No, Paul Kelly, it revealed remarkable unity from coast to coast

“This referendum exposed the unhealthy fracture of our society.”
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  1. Buccaneer says:

    The moral to the story, when you get your arse handed to you 61/39, try to cynically tie it to the most irrational political narrative in the universe.

    One has to be totally irrational to think Trump had anything to do with Albo stuffing up the voice. Having your opponents resort to something that obviously cynical is a huge win.

  2. Fat Tony says:

    It’s ironic, and actually disgusting, that the mis/dis-iformation in this case, and over the covid nonsense in particular, was all coming from the government and associated corporates.

    Well, that’s why the government wants to bring in this anti-free-speech legislation – to stop anyone challenging the governments’ lies.

  3. Rabz says:

    Ah, good ol’ Paul “is wrong, again” Kelly.

  4. Buccaneer says:

    My gut feeling is that many Liberal Divisional Councils refused to help the NO effort and that division among the Liberal Branches is where Labor’s path to victory at the next Election lies.

    Ed, your gut feel is worthless. The next election is far enough away for disgruntled liberal wets to go away and for no conservatives to fill their place. Clearly recent results make it clear that cutting the dead wood adrift for talent that is more closely connected to community views will be more likely to be a winner.

  5. Ed Case says:

    The ‘voice’ was just a greedy power grab from the Aboriginal elites.

    The handpicked [by Government and NGOs] Aboriginal elite couldn’t organise a party in a brewery.
    The Big End of Town wanted this Referendum, and they funded YES lavishly.

    Have a think on this:
    Rio Tinto blew up the Juukan Caves, they knew it was wrong, they knew there were ancient paintings on the cave walls, they iknew it was illegal, they did it anyway.
    18 months later Rio Tinto gives the YES Campaign $2 million cash.
    Go figure what The Voice woulda been all about if it hadda got up.

  6. Ed Case says:

    Here’s James [Morrow?] asking Qld Galah Keith Pitt whether the Coaliotion has any disunity problems considering the wildly varying responses from State Liberal Pols.
    [at 3:26]
    Pitt fields that fairly well, then Rita Panahi asks him about National turned Independent
    Andrew Gee.
    Come in spinner.
    Instead of playing a straight bat and saying something like:
    Well, Rita, I can only speak for myself, but I would welcome Andrew’s return to the Nationals Party Room and his input…
    he exclaimed:

    Well, I reckon Andrew Gee is in more trouble than Flash Gordon!

    Talk about not being able to put brains in monuments!

  7. Buccaneer says:

    Why would he say anything else, Gee resigned from the Nats on principle about his support for yes, his electorate rejected that position overwhelmingly and the Nats will run against him next election.

    Do you actually understand English Ed?

  8. Boambee John says:


    Ed understands only the leftard talking points he pushes so enthusiastically.

    PS, Ed, the destruction of the Juukan Caves had been approved by the relevant state authorities.

  9. Rosie says:

    There were no paintings in juukan gorge.
    There were signs of human habitation.
    The local indigenous had approved the destruction no doubt with compensation but changed their minds after archaeological work discovered a 4000 yeat old hair plait that had DNA linked to current day locals. They changed their mind but that wasn’t communicated in time.

  10. Ed Case says:

    BHP also contributed royally to YES.
    That company’s attitude to the indigenous people in the Fly River District was to empty waste from the Ok Tedi Gold mine straight into the Fly River because the Economists told them it was the cheapest processing option.
    Would BHP have been expecting any consideration from a Constitutionally enshrined The Voice?
    Or did they donate outta the goodness of their little hearts?
    It’s a toughie!

  11. and says:

    Danger Dan Reviews

  12. and says:

    They Push Ahead With Treaty and Division

  13. and says:

    GangGreen has had a big day of spewing crap. Here’s but one bit

    Greens want $250M of your money for an ‘Anti-Peter-Dutton-Misinformation Truth-Commission.’

    Notice the last sentence –

    The Commission’s work will be underpinned by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and led by First Nations people.

  14. Ed Case says:

    Lokks like NewsCorp’s jihad against Palaszczuk’s leadership might have been intended to give her a bit of a nudge in the right direction.
    Obviously she wasn’t keen on taking up Albo’s cross, but where’s the risk?
    Whatever insanity she proposes, the Qld LNP will back it up, and possibly outflank her to the Left?

  15. SydGal says:

    The yes people seemed to project all the time. Me vs 9 yes people at one PP site. Somewhere else, one called me the Face of Racism. Others said I was spreading lies, misinformation and propaganda. One said I was telling the public BS*. They constantly quoted the 80% statistic but I asked them for more info on the poll. The men said they had to bully to “get the job done”. Some yes women were telling the public to vote for “truth and justice”, “vote for a safe country free from tyranny”, “vote for a good conscience” and that “as a grandmother, vote yes for social justice”, “vote yes to clean up the mess”, “enjoy your vote”, “are you voting early today? as long as it’s yes”. A young man was telling people the Referendum was a “simple change” to the Constitution and “we’ll never hear about it again after Saturday”. It was a very strange time. But we won.

  16. Franx says:

    Wow, SydGal. Inspirational stuff on your part. Thank you.

  17. Seco says:

    The greatest misinformation campaign of all time is happening now, after the referendum.

  18. Mantaray says:

    OK, so there are a few hotheads “threatening” to take up weapons. and then what? (lose their very-high-paying jobs? Nah)….be bombed back to their stone-age rellies idyllic days in the dust?

    Now that they are too racist and…let’s face it….too profoundly stupid….to STFU, the entire game is yet again given away. and I am laughing at their tantrums even harder.

    OK, so where I live (not there right now) the NO vote was about 82%. The local indij woulda been about 60% NO from what I saw and was told a month or so ago when I was there. I’m wondering what Nooky and that chick would be doing when they meet up with the local Gun Club, Shooting Club, Hunting Club and all the well-armed farmers / graziers for miles around carrying their Blak sharpened spears. Anyhow. what a hoot.

    As for “Queensland”, I have to repeat yet again “WTF is Brisbane doing foisting this fat slob…..with the suspiciously Nazi past…. upon us Queenslanders?”

    BTW: The ugly jelly-mountain-premier’s dad was Heinrich…allegedly born to a Nazi-resisting Polish family in Germany following WWII. Not Henryk like every other nazi-resisting Polish family’s Henry, but Heinrich in the German fashion. Tells us all we need to know about the true and obvious loyalties of Miss Piggy’s ancestors does it not?

  19. Alfonso says:

    CL: seems like when it’s your view in majority it’s unity. But when it’s not your view in majority it’s fake.

  20. NFA says:

    Alfonso, teal journalist.

    Where’s your website Alf?

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