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The Eagle Has Crash-Landed

The Times dresses Azov Hitlerites as Tommys: Azovstal steelworks battle was Ukraine’s Dunkirk.

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Adam Is Disgusted

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Great Endorsements of History

How did you stay awake? You must have had a glass of wine.” – Peter Dutton asks Erin Molan how she got through the NSW Liberal campaign launch

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The Liberal Party throttles an MP who stood up to violent men

Victorian MP Moira Deeming replaced Bernie Finn. Both have been expelled for Christianity. This is not an issue about free speech but a member of the parliamentary party associating with people whose views are abhorrent to my values, the values … Continue reading

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Doomed Sentiment

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One Ping Only

I was somewhat surprised that ASIO chieftain Mike Burgess joked about “top tools” in his Annual Threat Assessment. The treatment of Daniel Duggan – thrown into a terrorist’s cell in Silverwater on the orders of the same bent US officials … Continue reading

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British Tories now draw inspiration from the old East Germany

Peter Hitchens: Making women wage slaves suits everyone – except women and children.

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The Welsh government quietly abolishes private property rights

Licences to let and rent may be revoked: Landlords to receive anti-racism and hate crime training.

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Vote for the Voice and expect to be thrown off more beaches

Outraged locals lash out after being blocked from accessing their favourite beach – Aboriginal group’s successful native title claim.

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Man-made virus born of contempt for accountability and reason

US lab leak: It’s unclear if central banks can contain the international banking crisis, analysts warn.

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Crossdresser Dick Levine says White House backs mutilation

The Free World: Hormone therapy for trans kids supported at ‘highest levels’ of Biden admin.

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GOP contender loses the Teddy Roosevelt impersonator bloc

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Under Attack From Within

JUST as he chose the wrong day to quit smoking, News Corp chose a bad one to ride to the rescue of the anarchic “rules-based international order.” Two of Rupert Murdoch’s national dailies – The Australian and the Wall Street … Continue reading

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Editorial in The Australian: Democracy is a threat to democracy

It seems there’s a new gang of cancellers in town: woke neo-cons. DeSantis slips up on Ukraine. If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis really does want the Republican Party’s nomination for next year’s US presidential election he will need to show … Continue reading

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What they want for you: microwaved insects in a 15-minute city

New hoax: Health impacts from gas stoves in Australian kitchens under microscope in new study.

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Not Much of A Mannix

IN 1965, Queen Elizabeth appointed Robert Menzies Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, an ancient and prestigious ceremonial office whose obsolete jurisdictional function, from the 1100s, centered on provisioning ships for coastal defence, well before the founding of the Royal … Continue reading

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Have you noticed the AUKUS question reporters haven’t asked?

Were Aborigines consulted about acquiring nuclear subs and burying the waste? If not, why not?

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Replacing the population, arresting Christians, razing families

The Tories: Jeremy Hunt wants a million more women in jobs as he unveils free childcare boost.

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