Synod this: Francis is seen by the faithful as an angry old crank

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  1. NFA says:


    Churches always need rituals and these are the exhausted rituals of the dying “Church of Francis.”

  2. NFA says:


    These links, 2 on Hungary and 1 on USA, are probably appropriate elsewhere but goes to show that Christianity is still hanging on in an anti-Christian West.

    Central Europe turns postliberal
    By Meg Hansen

    Building a Stronger Hungarian Community in Australia in the 21st Century

    The rise of MAGA Mike
    Don Surber

  3. Rosie says:

    I’ve been to two well attended papal addresses, one on New Year’s day 2022, iirc, though that one was accidental, I didnt know he did those and I was just going for a walk, though I’m sick of him too, he’s not going to tell me what to think about climate change.

  4. cuckoo says:

    somewhat like the Polish TV did with John Paul II on his visit to his homeland

    People who worked in Polish TV at the time have told me their orders were to avoid showing any of the thousands of young people who flocked to see JP2 and only show the elderly.

    Strikes me as interesting that the most recent winner of the Nobel Prize for literature is a convert to Catholicism.

  5. Rabz says:

    Barring a “mysterious” fatal accident, is there any other way of getting rid of him, e.g. is he in frail enough health to warrant the Ratzinger precedent? He certainly seems to be reaching that point.

    The man is a moral and spiritual vacuum as well as a total embarrassment.

  6. NFA says:


    A great image for All Souls Day.

  7. struth says:

    Again, I pop in for one minute and here is Rosie, the Pope’s main defender now backtracking faster than a Liberal party politician speaking the truth against the party wishes.

    She never promoted the jabs either.
    But hey, let’s keep the peace and let her insanity and wrongology go unchallenged.

    Stating truths and facts are OK until they infringe upon a peaceful existence.

    Carry on.

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