You’re Welcome

An oppressed Wiradjuri man returns home from Denmark to give an oration at the ANU:

I drink from a bubbler and I give thanks for running water. That’s the measure of history, we have running water now. Thank you colonisation.”

– With “inherited trauma” as wellspring, Stan Grant can give mawkish homilies forever
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  1. Albos Toss says:

    Stan bells the cat without realising it. The invoice was massively offensive. 60 percent of us saw through the consultants bullshit and were offended by both the bullshit and the proposal. This mendacious grifter and the rest of his ilk should just piss off into ignominy. The news cycle has moved on and so should he. Undortunately, I suspect we can look forward to more sage insights on the Australian way of life from the hallowed halls of academia.

  2. Perfidious Albino says:

    It must really grate for Stan that his entire career and current platform, such as it is, not to mention his current partner, are the fruits of colonisation and western civilisation.

  3. Rosie says:

    Mawkish maudlin millionaire.

  4. Wally Dalí says:

    The hot misery of a man for whom the supply of racism will never meet his demand.

  5. Tony Taylor says:

    Stan says we rejected the voice because it was bruited as a “modest” proposal by political spinners, which we found easy to reject, and that it should have been sold as a big ticket item, which we would have embraced. Nonsense. We rejected it because we knew it was not modest, and we knew the spinners were lying (and we also knew it was a ridiculous idea to boot).
    Fortunately the voice post mortem will go on and on, and provide us with more similarly sophistic entertainment.

  6. Pommy Al says:

    Yes Stan, running water. Don’t forget the tanning salons.

  7. C.L. says:

    Stan and Noel are the Big Men of the Aboriginal Industry tribe.

    This was supposed to be their time.

    But they were trounced by Jacinta Price – a woman who didn’t know her place. They keep coming back to things she said or did.

  8. Rafiki says:

    It is a gross insult to Jacinta that he did not mention her by name. Probably down to his fear that Jacinta, along with SA Senator Jenner, may spearhead a competent and fearless phalanx of Aboriginal women who will severely reduce the influence of Stan, Noel, Mayo, the Dodsons, et al. Let’s hope so.

  9. Rohan says:

    But they were trounced by Jacinta Price – a woman who didn’t know her place. They keep coming back to things she said or did.

    All it’s doing is showing how petty they are, focusing on one tiny hicup in Price’s answer at the Canberra press club. They ignored the other components to that answer and the other answers to questions asked, with clarity, thought and conviction.

    They’re obviously grieving the loss of their percieved self importance and revelance, of which they had assumed they were entitled to as a birthright. Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has earnt hers the hard way and now she’s the superstar. That’s why they have their noses out of joint.

    It’s a wonderful thing.

  10. Buccaneer says:

    Stan Grant substantially misread the room and totally misunderstands both politics and what constitutes good governance and cultural success. He, like other voicers, thought that by entrenching a special privilege for one segment of the community, that part of the community would garner respect and success. History tells us that neither of those things would follow, indeed, the no campaigners and Price in particular have done the genuine indigenous community a great service, for they would never have wanted the millstone of guilt and recompense being afforded the afrikaaner community in South Africa. His own words betray his mindset.

    The Voice appeals to representative politics at a time when the democratic world is questioning whether old-school liberalism can possibly answer the questions of a crowded, contested, globalised twenty-first century world.

    He appears to think that Australians were not entitled to vote, that a special privilege for his people was a self evident right. I’d also note that it’s the non democratic world that has always questioned whether the rights of the individual should compete with the rights of the collective. It’s just that collectivists like Stan, think they should be the beneficiaries of the apex of collectivisation when they are too deluded to see that they are chum for the sharks of the movement.

  11. C.L. says:

    It’s a wonderful thing.

    It really is.

    Stan Grant substantially misread the room…

    Plus, I think he actually likes being a grievance mystic.

  12. Lee says:

    I remember Stan Grant back in the very early days when he started out, but I don’t recall him indulging in self-pity and whining until middle age.

    Life has been very good to him, more so than for the vast majority of Australians.

  13. jupes says:

    … the early deaths, the youth suicides, the lives lost to imprisonment, the snotty noses, itchy skin, and dazed look of another generation of inherited trauma – the solemn truth of what a nation has done to the First People …

    Yeah, nah. If anything, it’s inherited dysfunction, encouraged by the Aboriginal industry. The people most responsible, and most able to do something about it, are not the “nation”, the taxpayer, the bureaucrats or the government. It’s Aboriginal parents. Keep your children clean, feed them, send them to school and send them to bed. Take responsibility for fucks sake!

  14. Mantaray says:

    jupes (2.19pm). You are correct. Nearly all that stuff the Tan Man is whining about is happening in remote areas where the 150,000 mostly-actual-Aborigines live….not where he and the 80% (600,000) other identifiers with no skin name, dreaming, initiation, etc etc live. Which takes us back to….

    Where’s all the remote-directed dough going? Where’s the $40 billion ending up each year? How much is the average home of the average Aboriginal Industry grifter worth? What’s Noel and Mayo and Marcia and Megan and Pat’s NETT WORTH. A thousand times that of the average remote-living actual-Aborigine maybe?

    (Editor: what’s that maybe?)

  15. NFA says:

    Tan Rant, International Man of Grift.

  16. Christine says:

    I didn’t read Grant’s latest.
    He’s a strange one. Is he preaching or beseeching?
    I see him moving towards sainthood,
    on the verge of giving away all his wealth to needy Aboriginal families.
    I picture him in ragged clothes.

  17. Pat Mac says:

    Tan grant, wonderful!

    Obviously got no shame.

  18. Rabz says:

    He really needs to stop getting around in blackface as he looks utterly ridiculous.

    How anyone is meant to take him seriously is beyond me.

  19. Ed Case says:

    … that Stan is an Astroturfed Aborigine.
    Yeah, he’s got som e Aboriginal ancestry through his father, but what he’s saying originates with his handlers.
    Buffy Saint Marie is another example of the type.
    It turns out her family were saying in 1961 that her dad is 100% Italian, her mother is 100% English, and she’s a Pretendian.
    It hasn’t stopped her speaking on behalf of Canadian Indians ever since, so she’s got no shame and neitrher does Stan Grant.

  20. Davey Boy says:

    song for sTan, who is cracking that sads by all accounts:

    He has survived the white man’s world
    And the hurt and the torment of it all
    He has survived the white man’s world
    And you know you can’t change that.

    h/t NFA

  21. NFA says:

    Their ATO and RBA know the truth of how much money is paid into so called Australian ‘Non-Profits’ from overseas interests inimical to Australia.

    Elon Musk Blasts George Soros During Joe Rogan Interview: Accuses Him of ‘Fundamentally Hating Humanity’ and Manipulating Elections (VIDEO)
    by Jim Hᴏft Nov. 1, 2023 7:15 am

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