Tolerance As Treachery

Economist Judith Sloan in The Spectator: Fallacy of the koala factor: Questioning multiculturalism.

There simply cannot be different standards where it’s OK, for instance, to claim to stand with Palestine and condone the beheading of babies and killing of innocent civilians. For those who come to this country, it must be made completely clear that we don’t permit discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual preference, ethnicity or religious beliefs. If that’s your bag, don’t come here.

No, I’m afraid these secularist and philosophically banal criteria for what Australia is – and what it should remain – don’t amount to a hill of beans worth dying on. They are, in fact, symptoms of the barren subjectivism and inspidity that leave the West open to subversion. For starters, abortionists behead more babies than Hamas ever has. And it isn’t even close. Hamas curs regard such deeds as morally neutral or even laudable requisites of personal salvation and cultural transformation. Just like Emily’s List. The open secret about hundreds of abortion-survivor babies in this country being left to die (that is, murdered) – thoroughly publicised by Amanda Stoker this year – didn’t cause a single news cycle of indignation. There were no “growing calls” for investigations, arrests or prison terms. The media didn’t care, governments didn’t care and – let’s be frank – the public didn’t care. A leap has been made by the West into an abyss of dark nihilism. The Albanese government will no more vote for the Canavan and Antic-sponsored Children Born Alive Protection Bill than it will the South Australian senator’s bill to outlaw child mutilation. Is it really any wonder the Labor Greens alliance is yawning its way through the trauma of Israelis?

Telling Hamas-friendly homosexuals – as Douglas Murray does – that only the West indulges them isn’t much of an argument. Are we supposed to be proud of that?

I don’t mean to suggest that the esteemed Judith Sloan lacks a moral compass. It’s just that hers is usually relied upon to plot a course to reality through a scrub of government and corporatist lies as Australia’s best economics columnist. But to rank acceptance of the awfulness of discriminating on the basis of ethnicity or religion as a sine qua non of Aussie-ness – while thousands of lunatics take over CBDs to support terrorism – is Pecksniffian. Governments should have discriminated against all of these ‘protesters’ when they applied to come here.

The prohibition of discrimination that favours the Judeo-Christian, the amenable, the familial, the heterosexual, the traditional and the masculine led inexorably to the China-style assault by Labor governments nationwide on Christian schools and hospitals. These institutions are being subjected to communist bans on the exclusive employment of believers and conscientious objection to killing the unborn and the suicidal on private property. On Sloan’s other measures of incivility – attitudes to gender and sexuality – decades of propaganda have normalised all behaviours as equal, spurred the grooming – or spiritual molestation – of children and debased marriage, fecundity, education, meritocracy and even the rule of law. None of these externalities (to use an economist’s word) were the “bag” of Australians either until they were forced to comply. So, where does that leave us? Well, it seems that anything short of a mobilisation for war – including Hitlerian depravities carried out somewhere else – won’t convince even the brightest Westerners that non-discriminatory niceness is not a strategy and nothingness is not a nation.

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  1. NFA says:

    Brilliant encapsulation C.L.

    Thank you for saying that.

  2. NFA says:

    And ‘their’ refugee policies never seem to include very many Christians in ‘their’ intakes!

    Why is that when we have no say in the numbers and source country of immigrants that there is one predominant factor, that is upending Europe, that ‘their’ Department of Immigration completely ignore.

    What is the agenda?

    If we ever get an Australian Government for Australia the very first thing they could do to take the communist boot heel off our country is rescind, render and repudiate everything to do with the so called United Nations.


    Hidden Marxism: Treating Immigrants Like Robots
    By Selwyn Duke

  3. C.L. says:

    I have deleted comments relating to the number of Christian immigrants to Australia – a subject I haven’t mentioned in this post.

    If you have no comment on the topic, don’t leave a comment.

  4. NFA says:

    Thank you C.L.

  5. Lee says:

    Multiculturalism in the West has been a complete, abject failure, and a potential existential threat to the host country, almost entirely due to a certain religious demographic.

    We should not be tolerant towards the intolerant.

  6. Buccaneer says:

    Tolerance as Trojan Horse? I note the German leftist government is now reversing course quicker than palachook over treaty

  7. Fat Tony says:

    If we ever get an Australian Government for Australia…

    I’m 70 years old and have had quite an interest in politics in this country since probably 1968

    In this time, I don’t think we have ever had an “Australian Government for Australia”.

    It’s either stupidity or malice. I now go along with malice.

  8. Franx says:

    The prohibition of discrimination that favours the Judeo-Christian …


    Yes. Favouring Judaeo-Christian principles is to favour discrimination as to what it is to act justly in whatever circumstances befall.

    (It remains that Australia as a New World continent is an immigrant country. Or its short history has been that of one.)

    In other ways, though, the ‘prohibition of discrimination’ is pretty much a worldwide practice which has come to mean a ‘prohibition of judgement’ – of judgement as to what is right and rational.

  9. NFA says:

    Struth poses the question at Truth, or consequences?

    I ask the question is the separation of church and state a good thing?

  10. Tel says:

    People in our Western society discriminate all the time.

    Recent example would be Bud beer … the vendor stuck a tranny on the beer can, customers didn’t like that and stopped buying the beer … there’s discrimination right there.

    The original Anti-Discrimination Act in Australia only goes back to the 1970’s so it’s hardly a cornerstone of Western Civilization. Indeed it’s a confusion of the original principle which is that the government should not be discriminatory … we should not have the laws themselves with special rules for specific minority groups. The law should neither prevent you from buying tranny beer, nor try and force you to buy it.

    That’s the actual core of Western Civilization.

  11. Buccaneer says:

    But despite these shocking statistics, the issue of illegal immigration has been impossible to discuss in polite company for decades. No matter how bad the problem became, to raise concerns about it would almost always lead to accusations of bigotry and xenophobia.

    What we have witnessed over the last two weeks—with enormous pro-Hamas rallies in cities like London, Paris, and Washington, D.C.—has the potential to change the immigration debate in a decisive way. It is much harder to pretend that allowing people to enter our country illegally is a moral good when you watch some of them celebrate mass murder in the streets of your capital cities.

  12. Rosie says:

    Occasionally we get an admission that failure to discriminate in relation to accepting people from this or that country by government has lead to poor outcomes but in the main judgements regarding who should come here have been a failure in the last couple of decades.
    I remember outrage that migrants from a couple of formerly warring countries of Europe were taking their grievances to the soccer stadium. Unacceptable enough for clubs to be banned.
    Now we must have increasing surveillance constantly on the watch for home grown terrorists and as CL has said none of this would have happened if we had not abandoned our our core values first.

  13. Buccaneer says:

    Not sure if this link will work, but you can find the article at RCP under the heading The Hard Truth Aout Immigration.

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