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His next girlfriend, currently 11, running out of time to be legal

Like a movie, “there is a ticking clock.” Leonardo DiCaprio – Earth ‘Literally’ Has Nine Years Left.

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By 2030, no Australian brainchild will be living in poverty

Anthony Albanese says Labor’s long-awaited emissions reduction target will help to create jobs, cut power bills and reduce emissions… Mr Albanese said the policy would create an additional 604,000 jobs by 2030, with the majority in regional Australia and spur … Continue reading

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We Brought The Iceberg

Australians travel to Glasgow to join Greta Thunberg and thousands at youth-led protests. Another creative demonstration in the city featured a 4-tonne Greenland iceberg sent to Glasgow to melt outside the summit. Gail Whiteman, the founder of Arctic Basecamp, said … Continue reading

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Threat To The Shopper

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rages: Leaders Who Oppose Woke Climate Orthodoxy ‘Stupid or Liars’. Since eating more vegetables and plant-based foods my heart doctor said my arteries have stopped narrowing. So how have I given up something? I gained my health, it … Continue reading

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First sighting this season: the Migaloo of political tropes

EVEN within his oeuvre of dogmatic expediency, Paul Kelly’s Weekend Australian column is one of the most rambling, confusing and amoral I’ve read. The topic is the Morrison government and Net Zero, which we should start referring to as Year … Continue reading

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She still has no boobs and the world has to pay

Behold the damaged, hysterical girls Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce fear more than the PLA: NOW – Greta Thunberg has arrived in London ahead of — (@disclosetv) October 29, 2021

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