Game, Set, Match

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  1. and says:

    Game, Set, Match

    … and Championship. 🙂

  2. Lee says:

    Australian state and federal governments, ASIO, and the left generally have been ranting and raving and talking very tough about “Nazis” for years, but have failed the character test utterly dismally at the first serious challenge.

    I expect deportations almost immediately.

  3. Riversutra says:

    Australia’s domestic intelligence chief says he has “no reason to dispute” claims of a possible link between the Indian government and the killing of a Canadian citizen.

    and that’s Mike Burgess, ASIO head, making a totally unnecessary statement a few days ago, same as Trudeau made that started the tit for tat expulsions with Canada and India.
    Why is he picking a diplomatic fight with India when he could be catching NAZIs in their garages all over the country?
    Did he make that statement with permission from the Govt or just big noting himself on the world stage at Five Eyes in California?
    Anyway, I’m sure if called upon, he will have proof Djokovic is also a Nazi.

  4. Bluey says:

    Can’t be right. The ADL is telling me it’s all white supremist organisations protesting jews.

  5. Roger W says:

    I don’t know why there is all this fuss about a few protests when there are people out there misusing pronouns. In the UK they are thinking about jail sentences of 2 years for such heinous crimes.
    Western Civilization getting its priorities right.
    I have no idea how we managed to vote No.

  6. Tel says:

    In the UK they are thinking about jail sentences of 2 years for such heinous crimes.

    And that’s under a “conservative” government … wait until the other rascals get a turn.

  7. NFA says:

    But its mostly peaceful protests!

  8. Roger W says:

    From the article The Failure of Western Democracy in the East:
    “(The Israelis) prioritized democracy, for which they fought each other for nine months, not wanting to see that the main danger to their country comes not from a different understanding of democracy, but from enemies who want neither democracy nor life, not only other people’s but their own.”

    It is the “progressive” court decisions that have steadily weakened Israel and that is the reason Netanyahu has been trying to curtail its power. It is the attempts of the Left to thwart this that had led to the weakening of Israeli defence preparations.

    As the article also points out: “Hedonism had taken hold of the Israeli youth. There were very few soldiers on the Gaza border. Military intelligence was apparently on vacation as well. It was obvious that Israelis were possessed by a sense of people of the West who do not understand the East and who live in the belief that the desire for peace and life and respect for family and community interests is also shared by Hamas militants.” Israelis of an older generation tended to not fall into this trap.

  9. Rosie says:

    A good point Roger W.
    The poor dead young woman being paraded around Gaza on the back of Ute was apparently a conscientious objector to military service.
    A worse than rude awakening for too many.

  10. Lee says:

    London Police Declare Calling for Jihad Is Lawful as Word has ‘Number of Meanings’

    The same English police who will arrest you for denying that a man can be a woman, reading out publicly from the Bible, or praying silently nearing an abortion clinic.

    They are a sick joke and beneath contempt.

    As for Khan, he is the scum of the earth.

  11. Franx says:

    I note again:
    Odd that those persons sloganeering violence against Jews at the rally in Sydney in support of Palestinians were sound recorded by the news media – but not video recorded by the same news.
    How does that happen.
    And how does it happen that the sound effects of violent, abusive slogans against Jews was accompanied with images of large milling crowds – and not by the images of the abusive perpetrators – so that the overall effect was that the entire rally was abusive towards Jews.
    No news yet of who those perpetrators were.

    We are being lied to and our responses manipulated and controlled by sinister forces –
    ie, by people – operating from every which direction.

    And Marshall is being cute since she was no supporter of Djokovic but preferred at the time that his deportation was on the basis of covid ‘safety’ rather than on his being a ‘bad influence’. Deportations. Where to start.

  12. NFA says:

    Good points Franx says: 23 October, 2023 at 8:22 pm

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