The never-ending suffering of contemporary Australian women

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  1. NFA says:

    Trans Mechanics, your time is NOW.

  2. Lee says:

    This is no ABC “scoop”, this has been going on for many years.

    It is terrible and exploitative, but it is already illegal, so what are the authorities going to do, make it even more illegal?

  3. C.L. says:

    I doubt it’s gender-driven alone, though, Lee.

    I’m sure there are thousands of blokes out there who know nothing about cars who were also ripped off. They’re just too embarrassed to tell anyone about it.

  4. NFA says:

    And some people get a higher quote because the trades person knows when someone is going to be trouble and will charge accordingly.

  5. C.L. says:

    Or the women didn’t explain what was wrong because they didn’t know.

    “OMG, it blew up or something, I dunno.”


    “Yeah, mate, my niece rang you earlier. I’m pretty sure it’s a buggered fan belt.”

    But hey, why trust Occam’s Razor when there’s a perfectly sinister explanation available?

  6. Petros says:

    They get confused when they are told that they’ve blown a trannie. Different worlds.

  7. Roger W says:

    She’s also desperately gathering together a few complaints over maybe a few decades. She is certainly herself no longer anywhere near her early 20s.

  8. Sahul Rex says:

    I think the woman that insisted she absolutely must be photographed with a glass of riesling in her hand sums up the priorities and give-a-shit factor of the victims in the story.

  9. Buccaneer says:

    Of course there is a difference in quote between my car won’t start and I need a new starter motor. One requires an investigation to find the actual problem the other is a straight replacement.

    That said, I’ve worked in the industry and still have had experiences where an attempt at rip off has happened, do people not think that also happens at your dentist too? The best one was a dealer that told me I needed front and rear brake pads on a car with 22000 km. I asked for the old pads at the end of the job, they rang back and apologised for the mistake.

  10. Megan says:

    Oh FFS! First off she calls a man for help. Second of all – Google the cost of the part then a rough estimate of labour costs involved. Then be prepared to haggle.

    Or a find a female mechanic. There are a few about since Kylie made it a thing on Neighbour’s. What 30 years back?

    Victimhood is a choice. Make better choice, snowflake.

  11. Sahul Rex says:

    I also like how the old man told her to ring around for a quote and she stopped after the first call to whip out the outrage

  12. Rosie says:

    I deliberately didn’t click on that article when it popped up on my feed.
    Having a trusted reliable mechanic is what smart people do, I went to the same lovely bloke for over twenty years.

  13. twostix says:

    The ABC slowly morphs into a cross between That’s Life and Woman’s Weekly.

  14. A reader says:

    It’s well known that mechanics always try to rip you off, male or female. If something really was bad they wouldn’t let you take the car because of duty of care. The dealer (car was under extended warranty arrangements) tried the pads thing with me for ages before they were actually due. Injector clean is another fake one. I call them out every time. It’s ridiculous but I’m a bloke so it’s not sex related

  15. Bushkid says:

    Yeah, Nah.

    The whole article looks pretty pathetic actually. Those “dumb birds” look like they were sourced from casting central specifically to look dumb to fit a narrative. If they’re real I’ll eat my hat.

  16. Lee says:

    With the old car, I used to pay circa $110 or so for an annual service at a generic mechanic’s.

    Since I got my new car a few years ago, I am having to pay $250 for servicing by the dealer I bought it from.

    Hyundai claim that if I go elsewhere that it voids the warranty, although one of my sisters and her hubby say that is untrue.

    Though I tend to believe my sister and BIL, I am not prepared to risk it.

  17. Lee says:

    A couple of years ago I had my annual servicing done at Hyundai, after which they told me something needed replacing within six months and it was going to cost about $500.

    I just ignored it, and last year after the annual service no mention was even made of the alleged problem of a year before, and there were no extra charges!

    Make of that what you will.

  18. and says:

    Clementine Fjord had some thoughts… well, she claims they’re thoughts.

    Astonishing moment feminist author Clementine Ford leaves Project hosts stunned by claiming marriage is ‘built on the oppression of women’

  19. funes says:

    Clementine Fjord had some thoughts

    She appears to be looking for a paid gig advising Women on making Good Life Choices using her Life Model. But seems her Life Model is not very good.

    What to do?

  20. struth says:

    What’s she doing out of the kitchen?

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