Extremist Simon Birmingham stands with Labor and the Greens

The Senate Liberal leader helped to sink Alex Antic’s attempt to ban the mutilation of children.
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20 Responses to Extremist Simon Birmingham stands with Labor and the Greens

  1. NFA says:

    “All I was asking for here was for this bill to be referred off to a hearing, it’s just getting evidence before the Senate,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

  2. Buccaneer says:

    The evidence for using puberty blocking drugs to treat young people struggling with their gender identity is “very low”, an official review has found.

    NICE found it was difficult to draw conclusions from existing studies because of the way they had been designed.
    They were “all small” and didn’t have control groups, which are used to directly compare the effect of different treatments.
    There were other issues with the studies too, such as not describing what other physical and mental health problems a young person may have alongside gender dysphoria.
    The review said there was “very little data” on any additional interventions – such as counselling or other drug treatments – the young people may have had alongside taking puberty blockers, and this could bias the results.
    The impact of puberty blockers on bone density has been raised as a potential concern by some experts previously.
    However, NICE found that without a “comparator group”, it was not known whether any observed changes in bone density “are associated with GnRH analogues or due to changes over time”.
    Some argue that carrying out a controlled trial – which would provide better quality evidence – might be difficult because of the potential impact on mental health if treatment is withheld in one group.
    NICE accepted this, but said offering psychological support to compare puberty blockers “may reduce ethical concerns in future trials”.
    The review found no evidence of cost-effectiveness of treatment.

  3. bollux says:

    The best place for a liberal “wet” is deck cargo on a submarine.

  4. jupes says:

    Why Alex Antic remains in an extreme left party is beyond me.

  5. C.L. says:

    Note how the media’s style guide has Birmingham and his ilk as “moderates.”

  6. Lee says:

    Who needs the ALP and the Greens when the Libs have fifth columnists in its own ranks?

  7. Ed Case says:

    The bottom line is that Gender Dysphoria is a Mental Illness, whatever it’s called.
    Most people are aware of someone wth a Mental Illness and don’t want to see treatment withheld when the sick person wants the treatment.
    Reminds me of the Doctor who wrote a lot of Workers Compensation certificates:
    he told me that anyone who didn’t want to work was sick in the head, so the least he could do was write them time off work.
    It’s a wedge issue, similar to SSM.

  8. Buccaneer says:

    Ed, ok with unproven treatments that we know end in permanent sterility among other issues, for children. Apparently calling something a wedge issue makes it ok to no longer protect children.

  9. Ed Case says:

    Permanent sterility for Transsexuals?
    Unless there’s some amazing breakthrough, it’s sorta inevitable, isn’t it?

  10. Buccaneer says:

    For decades, follow-up studies of transgender kids have shown that a substantial majority — anywhere from 65 to 94 percent — eventually ceased to identify as transgender.

  11. Buccaneer says:

    Please, Ed, tell us how you think a child should be able to transition their gender with no pathway to go back.

  12. Ed Case says:

    I don’t really care, I don’t think most people really care, and I think Birmo is correct in declining the opportunity to grasp the tarpaper with both hands.
    Antic is from the Zed Selesja school of Senators, that guy pushed a similar line, couldn’t even find 34% of votes to save the Liberals A.C.T. seat in 2022.

  13. Tel says:

    The Constitution of Australia is clear and unambiguous … the Commonwealth has no authority over health practitioners, nor any medical issue. This is a matter for the states.

    Fair enough to put something in place to stop Commonwealth funding … hard to say whether future governments will simply ignore this but at least in the short term it might help.

  14. Buccaneer says:

    Ed, I don’t think it’s a great surprise to anyone who’s been reading this blog for any period of time, that you don’t care about the welfare of vulnerable children. Just like you don’t seem to care too much about facts, logic or even proper use of English. Using the ACT as a proxy for the rest of the country was exposed as total folly by the voice.

  15. Entropy says:

    What buccaneer said.

  16. Fat Tony says:

    Using the ACT as a proxy for the rest of the country

    The ACT is more of a pox on the rest of the country…

  17. Ed Case says:

    Ed, … you don’t care about the welfare of vulnerable children.

    Well, if questioning their Gender is your criteria for Vulnerability, Legislating to deny them access to medication that might ease their feelings of vulnerability doesn’t sound like a caring response.
    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty:
    You’ve gotta dude who wants to become a chick, or vice versa, clearly they haven’t got a solid grip on reality.
    Their problem is emotional, psychic, and it’s happening in the here and now.
    Well, sorry, but we can’t help you because there might be some risk to your fertility if you ever decide to reverse sex and become a parent
    is unlikely to assist the situation.

  18. Buccaneer says:

    Ed, they are vulnerable because they are children (and possibly going through puberty), I can’t believe I need to say that, but it neatly sums up how facile almost all your comments are. I’d hope that most children can have the support and time to be able to ‘get a grip on reality’. You seem unfazed that some folks might want to abbreviate a child’s journey in that respect.

  19. Bushkid says:

    Buccaneer says:
    18 November, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    I’d add that any surgeon who would take a scalpel to the breasts of a young girl/woman, or to the penis and testes of a young boy/man would have to be a pretty sick individual.
    Altering their hormonal balance at such a critical time in their development is not as visually radical, but is equally damaging and equally abhorrent.
    Why make such devastating and permanent alterations to their physiology and bodies, instead of giving sensible and common sense counselling to guide them through what is recognised as a difficult developmental time in their lives?
    Such counselling and support has been specifically outlawed – Why?????
    The fact that it is currently “legal” to mutilate the bodies of confused or worried teenagers does not make it safe, medically right, moral or sane.
    Remember, all the atrocities committed by the n*zis, including the “medical experiments”, were – at the time – “legal” and “justified” under German law and in the eyes of those who performed them.

  20. NFA says:

    And then came ….

    The Rise of Ethical Cannibalism
    Edward J. Erler – Salvo 11.14.2023

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