Mrs McMurdo’s Marauders Return

IT isn’t every day that the Guardian, the ABC, Nine Entertainment, News Corp and Network Ten invest themselves in proceedings of the Toowoomba Magistrates Court – alongside The Chronicle roundsman who covers pub brawlers, drink drivers and public urinators. But as reports yesterday confirmed, the country’s news industry is insisting en bloc that the identity of a “high-profile man” be revealed pursuant to radical new feminist laws in Queensland designed to punish men accused of rape who haven’t even been committed to stand trial. The media circus pitching its big top in the Garden City guarantees that the accused, tried or not, has no chance of impartial treatment. Civil liberties champion Terry O’Gorman warned Annastacia Palaszczuk – as did every lawyers’ body in the state – not to enact this ‘reform’ for that very reason. Customarily, when a junta knows its days are done, there are papers to burn and glowing drums in the quadrangle. In Queensland, however, the government is manically institutionalising rather than incinerating evidence of its villainy. Like the Prime Minister, the Premier is stuck in a Trotsky vortex.

That’s why the second tranche of androphobic novelties issuing forth from Mrs McMurdo has now dropped. This one will seek to criminalise so-called “coercive control.” As Bettina Arndt points out, this ‘crime’ was recently invented by a male feminist academic who works in women’s studies. The Mothers of Sons support group mocks the phony offence in a video called Get that male sent to jail! Which could be the personal motto of Yvette D’Ath. Yet again citing “rape myths,” the Queensland Attorney-General has also introduced “affirmative consent” laws. More than just a dumb tautology, this travesty – like coercive control – is designed to ensure the state can send virtually any accused man to prison. And if, in the minds of 12 peers, a defendant is still innocent – after being vilified in the press, absolved of coercing his portly partner never to wear denim shorts and backed up by ear-witnesses to a noisy Harry Met Sally crescendo of acquiescence – he still isn’t out of the woods. The Marauders have one final ace up their sleeve: the bench itself. The Guardian reports that the new legislation empowers judges to “inform juries of common misconceptions about sexual assault.” The foremost of which, of course, is that they are free to acquit.

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22 Responses to Mrs McMurdo’s Marauders Return

  1. NFA says:

    The Law is No More.

    No need for any form of government as they do not give a shiatsu about common law but only tyrants law.

    What is next?

    Prosecuting or even gag orders against an alleged defendant’s own lawyers!

    Dying societies accumulate laws like dying people accumulate remedies
    — Nicolás Gómez Dávila

  2. Ed Case says:

    Prosecuting or even gag orders against an alleged defendant’s own lawyers!

    He’s The Defendant, pard.
    It’s like the Greeks asak about the Turks:

    How many times?

  3. Petros says:

    Have the SFLs said anything about this abominable legislation?

  4. John of Mel says:

    At some point the risk for a man will outweigh the gain from any possible relationships with a woman and he will stop pursuing them.
    It is as if they don’t want two sexes to mingle at all.

    On the other hand, abstinence until marriage seems like a wise choice (like it always was).

  5. C.L. says:

    Prosecuting or even gag orders against a defendant’s own lawyers?

    Preventing defence barristers from asking certain questions and applying pressure when cracks appear in a complainant’s story is already a reality.

    When Higgins’ cross-examination went awry, she simply went on holiday for a week.

  6. Ed Case says:

    I hope this person’s identity is never revealed, because, should he be Convicted, he could credibly claim he couldn’t get a fair trial if he was identified prior to conviction.

  7. Lee says:

    The Law is No More.

    No need for any form of government as they do not give a shiatsu about common law but only tyrants law.

    What is next?

    Charging and arresting lawyers because they have the gall to represent and advise an “unapproved” person?

    Charging and arresting people because they question election results, or charging those they discussed it with?

  8. Ed Case says:

    Suzanne Somers, who died on Sunday, recalls an interview with Megyn Kelly, where she joked about the particular behaviour that allegedly led to this Rape Charge, in an interview with Dr Gundry 4 years ago.
    The relevant part starts at 40:09.

  9. Entropy says:

    If the rumours are true it will turn into an absolute circus.

  10. Ed Case says:

    No idea if the rumors are true, but, put it this way, Peter Dutton and the Liberal frontbench looked as if they were going to Bob Menzies’ funeral yesterday, 4 days after they’d had a huge victory at the Referendum.
    The Nationals were pretty chirpy, though.

  11. C.L. says:

    I’m not really interested in Peter Dutton, the Liberal Party or any single case but in a multifaceted and obvious assault on natural justice by feminist lunatics.

  12. Ed Case says:

    I find it interesting that the Legislation ever existed for Rape Cases.
    Persons on all other Charges can be named as soon as they’re charged.
    I’d also be interested in the timeline of when Palaszczuk changed the Legislation, particularly if it was after this chap had been Charged.

  13. Ed Case says:

    To be fair to feminist lun atics, they shouldn’t have to carry the can for Palaszczuk, who’s not a feminist or a lunatic, and may have instructed the lunatics D’Ath and Fentiman to go down this path for non Feminist reasons.

  14. Ed Case says:

    Depending on the circumstances, there’s some sim ilarity between the ouster of the ALP Gair Administration in 1957 and this circus.
    Gair tried to break the pricing power of the Oil Companies by importing the Dim Sim petrol from Taiwan, but the excuse to axe him was not legislating 3 weeks annual leave for the Public Service.
    At the moment, NewsCorp are leading a Jihad against Palaszczuk’s leadership on the grounds that she can’t win the next Election, but I’d say she’s a very good chance and more likely than any of Qld Labor’s other Post Turtles.

  15. C.L. says:

    I’d also be interested in the timeline of when Palaszczuk changed the Legislation, particularly if it was after this chap had been Charged.

    – High profile Toowoomba man was charged in January of this year
    – The Palaszczuk government introduced a bill to allow identification of defendants prior to committal on 25 May
    – Parliament enacted that bill on the 3rd of this month

  16. Ed Case says:

    Thanks C.L.

  17. NFA says:

    Not forgetting communist Labor’s ‘Family Law Amendment Bill 2023’ which will repeal the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility in the Family Law Act 1975.

  18. NFA says:

    Bettina Arndt is a real woman.

  19. Ed Case says:

    Rape always had a wide definition.
    Rob Roy’s son was hanged for Rape c. 1750, yet there was no dispute that there had been Consent.
    There was a window in the West in the 20th century where Rape was defined strictly and
    onl;y the worst cases were prosecuted.
    That time is over.

  20. Baba says:

    Here we go. TheirABC is appreciative.

  21. Ed Case says:

    Bruce Lehrmann loses bid to keep name suppressed.
    Well, they say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but i’m a glass half full kinda guy.
    So long as no one else comes forward …

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