Vote 1: Chris Minns

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  1. Boambee John says:


    The (dis)honourable member for Vaucluse can probably afford an EV and paying more for electricity. Good for her, but others are not so fortunate.

  2. Rossini says:

    Minns should talk to the Victorian Liberals!

  3. Buccaneer says:

    Labor starting to realise their heartland is no longer a lock and the teal seats will never vote for them. They’ve snookered themselves, as the greens are better placed to inherit those seats than they are and this makes them vulnerable.

  4. jupes says:

    She says that as if it’s a bad thing.

    Too stupid to survive.

  5. Mantaray says:

    Boambee. Don’t know if you read JoNova…but here’s two links to have a chuckle at…..….EVs on the nose. And….…..wind Power on the nose.

    We already knbow about Pumped Hydro ans Solar, don’t we?

  6. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Vaucluse is in Wentworth, she’s simply parroting to her audience.

    The Liberals really need to walk away from electorates like Vaucluse and Wentworth.

  7. Entropy says:

    It doesn’t matter if car companies have yards full of unsold EVs and losing money on each one.
    Governments have regulated, made into law, that RVs have to be the future. And damn the practicalities.

  8. Entropy says:

    EVs. but RVs are the future too. We will all be trailer trash.

  9. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Chris Minns has also delayed the closure of Erarong

  10. Old School Conservative says:

    Minns has also reversed the unpaid police recruit training program.
    I’m sure he’s more conservative than Perrottet.

  11. Lee says:

    NSW Labor’s reversing the Coalition’s climate targets, cutting EV subsidies, extending coal fired eraring and delaying efforts to stop offshore gas drilling.

    That’ll anger so-called Liberals like Kean and Birmingham no end.

  12. Nos_Pullum says:

    Looks like Chris Minns likes being in government.

    Interesting to see what he does about transies in women’s sport etc.

  13. Buccaneer says:

    Minns knows the lefts culture war is a loser and time is up

  14. Entropy says:

    The Referendum perhaps has all sorts of secondary benefits

  15. Perfidious Albino says:

    Vote 1 common sense!

  16. Rabz says:

    Minns is a dork and a complete failure.

    I will never forgive him for his joke of a government’s completely unacceptable capitulation on the Monday evening after the atrocities in Israel.

    To see footage of nazis stomping around Sydney streets screeching “kill the Jews”, “Gas the Jews” while members of the utterly useless NSW police farce stand vacantly around doing bugger all to put a stop to it, is the stuff of nightmares.

    To reiterate, he is an absolute disgrace and I’d never vote for any Jew hating NSW labore imbecile in a million years.

  17. Entropy says:

    Well, Rabz is probably right, although I wonder if a Matt Kean dominated liberal party would have done anything differently. Maybe offer the protesters an apology?

  18. Rabz says:

    Don’t get me started on the gliberals, they’d have rolled out the red carpet, Entropy. Politics in this country is completely busted, as is our so called democracy. Not to mention our society and culture.

    Just look at what that stupid teal bint is whining about, for example. Unrepentantly anti-human policies (leavened with massive amounts of graft and blatant corruption) designed to destroy our standard of living, yet idiots continue to vote for ignorant disgusting sanctimonious hypocritical ahistorical cretins like sloane.

    Infuriating doesn’t even come close to describing it.

  19. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Definitely an increasing vibe that ordinary people are getting fed up.

    Germany’s “Green Craze” Is “Expensive, Destructive, Useless”… A “Total Failure” (31 Oct)

    Germany’s conservative Report 24 here looks at the country’s transition to renewable energies (die Energiewende), which despite earlier high hopes has since turned into an economic debacle under the leadership of Economics Minister Robert Habeck [of the Green Party]

    “The entire energy transition is a complete total failure. Even with the redistribution of hundreds of billions of euros, more economic damage has been done than any benefit achieved. And still we are extremely far away from the so-called ‘climate goals’ in terms of decarbonization,” so starts Report 24’s analysis.

    Even Bloomberg confirms the same.

    Not only has the German Energiewende been exorbitantly expensive, but it has also brought very little in terms of actual decarbonization. Moreover, it has fueled inflation and demolished living standards for working Germans.

    It’s been one giant wealth destruction machine.

    That’s Germany, but the spectacular increases in electricity and gas prices here over the last year will be squeezing the ordinary people like lemons. Add in the popular protests breaking out over wind turbines and solar farms, plus the rising number of negative articles in the press about EVs, and it smells like a turning point. Minns may’ve detected it too.

  20. Ed Case says:

    Minns didn’t have much choice about keeping Eraring going.
    Scotty’s Jobkeeper saved Australia, without that Eraring and all the Queensland CFPStations wouldna been needed.

  21. Boambee John says:


    Step away from the bong.

  22. Ed Case says:

    … that I wouldn’t be giving Minns much credit.
    Close Eraring in the current economy and both he and Albanese were goners in New South Wales at the next elections.
    Minns won’t spend tuppence on maintaining Eraring, though, so when it crashes and burns he’ll still blame Global Warming.

  23. Ed Case says:

    … Australia is the only country that emerged from Covid 19 that’s not a basket case now.
    Yeah, Scotty and Frydenberg put it on the MasterCard, but what was the alternative?

    I suspect we’ll be finding out witrh this current Government.

  24. Tel says:

    Ed … out of curiosity, has anyone ever taken your advice … and survived long enough to tell the story?!?

  25. Ed Case says:

    … yeah, come to think of it, the only time I ever offered anyone unsolicited advice
    was during a Cricket match about 40 years ago.
    Last man in was getting intensive coachingf from an old player who may or may not have been a fair cricketer once , along the lines of playing straight, forward defensive stroke, etc.
    Sound advice, if you’re Jack Hobbs.
    Anyway, i was soon out and as we passed I said

    Mate, all you’ve got to do is hit the ball.

    Guess what, Tel?
    That’s still good advice today.

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