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The liquidation of the Kulaks – coming soon to Australia

JUST IN – Netherlands to "compulsory purchase" and close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU environmental rules. — (@disclosetv) November 28, 2022

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Queenslanders pay her $468,020 a year to put them out of work

Lionel Murphy Scholar and Land Court President Fleur Kingham doesn’t care about lost benefits: This case is about Queensland coal, mined in Queensland, and exported from Queensland to be burned in power stations to generate electricity. Wherever that coal is … Continue reading

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Climate Candyland

It was Western Christians who finally abolished slavery. It is Western atheists who are reviving it. Solar-grade polysilicon producers are connected to Uyghur forced labour – either directly through participation in state-sponsored forced labour schemes, or indirectly through the sourcing … Continue reading

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Labor agrees to rob Aussies to compensate “drowning” islands

Fury as Albanese signs Australia up to $2T fund to pay poor countries affected by climate change.

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Ian Plimer goes back to basics to methodically debunk a hoax

“No one has ever proven that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming.”

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The Mew Frontier

My fellow Americans, ask not what your cat can do for you; ask what you can do for your cat: A related phenomenon and a brilliant analysis: Climate Fanatics Are Weaponizing Mental Illness.

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If the United States of America lasts for a thousand years…

They’re going to go all electric by 3035.” – Men will still say, this was not its finest hour. During the same appearance in San Diego – where handlers thought it was a good idea for Joe Biden to speak … Continue reading

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Finally: Liberal state government outlaws the disposable spork

NSW to phase out more single-use plastics on November 1: Everything you need to know.

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Incoming WEF junta to the ‘heat or eat’ heartland: Drop dead

“Committed to the policy”: Rishi Sunak brings back fracking ban in first PM’s Questions.

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The first generation in human history that wants to ban food

Farming needs to stop, it’s the biggest single driver of climate change.” – A millennial ‘man’

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Football legend Carmen Lawrence wants club to nix free cash

Mania: High-profile Fremantle Dockers members call on club to end Woodside sponsorship deal.

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Poleys Punted

Polar bears used to be the poster child of climate change. But their numbers have been increasing: from 5-10k #polarbears in the 1960s, up to around 26k today. We don’t hear this news. Instead, campaigners just quietly stopped using them … Continue reading

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Pantheism: Perth religious leaders take public stance against new coal and gas projects. Buddhist chants, Hindu songs and prayers to Allah were heard at a rare multi-faith service inside a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Perth on Thursday. The topic that … Continue reading

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The Fart of The Veal

You have no right to electricity, cars or t-bones: Methane emissions pledge a blow for farmers. Australia will sign up to US President Joe Biden’s global pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30 per cent over the decade but farmers … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton and the Moment of Truth

TRAINING a donkey for The Everest would be easy compared to prepping the LNP for the big race. The big race isn’t the next election, by the way – a glittering but secondary event – but an older, weightier contest: … Continue reading

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The Spleen Is Dead

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Skyrocketing bills for you, an A330 Tanker Transport for him

King Anthony I: ‘Airbus Albo’ refuses to fly commercial to London for the Queen’s funeral.

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Europe on the verge of making electricity use a jailable offence

Ursula von Der Leyen announces “mandatory” electricity limits to – yes, really – “flatten the curve.”

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