the division and pettifoggery have backfired spectacularly.

    So, why not be gracious, rather than sore losers?

  23. Boambee John says:


    You made no mention of remote areas until challenged.

    Stop trying to rewrite what you wrote originally.

  24. Ed Case says:

    C.L. isn’t linking to New Catallaxy or the others anymore in the sidebar, so it looks like he may be trying to run a blog that’s not an echo chamber.
    A laudable [and courageous] ambition.
    Why not display some Internet manners and refrain from derailing this and other threads?

  25. NFA says:

    Head Case

    What is next on your communist agenda?

  26. NFA says:

    Head Case

    The WEF/UN aint doin there job?

    you join

  27. twostix says:

    The worst of Australia concocted and pushed this insanity from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

    As a ruling / privileged class they lie so much now about every little thing it’s become a habit, let’s see an ABC / tingle moaning session about that incredible danger, headline should read:
    Australia’s Sloppy, Midwitted Pathological Liar Elite
    – Who are they and who put them in charge Anyway?.

  28. NFA says:

    Sell shares… fuckwits control companies.

  29. Fred says:

    The Right wing are so cringe.

  30. C.L. says:

    C.L. isn’t linking to New Catallaxy or the others anymore in the sidebar…

    Sinclair took his Twitter private for a while (don’t know why). When I tried to remove his button, I inadvertently removed the whole ensemble of blogs.

    Sincair is now back in the public domain + I’ve worked out how to restore the links. This time, I’ve set up two links – to my old pal Sinclair and to Dover’s Catallaxy.

    I doubt that this matters to anyone anyway.

  31. Rosie says:

    I think Noosa had a bit of influence too.

  32. C.L. says:

    Squabbles don’t offend me, Tel. I only ask that rank abusiveness be avoided. That’s not because I’m precious but because I’ve seen over the years that when the malice starts getting ultra-colourful and gratuitous, good commenters disappear and others draw negative conclusions about a site’s direction.


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