Voicer and Aboriginal Snoop Cube impersonator hates freedom

‘Rapper’ Briggs dumps the Melbourne Storm because a board member backed the No campaign.
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  1. NFA says:

    I’m convinced.

    No more Storm!

  2. Wally Dalí says:

    Based headline with a touch of Daily Mail should be “Premiership hopes dashed as Personality of Colour unleashes tweet from ABC makeup chair”

  3. and says:

    More of the same to come…

    Indigenous leaders are divided over the wording of a joint statement following the Voice referendum defeat, with several objecting to the tone of a draft open letter, which lays blame for the loss on the Coalition and is critical of No voters.


  4. and says:

    Comrade Hold the Mayo from a week ago…

    Thomas Mayo: How Voice Yes campaigner gave fiery speech to supporters moments before landslide No decision – and warned: ‘We’re not taking No for an answer!’


    More recent from Mayo

    Analysis: The movement that follows the Voice


  5. Ed Case says:

    Briggs-y is certainly an intimidating presence, but I wonder how the Drones of Musgrave Park woulda reacted to him in times long past?
    Probably followed by sirens of the big yellow taxi, I suspect.
    As for Thomas Mayo, he’s been platformed for other reasons.
    He appears to have P.I. rather than Torres Strait [Melanesian] heritage.

  6. Rockdoctor says:

    Saw this yesterday on news.com. I had to google him to find out who he was and even with that wasn’t very enlightened.

    For a start he identifies as aboriginal, looking at his appearance and white skin I’d say that is very tenuous indeed but he isn’t the only offender in this capacity.

    His music career looks mostly unremarkable, I’ve heard of the Hilltop Hoods but not him but he’s done well enough to open for some bigger groups so not exactly a failure.

    Lastly and probably most importantly he seems to have tickets on himself, he goes after Brett Ralph a part owner of the Storm who in the Brett’s private capacity supported a position opposite to what ol Briggsy believes on an important issue. In a normal world that is quite legitimate. Putting aside the sheer arrogance, it seems Briggsy believes his opinion holds more weight than Brett’s or is superior. Mate please just go back to obscurity in Shepparton or Wanganui where you probably are no more than a legend in your own mind even there.

    Storm are better without him.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Sounds good. The absence of rap always sounds good.
    I have no idea why people listen to it.

  8. Pedro the Loafer says:

    Does Briggs contribute any money to the Melbourne Storm, coach or sit on the board?

    From the article and his petulant letter it seems that he is just another punter.

    Why would anyone give a rat’s ring about losing one supporter?

  9. Rockdoctor says:

    Been years since I have set foot in the suburbs north of Shep & just reacquainted myself with it via Goolag. Spotted Rumbalara near Wanganui Park, bingo no matter the victimhood runs so deep. Rumbalara used to have a mission and the original inhabitants descendants haven’t moved too far, there’s a dysfunctional settlement out near Mooroopna as well.

  10. Rockdoctor says:

    Sorry for the thread bombing CL and I’ll leave it at that. Wow Briggs seems to be a big name in Shep aboriginal circuits, wonder if Adam is related to Paul Briggs OAM head of the Yorta yorta corp.

    Another budding big man of the mob?

  11. Rabz says:


    This stupid, stupid entirely unserious country.

  12. Ed Case says:

    Does Briggs contribute any money to the Melbourne Storm, coach or sit on the board?
    NRLs mass support peaked in 1964 [according to Warren Ryan, before he was cancelled by the ABC].
    60 years later, it’s Government funded AgitProp, which requires a Social Licence.
    That’s where Briggs-ey and the grifters come into the picture.
    Don’t get me wrong, Aborigines are wonderful Rugby League players, but:
    Until the Melbourne Storm was founded, Rugby League in Melbourne was played in the parks by 98% Maori [now Mouli] teams.

  13. and says:

    Disgruntled Voice supporters blame everyone but themselves

  14. and says:

    Indigenous leaders break their silence, call referendum defeat ‘appalling and mean-spirited’


  15. Pat Mac says:

    WHO the f”#k is Briggs?

  16. Entropy says:

    One of the myriad “aspiring rappers”.

  17. shatterzzz says:

    The question should be, “How did one letter from any “supporter” of Melbourne Storm, actually, garner any sort of media publicity?

