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Notorious ‘fact check’ department dogma-bombs Senator Price

The task: Round up some angry academics and get them to fulminate about a subjective opinion.

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Ukraine sacks wigged psychopath with scones in his brassiere

It platformed Cirillo until he declared the regime would kill its critics, à la Mivtza Za’am Ha’el. If the Ukrainians want to hire weirdos to threaten Americans and others for speaking their mind, I guess that’s their right. They shouldn’t … Continue reading

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What the customers at Paddington PO are feeding a rubbish bin

A very pleasing picture but Roger Franklin is sensibly leery of hubris: Flagging a mild concern.

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China isn’t threatening your freedom. Western governments are

Rumble's response to the UK Parliament's letter to our CEO @chrispavlovski — Rumble – 🏴‍☠️ $RUM (@rumblevideo) September 20, 2023

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Albanese blocks inquiry from investigating Labor governments

No decisions taken by state and territory governments will be examined by the Covid-19 inquiry.

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The Russell Brand situation

IT is impossible to be more impartial about a man than I am about Russell Brand. That’s because the hyperactive and garrulous comedian-cum-commentator with a Big Ben ego and a Janis Joplin wardrobe is as far from my cup of … Continue reading

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Authoritarian Commies

Squishy, fishy Rishi: Sunak planning to drop net zero policies in pre-election challenge to Labour.

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Daniel Andrews promises 1538 new houses a week for 10 years

Like President Kennedy’s moonshot set to the Benny Hill theme: Victoria to build 800,000 homes.

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News Corp: Ukraine used terrorist missiles in market slaughter

The Australian, yesterday: Australian doctor Craig Jurisevic exposes the horrors of Russian attack. Damning evidence has emerged confirming the Russian military used outlawed flechettes – tiny steel nails with barbed tail fins deemed illegal by the Internat­ional Criminal Court – … Continue reading

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When genuine assaults don’t keep up with ideological demand

Bettina Arndt: Inflating campus sexual assault statistics: 275 a week is feminist disinformation.

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EU pawn Donald Tusk struggling to rein in Law and Justice lead

But race is tight: As Poland’s fateful elections near, Hungarians have a reason to hold their breath.

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A Portrait of the Western World As An Old Man

A Danish artist has been ordered to repay a museum after delivering blank canvases. And then you get an artist Who says he doesn’t want to paint at all So he takes an empty canvas And he sticks it on … Continue reading

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An equal and opposite reaction to homo-extremism in the West

The abomination normalised at the start of this ABC article is precisely why Iraq is cracking down.

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One of the most hilarious and savage goodbyes ever published

Kurt Schlichter at Townhall: That Miserable Bag Of Goo Mitt Romney Slinks Away Humiliated.

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Must-read: Tim Blair on Senator Price and the Jim Crow media

The Age’s coverage of Jacinta Price’s NPC speech erased a strong black woman for dissenting. An Aboriginal woman of note arrives for a major engagement in Canberra. Instead of the impressive venue used previously for similar events, however, she is … Continue reading

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Shadow Attorney-General: Margaret Thatcher would absolutely support Anthony Albanese and the ruination of the Constitution

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The ‘clean energy super highway’ is really a Reichsautobahn

When they came to us, one of the first things out of their mouth was that they have powers of acquisition.” – Tasmanian farmer Scott Colvin has been told by AusNet that his property isn’t really his

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Slim Pickings at the End of History

Peter Dutton and Warren Mundine should be fixing bayonets, not consoling their devious enemies DESPITE the polls and the victory laps, I still think the Yessers could Matilda their way to a win on 14 October. The media will sell … Continue reading

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