Here’s why Gillard’s Royal Commission protected state schools

The MacGregor case appears to be far from an isolated incident.

Under cross-examination, the Victorian education department’s current deputy secretary David Howes said there appeared to be a historic practice of district inspectors shifting known child predators to other schools.

“The evidence would suggest to us it was a mechanism used by people in authority to manage these circumstances,” Dr Howes said.

If only they’d been free to marry. Multiply Victoria by six and we’re talking dozens, if not hundreds, of government-employed, unionised molesters and enablers. But the narratively rigged McClelland RC didn’t investigate any of them. Not one. Its applause-driven Get Pell campaign would have been ruined had its hearings been swamped with public servants. The meta-purpose of the Gillard circus was to protect the myth that secular humanists and the state are morally superior to Christians and the Church. They never were and they never will be. I have only two questions: will Victoria Police arrest still living “people in authority” and – if not – why not?

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  1. Lee says:

    Matt Walsh says this is rife in U.S. schools, but action is rarely taken because of unions.

  2. NFA says:

    I have only two questions: will Victoria Police arrest still living “people in authority” and – if not – why not?


  3. C.L. says:

    It sounds crazy but it’s almost as though the left only cares about rape when the alleged culprit is a conservative and they only care about child abuse when the alleged culprit is a Christian.

  4. Jannie says:

    You could go on CL. They only care about racism when the alleged culprit is a white person, they only care about sexism when the alleged culprit is a male. You could frame in many other ways.

    Its a perversion of Occam’s razor, slice away and the core problem emerges. Conservative, Christian, White, and Male.

  5. Roger W says:

    From Rochdale to October 7 the Left also seems blind to rape and murder by one particular religion.

  6. Boambee John says:

    Louise Milligan will have a ForkOrners program together in no time, and VicStasi will advertise for complainants today

  7. Buccaneer says:

    I had a class mate who was a victim of this stuff, the teacher was simply moved. I also have a friend that was a teacher who married an ex student under somewhat shady circumstances, he ended up moving from an urban area to a regional one, it was presented as a choice but I doubt it really was.

  8. Tel says:

    Anyone who has been through Australian government schools knows that teachers don’t get fired … for any reason. They sometimes move them around if parents start to bring pressure.

  9. NFA says:

    Australian “lawyers” have more important items on their agenda.

    I’m not signing Australian lawyers’ open letter concerning Gaza

  10. Old Lefty says:

    One thing we can learn from the Marxists is to look for economic self-interest. Mind you, that’s not particularly new or Marxist – ‘cui bono’, as the Romans used to ask. The Gillard-McClellan sham royal commission was obviously the spawn of a grubby under-the-table political deal to spare Gillard’s left faction constituency in the public-sector unions. That it served the wokist war on our Judeo-Christian heritage was a bonus. The corrupt and contemptible Stalinist political prosecution of Cardinal Pell was, of course, part of the same culture war.

    But the stuff now coming out in Tasmania and Victoria shouldn’t be a surprise. Justice Wood’s royal commission in NSW in the 90s exposed all the same pathologies in the NSW Department of Education. For that, and for exposing the industrial-scale exploitation of underage boys in and around Darlinghurst, Wood has been vilified by the gay lobby and the left ever since as a reactionary purveyor of moral panic and a fascist redneck homophobe. The McClellan sham pointedly ignored all his work.

  11. Lee says:

    The ABC in denial that this is happening:

    Somehow, I think it would be headline news at the ABC if they were Christian schools (but not Muslim ones).

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