Referendum Open

One of the most revolting, dishonest power grabs in our history ends today. Definitively, I hope.

Quasi-teal preciousness. The defeat of a nation’s enemies should always be celebrated. Always.
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  1. NFA says:


    Off topic but that Hungarian, Viktor Orban, has voiced NO to pro-terror protests in Hungary… the cad… lol…

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban Outlines Why Samantha Power, USAID and CIA Hates Him
    October 13, 2023 | Sundance

  2. Pat Mac says:

    Congrats to those two and well said Mr. Mundine.

  3. Alfonso says:

    CL clearly can’t read. But is hysterical anyway.

  4. SydGal says:

    Mr Mayo and an MP visited my PP booth late last week and there was much filming and photography with 7 yes volunteers. I took a pic and then realised that the smiling faces of Warren and Jacinta in their corflute dominated the scene.

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