Army of Albos

The feminist Minister for Social Services wants to take over the character formation of boys:

Lesson 1: When girls are abducted and raped, don’t say both sides are to blame – like the ALP.
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7 Responses to Army of Albos

  1. Buccaneer says:

    Try find any statement Amanda Rishworth has made condemning the Hamas kidnapping, rape and murder of women and children. One might have thought, given how much of that material is easily available online, she might have said something about that..

  2. Boxcar says:

    She is planning to create a government approved male stereotype.
    For decades now, feminazis in politics have been working at emasculating our emerging generations.
    Gambling ads are now an approved stereotype.

  3. cuckoo says:

    $3.5 million? That barely buys you a logo and choice of font in Canberra these days.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    ‘harmful gender stereotypes”

    Does Rishworth have anything to say about trannies and their harmful gender stereotypes?

  5. Tel says:

    I’m fairly confident that the average 5 year old boy will be able to outsmart a committee of toxic feminists. Kids can quickly identify who is on their side and who hates them.

    Sadly the long suffering tax payers won’t ever see their money again … but that’s what happens with every government.

  6. Lee says:

    Lesson 1: When girls are abducted and raped, don’t say both sides are to blame – like the ALP.

    Labor/Greens: “But it’s different when our friends in Hamas do it, they are justified!”

    And so the one-sided assault on, and demonization of, Aussie boys and young men by extreme feminist harpies continues, backed by the government.

    No wonder Australian suicides are alarmingly the highest in that demographic.

  7. funes says:

    Perhaps se the money to find out why Men are not teaching anymore, that might help with promotion of good role models for boys at the right time. But no, the solution must be a) fixing a “male” problem and b) spent on useless feminist social workers and the like.

    Labor always know who is the enemy to attack and who their friends are to be supported.

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