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Looks like lefties picked the wrong month to quit crying

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Germany runs out of gas while fighting the Russians – again

Then and now. — James Melville (@JamesMelville) June 24, 2022

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Surprise endorsement

Q+A panellists back Labor’s grand plan on rewiring the energy grid but warn ‘it won’t be easy.’

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Liberal Party heavyweight solves Australia’s energy emergency

A number of the generators that we rely on to produce our electricity haven’t come online in the way we expect them to. We’re not telling people to turn off their heating… we’re just saying maybe if you’re running the … Continue reading

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Warmists said that ‘climate change’ would cause island nations to sink, bringing on a refugee catastrophe – and they were right

■ Sri Lanka takes war against chemical fertilizer to COP 26. ■ ‘It will be hard to find a farmer left’: Sri Lanka reels from rash fertiliser ban. ■ Sri Lanka on the verge of ‘humanitarian emergency’, hundreds boarding boats … Continue reading

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What Becomes of the Broken Minded?

New Zealand unveils plan to slap a tax on cow and sheep burps to cut greenhouse gas methane.

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Fakes On A Plane

They’re laughing at us: Corporate jets to escape EU’s ‘green’ aviation fuel tax. (Via Gabby 🙂).

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Ian Verrender blames Liberals for not inventing unicorn power

What should the new government do about a gas crisis that has been 15 years in the making? On a macro level, the obvious culprit — at least in recent months — has been Vladimir Putin and his reckless disregard … Continue reading

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Blaming ScoMo is becoming their most promising renewable

I’m not blaming them for flooding and coal mines or the Ukrainian situation or coal supply issues. What I am blaming them for very clearly is a lack of a coherent policy. Renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy. … Continue reading

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The art of the teal: “It is the government’s absolute policy”

Endorsed by China: Scott Morrison forced to clarify net zero commitment amid Coalition division.

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‘A milestone in the global battle against the climate crisis’

It lasted seven months: World’s Largest Carbon Removal Plant ‘Orca’ Freezes Over In Iceland.

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Not Zero Hero

Power not Poverty: Brexit leader Nigel Farage launches campaign against ‘net zero madness’.

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Don Squixote

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How to incite a revolution: Young will pay for the ‘pandemic’…

…and be drafted to fight a war for Western ‘values.’ Still not enough, says the House of Lords.

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Putin Clobbers Murdoch

LESS than six months after News Corp launched its bizarre mission zero 2050 campaign to nudge Australia “on a path to a net zero future,” Russia’s Ukraine adventurism has razed it to rubble. You might remember the widely mocked wraparounds … Continue reading

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Sleeper Joe: What would a Putin agent have done differently?

Not just Keystone: Biden Killed The Israel-Europe EastMed Pipeline – How’s That Looking Now?

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Scott Biden

• PM tells NSW government ‘no’ for proposed offshore petroleum exploration. • NSW won’t support further offshore mining and exploration permits.

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Morrison to spend imaginary billion on imaginary problem

Scotty from scuba diving: Morrison promises extra $1 billion to save the Great Barrier Reef.

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