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Peter Dutton on Voice insurrection and the war on Christianity

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Sign Me Up

NBC reporter says it’s the “far right” that opposes children being served up for “drag brunch.”

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Without a DFAT script, Airbus Albo bungles the bread 'n' butter

Gored of the Jungle: Small Business Minister flounders on detail as Liberal MPs bare their teeth. For the second day in a row, Small Business Minister Julie Collins has failed to answer two key questions about how many small businesses … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Our bombing of nuclear reactor a Russian war crime

Is the unhinged Zelensky trying to cause a European nuclear disaster? Leaving aside Ukraine’s now customary torture chamber theatre, in the above-linked report the ABC uncritically retails misinformation that is not only highly dangerous but comically disingenuous: Ukraine narrowly escaped … Continue reading

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BA graduates tell women what sort of things they want to hear

Priority: WA Government set to modernise state’s abortion laws, following community consultation. We want to hear what their experience has been like and how they think abortion should look in Western Australia. This is not a debate about whether abortion … Continue reading

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Pretty much explains everything

Twitter before Elon vs Twitter after Elon — Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen) November 19, 2022

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Labor agrees to rob Aussies to compensate “drowning” islands

Fury as Albanese signs Australia up to $2T fund to pay poor countries affected by climate change.

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Tough But Fair

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The Rorta Rorta people are often mistaken for Irish redheads

Victorian Labor candidate Lauren O’Dwyer’s Aboriginal heritage claim disputed by relative.

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Status Quo Ante Bedlam

TWO tragedies that illustrate for the discerning the state and moral quiddity of Australian foreign policy – and therefore of Australia itself – were in the news last week, actually or by implication. The first was a rapprochement with the … Continue reading

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Only Slightly Less Annoying

Triumphant right-wing tweeters tweeting about mournful left-wing tweeters tweeting about Twitter.

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For the first time, Teddy Kennedy protocol applied to an Arab

Biden Administration Requests Immunity for Saudi Crown Prince MBS in Khashoggi Case.

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Taiwanese told: No tickee, no laundry

Values: Anthony Albanese signals Australia unlikely to back Taiwan free-trade entry request. Anthony Albanese has signalled Australia is unlikely to support Taiwan’s entry into one of the biggest free-trading blocs just days after meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping. A bipartisan … Continue reading

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John Howard, 83, is a presidential term older than Joe Biden

His 10-minute encomium at the memorial service for Peter Reith today was delivered off-the-cuff.

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ACT set to introduce bill of attainder to get Bruce Lehrmann

Suspending the rights of one man or class of accused was always the goal of #MeToo fascists.

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Fresh from anti-semitic vote at the UN, Ukraine bombs Poland

The penny drops (as $ubtly as its ordnance): Ukraine wants more assistance for a ‘missile shield.’ This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying our confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and they are openly lying. This is more … Continue reading

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3,612 Coalition soldiers were killed for this neo-con triumph

Taliban adopts full Sharia law in Afghanistan: Judges ordered by Islamist group’s leader to enforce stonings, floggings and limb amputations. Taliban chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted late on Sunday that the ‘obligatory’ command by Hibatullah Akhundzada came after the secretive … Continue reading

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In an Australian first, taxpayers have given $475m to torturers

UN investigation finds both Russia and Ukraine tortured POWs, used beatings and electric shocks.

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