In a symbolically perfect finale, Voice leaders tell Aborigines…

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  1. Albos Toss says:

    Are we sure that Ed Case is actually back? I think CL has just uploaded his old bollocks into an AI bot and hits a request for insane lefty talk point every now and then to spice up the blog.

  2. Buccaneer says:

    The farticulations of Ed, are smothering real conversation. The important question here is will the constant dribble of misinformation from the yes supporters be able to be used to smother the lefts agenda to try to criminalise any speech they don’t like?

    The 80% of indigenous support for this should be pretty easy to debunk now.

  3. Fat Tony says:

    Just checked the results for my electorate (Wright – rural between Toowoomba & Brisbane) – 78% NO

  4. and says:

    NITV running defence for Farcia Clangton, referring to her as a “national treasure”.

    Marcia Langton and Warren Mundine’s Heated Voice debate on NITV’s The Point | SBS News

  5. Ed Case says:

    Holy Cow!
    Marcia Langton sounds like some of the ratbags i’ve encountered on the Blogs over the years [but not this one].
    Never heard either of them speak before, while I find Mundine’s writing to be unreadable and Langton to be fairly sensible, Mundine sounds pretty good live, while Langton is incoherent.
    I mean, how many Australians would have heard of Steve Bannon, Trump sacked him years ago.
    I’m thinking now that Langton’s opinion pieces in The Australian are ghost written by someone else, and she’s nothing more than a win d-up toy.

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