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How long would she have lasted as an unvaxxed Australian?

Cold case team shines new light on who may have revealed Anne Frank’s hiding place.

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National Lampoon’s Vaccination

Wally World: Did you know you’re just a shot away from completing your “vaccination journey?”

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KKK wants Australian vaxx critics to be arrested or something

Government accused of double standard over Djokovic case and anti-vaccine-mandate MPs. Government told to pull MPs against vaccine mandates into line after Djokovic case — ABC News (@abcnews) January 17, 2022

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“Hadley told Mr Perrottet he was being leaked against”

Just like his mattress: Ray Hadley accuses Dominic Perrottet of calling him a ‘bedwetter’.

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Today’s record Qld death toll: five of the seven fully vaccinated

But ‘71 per cent of deaths’ has no business being in a headline. Time for a Stark New Statistic: Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard issued a stark new statistic based on numbers coming from hospitals around the state, saying … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s death toll in NSW – censored by the media again

“Of the 20 people who died; 14 people were vaccinated and six people were not vaccinated.”

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Morrison’s Border Force strip-searched Czech doubles player

The 38 year-old may sue: ‘I felt like a criminal’: Renata Voracova on being kicked out of Australia. I was worried. I didn’t feel safe until I was back home, nothing was certain. It was as if I were watching … Continue reading

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Court dismisses the rule of law, upholds neurotic vaxxer vibe

Yes, Mr Farage, we are a banana republic. We have the yellow, bent federales to prove it.

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How to tell you’ve made it as a nationally promising Republican

The Florida Governor is destined for DC: DeSantis’ Democrat challenger compares him to Hitler.

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News Corp: Half of all covid ICU patients in NSW are vaccinated

Or, as the company’s style-guide requires them to put it: Half of NSW ICU cases unvaccinated. Brad “Health” Hazzard ignored the embarrassing truth and got staff to find a better statistic: [Mr] Hazzard said that all of the six people … Continue reading

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It was a dark and Stormy Daniels night…

Michael Avenatti says guards only let him read Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ in Manhattan federal jail.

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Rational Triage: Let The Culture of Death Die

SORRY, Dr Srivastava, but there is nothing special about your bile. The highly respected oncologist tells us nothing about that unvaccinated man or that cancer-stricken lady. For all we know, he had perfectly good reasons to abstain from the (now … Continue reading

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I’m not so sure

Thinking for yourself is highly contagious. — $inclair Davidson (@SincDavidson) January 15, 2022

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Pandemic of The Humiliated

It kind of seems like not everyone is playing by the rules of how Tennis Australia and the government have been putting things. A very small group chose to follow their own way and it kind of makes the majority … Continue reading

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Canberra’s best and brightest

• Australia declares Djokovic a risk to civil order and public health. • ASIO received repeated warnings about Man Monis, inquest hears.

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By hook or by sook

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa ahead of Australian Open.

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Why Hillsong’s Jehovah bop became a distraction squirrel

• NSW records 29 COVID-19 deaths and 63,018 new cases. (ABC). • NSW deadliest day of pandemic so far. (News Corp). • NSW records 63,018 new COVID-19 cases and 29 deaths. (Fairfax). Because the official figures – censoriously excluded from … Continue reading

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She’d do it herself if her lumbago wasn’t playing up today

Jacqui Lambie demands Hillsong be ‘slapped down’ over footage of youths dancing amid ban.

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