The ABC cites Hamas-aligned CAIR in ‘both sides’ bullshit story

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8 Responses to The ABC cites Hamas-aligned CAIR in ‘both sides’ bullshit story

  1. Lee says:

    Funny how the ABC rarely uses the “both sides” argument for any sort of reporting or commentary outside of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    I suppose it’s got to try and justify its partisan support of the Palestine-Hamas terrorist state.

  2. Riversutra says:

    And of course the only student incident of Islamophobia that actually is identified is by Dua:

    Dua is an intern at CAIR

    Again, things that never happened # 7,832.
    They- the ABC-don’t even care if it’s made up as long as it fits The Narrative.
    Publish and be dammed indeed.

  3. Tel says:

    Being a white male and even mildly conservative will make you a target on any US college campus … strangely those guys don’t bother moaning about it but they have slowly got the hint and stopped bothering to go to college.

    Being Asian, you would be lucky to even get into college these days … after they apply climate-change adjustments to your test scores. Those guys don’t complain either, they just keep getting higher and higher test scores.

  4. Jannie says:

    University Campuses are a foreign country, enemy territory.

  5. Lee says:

    Mark Steyn:

    A post-war German could more or less reasonably claim, “Well, it just never occurred to me the government would kill six million people. I mean, why would it? Nobody had ever done that before.” As I said a month ago:

    The reason the Germans had to hold their Wannsee conference in secret is because, if they had announced in public they were going to kill all the Jews, even your average quiet-life keep-your-head-down Kraut might have felt a bit queasy about it.

    Since I wrote that, kill-all-the-Jews has gone mainstream on the streets of almost every western capital. And, unlike such vital questions as who Laurence Fox is prepared to shag, polite society seems very relaxed about it.

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