  18. Ed Case says:

    Just on The [failed ] Voice, it was narrowly voted down at Woorabinda, a poverty stricken Aboriginal Settlement in the Flynn electorate, that might be thee only Aboriginal town that didn’t vote YES.
    Since Woorabinda’s population is c. 1,000 and half can be presumed to be kids, that in dicates turnout was only c. 40%.
    Which raises the Question:
    If you don’t register a vote to a proposal to change the Constitution, isn’t that a NO vote, by definition?
    The other data i’d be interested to see is the breakdown between the sexes over YES/NO.
    My suspicion is that YES was heavily favoured among Women.
    Possibly > 60%?

  19. Mantaray says:

    After seeing the general reaction of Yes voters….especially those purporting to be “Aboriginal”, it’s pretty clear how a few Pommy marines armed with ultra-slow-to-load and inaccurate muskets were easily able to “invade and conquer” a land with hundreds of thousands of alleged warriors already in residence.

    Yeah, despite knowing the lay of the land so well…a hundred million years they’ve been here at least….the PROUD Indij of the invented Firstest of The Firstest Nations were steamrolled in about a week by a handful of pasty-faced, half-starved, poorly armed, scurvy-ridden Pommies BECAUSE the opposition were possibly cry-babies and weak-chinned little muffins resembling these shrieking D’head sore losers clustered about the Yes bandwagon this past week.

    Though, maybe…more to the point…the locals at Port Jackson were probably rather grateful to see developed civilization with it’s 1788 versions of “all the mod cons” arrive, and quickly joined them in celebrating Australia Day. Something like Megan Davis and Noel Pearson etc eyeing off the arrival of an Eat-All-Ya-Can buffet at Ayers Rock Resort each evening.

    Anyhow, all these Yes nutters can go cry someplace else. Maybe they could ask the Indian Govt or the Kazakhstanis…places the Oz Indij are said to come from originally… to TAKE THEM BACK so’s the decent actual First Australians (Australia, original and still the best, you “BLAK” ingrates, was created on 1st January 1901) who voted NO can be rid of such fools!

    BTW: Despite all the above, it’s still a laugh to see such childishness from the oldest culture on earth, is it not? Boo F’ing Hoo!

  20. RacerX says:

    From the abc article and linked …

    “It is clear no reform of the Constitution that includes our peoples will ever succeed.”

    I do wonder was this written by full blood aborigines or does the racism of people with more non-aboriginal than aboriginal bloodline lead them to ignore their inconvenient ancestory. Meaning aboriginals are their people while those they share more ancestory with are not their people.

    To me that is racism, that is the problem I see with their argument and that is the division I voted against. It is also why I respect Jacinta Price, she appears to live in reality.

  21. and says:

    You couldn’t make this up. Well, we are talking about GangGreen.

    ‘Pay the rent’: Brisbane mayoral candidate’s radical $40m plan for Indigenous organisations
    A Greens mayoral candidate has pledged a multimillion dollar agreement which will see Brisbane City Council “pay the rent” through Indigenous grants.


  22. Christine says:

    They’ve got what they deserve.
    As Pearson bitterly said, they humbled themselves, they tried obsequiousness, tried ‘feel the love’…..
    and still it came crashing down around their feet.

  23. and says:

    Mr Sriranganathan, who lives on a houseboat…

    He doesn’t live on a houseboat. He lives in fantasy land.

  24. Ed Case says:

    Jonno lives on a houseboat.
    Looks like the Gardens Reach, so he still pays Mooring Fees.
    He hasn’t faced any pushback from his call for attendees at a pro Palestinian Rally in the City.
    Funny, that.
    Could these be one rule for us and another for them?
    If he can draw the YES Vote at Council Elections due in March, then he or the Labor Drone is certain to be the next Lord Mayor of Brisbane.
    Anyway, Jonno has been replaced by Trina Massey as Gabba Ward Councillor.
    Read about Trina here.

  25. Rockdoctor says:

    The question should be, “How did one letter from any “supporter” of Melbourne Storm, actually, garner any sort of media publicity?

    Shatterzzz probably cause his Daddy Paul Briggs is head of a number of Yorta Yorta organisations, on the Indig AFL Board and even on some Uni Board in Melbourne somehow.

    From what I could dig up yesterday just out of idle interest the whole Briggs mob appear to be generational big men of Yorta Yorta, Paul apparently was big in getting Rumbalara FC going again that a relative last night reminded me that said football club had a reputation of dirty and nasty play onfield that had them kicked out of just about every football league in northern/central Victoria.

    Look the guy got his 15min of fame, he’ll fade back to obscurity and likely follow the family line into the lucrative Indig Corporations.

  26. and says:

    Go figure. Mal Trumble making some sense.

    Australia’s constitutional history told us the voice referendum was unwinnable. Sadly, that was right


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