Wanted: Dumb lesbians, trans-midgets and brown mediocrities

A feminist Vice-chancellor bans high achievers: QUT defends removing ‘merit’ from hiring policy.
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22 Responses to Wanted: Dumb lesbians, trans-midgets and brown mediocrities

  1. NFA says:

    You certainly can’t show up the existing dumb incumbents… that wouldn’t be equality.

  2. C.L. says:

    Everything she says in that report is code for banning white men and Asians.

  3. Roger W says:

    Assume she is the first example of this idea of not employing based on merit?
    No-one this stupid could have possibly been employed based on merit.

  4. Pommy Al says:

    Professor Sheila probably thinks test tubes are where babies come from.

  5. Entropy says:

    In their zeal to promote those who are not those with the most merit, they do not realise they are opening the hanger doors to cronyism and even nepotism. Or maybe they do.

  6. twostix says:

    She dismissed suggestions that the hiring process should be colourblind, saying that was impossible in practice.

    It is indeed, impossible.

    Thanks for the honesty sister.

    Signed, every person who has to work alongside these fraudulent ethnic imbeciles that are being rammed into every aspect of white societies by a deranged ruling class gripped by a maniacal desire to run us out of our own society.

  7. twostix says:

    The Optus outage was caused by Indian fuckups.

    100% guarantee it.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    QUT defends removing ‘merit’ from hiring policy.


  9. Entropy says:

    On an unrelated matter, I do appreciate the links CL provides to the right about saints, of which I know very little. The current one, Elisabeth of Hungary, underlines how much history European countries have.

  10. Petros says:

    There go my dreams of living in a meritocratic utopia. We were so close.

  11. Christine says:

    “Outgoing” scientists to be favoured over quieter ones. Academic eager for bubbly personalities.
    She also wants diversity in “orchestra recruitment”; could that mean mixed-race players of unusual instruments? Places must be allocated.

    Relentless feminists, hell-bent on taking over absolutely everything.
    Twostix is right – they’re deranged.

  12. Tom Atkinson says:

    She’s wrong. The whole basis of her stance is wrong. Some appointments are truly based on merit.

  13. John Brumble says:

    “It’s not possible to be blind to colour”.

    No, madam. It’s not possible for YOU and people like you to be blind to colour. You just think your own prejudice is shared by everyone.

  14. NFA says:

    Hopefully QUT will offer a course in “dwarf tossing” for tossers to mark the new diktat.

    Professor Sheil said she was the first female professor of chemistry in Australia and has subsequently spent her life trying to get more women into science.

    QUT claims the suitability assessment is based on the Queensland Public Service Commission’s hiring strategy.

    I wonder what she prepared in chemistry?

  15. Mak Siccar says:

    I’m seriously crest fallen to state that I taught structural engineering subjects there in 1998. Un-bloody-believable what this world is coming to. I despair!

  16. Lee says:

    That’s all we need: universities turning out idiots or under-qualified to fly planes, do air traffic control, build bridges and buildings, perform surgery, the list goes on and on …

    What the hell is the point of “higher learning” then, if it’s not meritocratic?

  17. twostix says:

    This is in no way limited to uni’s, or even starting there. Megacorp I just worked for, has in its yearly goals for ‘People Leaders’, a hard goal of demonstrating that you have increased ‘diversity’ in your team.

    What this means on the ground in Australia, to achieve max bonus each year you’re supposed to demonstrate that you got rid of a white aussie developer / SRE / PM / BA, etc – that being one of the people who through their sweat and tears built the thing that makes all the money that pays the bonuses in the first place. Then you either have to hire a local woman (next best thing) with those exact technical skills from a pool of about two people, or – and this is what they really want and are getting – HR provide a list of semi-literate Indian bozos who have an Indian Gov’t (increasingly Australian Gov’t) approved fraudulent cereal box degree, who with the aid of the company, are either poised to, or have already walked into Australia via immigration fraud – either overt or covert. And aside from the obvious, are at absolute best only about 70% of the local guy, intellectually, creatively, on any metric.

    So you do that, or else you forgo a chunk of personal income that year. That’s how they do it.

    Fortunately there’s still a little bit of solidarity around – or perhaps it’s just self interest after seeing the chaos other teams gain thanks to ‘diversity’, and many people lie up the chain all day long. Claiming neurodiversity is a sneaky little way out (hello Autism and Aspergers Dept., can we get a self diagnoses thanks?).

    Let us see if the offices in India, China and Japan have the same goals tied to their manager’s bonuses to rid the company of Indian men, Chinamen and Japanese men and replace them with Anyone But Natives(tm), (spoiler: they don’t).

  18. jupes says:

    She also wants diversity in “orchestra recruitment”; could that mean mixed-race players of unusual instruments? Places must be allocated.

    Beethoven with a didgeridoo. You know you want to hear it!

  19. Lee says:

    Beethoven with a didgeridoo. You know you want to hear it!

    Lefties bang on all the time about “diversity,” but when whiteys do diversify and adopt or take on something from “coloured” culture or society they are damned as evil racists and accused of “cultural appropriation.”

  20. Tiny Dancer says:

    As a lawyer and father of a student studying law at QUT, I can say, without hesitation, that their teaching standards are dreadfully poor. Their claim to prepare students for the real world is a joke.

  21. C.L. says:

    QIT (as it used to be) formerly had an extremely solid reputation. The rot began when they replaced the I with a U.

  22. Ed Case says:

    QUT’s building program is very solid.
    They’ve been continually building or doing fitouts there for at least 20 years.
    The average lifespan of a classroom must be about 5 years.

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