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Aussie deep state still getting the hang of rigging a prosecution

Oops: Daniel Duggan: federal agent ‘regrets’ incorrect evidence in ex-US pilot case, court hears.

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The ABC lionises terrorist cockroach and his depraved mother

Freedom fighter: In the city of Tulkarem, a young militant’s death has left his mother ‘full of pride.’

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Report: Indigenous children 10.5 times more likely be in out-of-home care than non-Indigenous. I took a closer look at this story by examining the Family Matters annual report. But first, this: [Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care] chairman … Continue reading

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Furious Frank

September: Pope Francis: Forgiveness is the cure that heals ‘the poisons of resentment.’ Cardinal Burke is my enemy. So I take away his apartment and his salary.” – The notoriously vengeful Pope Francis to Vatican officials earlier this month

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Colleen’s Call

With her Irish up, Derry councillor Lilian Seenoi Barr blames you-know-who for the New Troubles.

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His street address and daily schedule are available on request

Who will rid us of this turbulent Tommy, Sadiq Khan’s helpful Metropolitan Police more or less ask: The Met would’ve charged the head: Six teens go on trial over 2020 beheading of French teacher.

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The only difference: Okie ogress doesn’t have a medical degree

Oklahoma woman, 44, is accused of ‘intentionally’ giving her mother, 72, a gun to commit suicide. Meanwhile: How voluntary assisted dying laws will work in New South Wales. They can either self-administer or have a doctor or nurse give them … Continue reading

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Who didn’t try to kill a Jew with a bomb when they were young?

Far left-wing ABC ‘reporter’ Riley Stuart is assured by Palestinian ex-cons that they’re all innocent.

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They said Dobbs would have consequences and they were right

Unemployed abortionists: Overturning of Roe v. Wade led to 32,000 additional births, study finds.

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The Doorman Conquest

Year 13 of Conservative Party rule: Net migration to UK hit record 745,000 in 2022, figures show.

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Airhead Albo

Newspoll: The government that abused voters as ‘racists’ for a year, made electricity a luxury and home ownership impossible ‑ then released murderers and rapists into the suburbs before inciting Nuremberg rallies nationwide ‑ suffers a shock drop in public … Continue reading

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The Great Replacement and Leo Varadkar’s loathing of the Irish

Rod Dreher essays the menace of ‘oikophobia’: The Phantom Menace of the Irish ‘Far Right.’

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Winston bin Laden

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He cannot turn his pope-ness on and off according to prejudice

The Jewish should be reassured that heterodox both-sider Francis no longer speaks for Catholics.

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Brave Taoiseach condemns imported Mohammedan death cult

Those involved brought shame on Dublin, brought shame on Ireland and brought shame on their families and themselves. They did so because they’re filled with hate. They love violence. They love chaos, and they love causing pain to others. As … Continue reading

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As I was saying fifty thousand men and fifty billion dollars ago:

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Inside every feminist heroine nowadays is a damsel in distress

Bruce Lehrmann grilled over moving drinks towards Brittany Higgins, demanding she skoll them.

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Muslims dumped in Ireland begin randomly attacking innocents

Because that’s what they do. Equally predictable:

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