In 2278 words, the baffled Irish Examiner can’t identify a motive

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  1. NFA says:

    but, but, but, lgbtq+++ are for Islam

    We are Doomed

  2. NFA says:

    ‘Queers For Palestine’ March in Solidarity with Hamas
    By Robyn Dolgin

    The extent of the bizarre protest was captured by Ngo who was certain to include “radical feminists:”

    They were thrown into the coverage carrying an unrelated message on abortion that read: “Reproductive justice means free Palestine.”

    Putting aside the culture of misogyny toward women in Palestine, the hardcore feminists appeared ignorant of the fact abortion is banned in Palestinian territories, even in cases of rape or incest.

    Many of the Arab women seek abortion procedures in Israel, and take advantage of advanced healthcare services with the Israeli citizen absorbing the costs.

    “I Am Asking West, Do You Want to Create Another Crusader War Atmosphere?” – Turkish President Erdogan Warns of a Full-Scale War During a Massive Protest in Turkey (VIDEO)

  3. Tony Taylor says:

    “I couldn’t believe it. It just wasn’t him – he was giddy but wasn’t cruel or nasty,” one said.

    He was a smashing bloke; he used to give his muvva flowers and that.

    But the police have film of him kicking the other kids, ripping sinks off the wall, running around bare-chested with his wife trailing, being extremely intellectually challenged, being trouble from day one, behaving antisocially.

    Oh, yeah. There was that.

  4. Franx says:

    but, but, but, lgbtq+++ are for Islam

    In a sense, the absence of ‘conservative’ support for the plight of the Palestinians together with the universal failure of diplomatic and humanitarian resolve had very quickly left that plight and its struggle a largely vacant site subject to ‘colonisation’ by ideologies which would otherwise be anathema to the very cause now purported to be supported: for now, by joining, with those in support of Palestine, ideologies such as that espoused by LGBTQ are (in bad faith) appropriating the ultimate workings of justice and are asserting political influence while simultaneously weakening any opposition. Neat.

  5. NFA says:


    One question that I’d appreciate an answer from you.

    What does the so called Palestinian West Bank and Gaza export?

  6. Rosie says:

    The West including conservatives have tried for decades and in a million ways to resolve Palestinian problems but the only solution Palestinians are really interested in, is a final one, from the river to the sea.

  7. Tel says:

    Franx you are overthinking it, there’s a much easier explanation.

    Leftists are attracted by power … massive hypocrisy does not bother them because the people down the bottom of their movement (i.e. the useful idiots) are expendable … while the people up the top offer their verbal support as a way of virtue signalling, and to boost their personal popularity … they don’t actually believe any of the things they are saying.

  8. Ed Case says:

    From the link:

    A senior Garda source has confirmed that “€350,000-plus” found hidden in a suitcase in an upstairs bedroom that night is being investigated by the Criminal Assets Bureau.

    Uh huh.

    They are satisfied it is “not criminally linked” and are determining if a family could accumulate that amount of money solely on social welfare payments alone, as neither parent is employed.

    They are investigating the theory that the Palani family could have brought the sum into the country with them when they first came here.

    Lemmetellyuh, it’s a mystery, to be sure, to be sure.

  9. Megan says:

    The Irish Council of Imams condemned the killings at the time, saying that “murder is a horrific crime that cannot be justified by any means irrespective of the alleged motive or the identity of the perpetrator. Islam values and cherishes human life.”

    Yeah, we noticed.

  10. C.L. says:

    Irish Council of Imams

    What a sad little detail that is.

    Another in the Examiner’s article was this:

    When Palani was aged 10 or 11, local children invited him over to play football on the green. When he did, he began kicking the other children, not the football.

    It resulted in angry confrontations between parents and set the tone for all future interactions. The residents insist they are not racist, pointing to the fact they live amicably alongside Indian and Chinese neighbours.

    We’re not racist. We just want the people to come and live here peacefully,” they told the Irish Examiner.

    The Irish are all being trained now with the Brussels Catechism.

    And the corporates are doing their bit:

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